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Digital Marketing and Communication

An evolving horizon

The Master in Digital Marketing and Communication is a response to the fast pace of change within the world of communications, offering the latest skills and tools with regard to digital communication.

By establishing solid marketing foundations that focus on the creation, management and performance analysis of social media content, the course allows students to develop the ability to interpret companies’ needs and transform them into effective content and communication plans.

This type of training – flexible and constantly evolving – seeks to encourage students to reflect on the future of digital media, thanks to constant discussion with a diverse class in terms of educational background and geographical origin, and a Faculty that consists of academics, managers, and some of the sector’s leading entrepreneurs.

In just one year, the Master in Digital Marketing and Communication provides the personal and professional development needed to launch a career in a company or digital agency, not to mention the value of spending this time in a multiculturally-rich environment, which fuses innovation with the experience and prestige of the University of Bologna.

The program, which is entirely in English, includes two classroom-based terms and concludes with a final internship. The course alternates exemplars, group work, workshops and company projects with the aim of teaching students key concepts of the digital age: listening, sharing, participating.

To align your career with the future trajectories of communication, contact the master Program Manager and book an appointment to find out more.




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Together with our partners IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau), Yoox Net-A-Porter Group, The Boston Consulting Group, Google, GroupM, IBM and WPP, this Master’s degree provides students with the qualifications and skills to start a managerial or consultancy career in the field of digital communications.



Technical Sponsor


Augusto Valeriani

Augusto Valeriani

Director of Studies

" Our program is a journey at the intersection of latest trends in digital media and cutting-edge marketing strategies. Our students will master state-of-the-art tools and techniques of communication and digital marketing. Most importantly, they will be trained to anticipate transformations in a professional field where a forward-looking attitude is the skill that makes the real difference. "

Roberto Grandi

Roberto Grandi

Co-Director of Studies

" The social media and digital marketing tools that exist today will not be the ones we will use tomorrow. This master’s program will not just teach you current techniques but will also give you the opportunity to prepare for the future developments of this industry. Your professional future is our mission. "

CLASS PROFILE A.Y. 2019/2020




  • 25 y.o.


  • 28%


  • 8


  • 70%


  • 1 years



The Master’s degree is a 12-month full-time program including an internship or project work (total length: 1500 working hours).

The academic part is divided into two terms. You will cover 1000 hours of study: 400 hours of classroom activities and 600 hours of individual/group work. During the first term you will study the fundamentals of marketing and communication, while the second term will deal with practical aspects and focus on the new media tools you will use in your professional career (you can find more detailed information about the courses in the section ‘Courses’ below).

The two terms are followed by an internship period of 500 working hours. This internship can be carried out at various companies and agencies in Italy or abroad. It is your chance to put into practice the theory and techniques learned during the two academic terms by working on marketing and communication strategies/campaigns, analyze and create solutions to real problems and work on action plans. You are expected to make the most of these opportunities by learning from the professionals you will be working with.

At the end of the internship you will be required to hand in a ‘final report’, which you will present to the Director of Studies showcasing your activities and analyzing the theories and lessons learned during the academic part.

Students who are interested can also choose to take an extracurricular course of Italian.

  • First term: October 2020 – March 2021
    • Kick Off & Ice-Breaking activities
    • Fundamental courses: Communication and Storytelling; Branding and Corporate Communication; Marketing; Marketing Research; Sales and Trade Marketing; Strategic Accounting; Business Ethics and Sustainability; Cross-Cultural Management; Industry Structure of Digital Communication
  • Second term: March 2021 – June 2021
    • Focused courses Content Marketing Laboratory; Digital Interactive Marketing; Digital Marketing; Digital Platforms Laboratory; Digital Strategy and Social Media Marketing; Personal Branding; Search Marketing
  • Internship: June 2021 – Octoberr 2021
    • Practical Experience
    • Final Project


This course explores the ethical, social responsibility, and governance challenges facing businesses today and how individuals and firms can address those challenges. The course aims to enhance the skills and expertise of participants through combining an examination of ethical, social responsibility, corporate governance and managerial theory with a discussion of common ethical, sustainability, and governance problems in context. Course material includes individual moral theory, stakeholder theory, and theories of corporate governance. The course also covers the development and evaluation of ethical, governance and sustainability management systems designed to respond to ethical, governance, and sustainability challenges, and includes wide-ranging discussions regarding current major trends, challenges, and opportunities in the field of ethical business, corporate governance and social responsibility. Finally, the course explores how business ethics, social responsibility, and corporate governance affect society at large by impeding or by fostering the achievement of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

Georg Wernicke

The course is aimed in first place at acquiring a full understanding of storytelling as a communication practice by addressing it through the theoretical lenses of sociology, psychology, and semiotics. Our main focus will be digital storytelling as we will consider how technical affordances of different social media platforms, patterns of attention economy online, and dynamics of digital celebrity affect the way different narrative techniques can be employed to develop marketing strategies. Case histories of digital storytelling employed in corporate, institutional and political marketing will be presented and analyzed.

Valeriani Augusto

Through the development of concrete business cases, this course aims at developing the fundamental skills of content creation and content marketing strategy. Leveraging all the theories and tools related to the digital world, students will learn to apply them to the business goals that are more common in international companies.

Cianetti Patrizia

Corporate communication encompasses all the communication that takes place between an organization and its various stakeholders in order to project the company’s brand within and beyond the organization. Corporate communication is responsible for creating and maintaining the brand and looking after the organization’s reputation.

Grandi Roberto

L’obiettivo del corso è di introdurre gli studenti alle attività, decisioni e strategie usate dai professionisti del marketing per raccogliere le informazioni e utilizzare strumenti statistici. Il corso offre un’introduzione approfondita alle ricerche di mercato e affronta i concetti chiave, processi, tecniche e applicazioni. Oltre a una overview sulle ricerche di mercato, il corso comprende il research design e i metodi quantitativi utilizzati per l’analisi e l’utilizzo operativo di dati di mercato.

Valentini Sara

This course provides an understanding of the role of culture in management and organizational processes in today’s inter-cultural business world. After an initial theoretical introduction to the concept of culture, the course will analyze its relevance to organizational issues such as: human resources management, cross-cultural communication, team-work, motivation, and negotiation.

Gibson Robert

This course enables students to develop an effective and updated vision of the digital scenario using social network marketing, digital marketing, lead generation, e-commerce, loyalty and content marketing.

Fionda Maurizio

The course is divided into three modules: Email Marketing, Web, SEO & Web Analytics. The course aims at preparing students to understand the digital marketing tools ecosystem; acquire email marketing automation know-how, develop the ability to independently use basic and advanced features of a professional digital marketing platform; practice with a brand site building blocks: hosting, backend, frontend and content; learn how to build, maintain and publish a website and how to integrate basic marketing functionalities on a website.

Ciacci Roberto

Digital marketing, web marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, digital intelligence, brand protection; how to connect with your brand audience, generate engagement, create content that spreads through social connections, set the right goals and measure results.

Ciacci Roberto

This course aims to build a clear industry overview of digital communication, including typology of companies, agencies and professions. The course will cover the following topics: market dimensions and forecasting; indexing and ranking; associations (IAB, Assocomunicazione, Fedoweb); media agencies; creative agencies; web agencies; PR agencies; technology and provider company publisher; media owner; sales house; ad-networks; job titles and descriptions; local and global Industry.

Lunari Duccio

From the business model to the operational marketing plan. The fundamental conceptual and quantitative tools necessary for understanding, analyzing and constructing the relationship a company establishes with its market of interest: the centrality of the client, studying acquired behavior, the processes of segmentation and positioning, the development of new products and the spread of innovation, pricing decisions, distribution and communication.

Zammit Alessandra

The goal of the course is to give the participants a toolbox of techniques to apply in personal communications. Vital among these is providing tools for analysing, comparing and contrasting yourself with your audience. A series of techniques for lateral thinking and persuasion in the context of personal communication will be reviewed. The scope of these final meetings will be preparing for the job interviews demanded by the placement process at BBS. To this end, a series of “mock interviews” will be executed by professionals in the HR and Marketing fields.

Bekins Russell

The strategic importance of all the customers; customer satisfaction; the value concept; to understand the value; the market sensing; to understand companies in their role as customer; market strategy. Introduction to general trade marketing principles; strategies and terminology. Overview of FMCG market; mass market sales channels; new media for retail marketing applications. Introduction to the main retailing mix tools. Practical introduction to trade marketing strategies; customer planning; cluster analysis; major clients action plans.

Repezza Marco
Scarpi Daniele

This course explore how search marketing works, both SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and paid search. Web analytics and CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) topics are also covered as well as: industry main player and trends, software tools, testing methodological approach. Students will also be challenged to test the theories through real business cases.

Sciutto Nereo

Introduction to basic accounting principles, accounting concepts, and accounting terminology. Financial statement analysis. Basic cost concepts and cost accounting. Introduction to management control principles and techniques.

Raffoni Anna
Visani Franco

Learning method

The main aim of our teaching staff is to first lay down a solid grounding of theory and then to build on this foundation by introducing more practical aspects. This method will result in you confidently entering the work environment of this industry, ready to deal with any scenario you will face.

The teaching staff will help you grasp these concepts and techniques through the use of lectures and seminars; group projects and company visits; guest speakers and case studies; videos and presentations; as well as individual assignments and assisted private studying.

The courses are structured to give the maximum freedom to learn to the students and allow the professors to teach and assess the students in the best way possible. Assessments can take the form of individual/group presentations, projects, oral and written exams as well as class participation.


The integration with companies is a priority and an ever-present feature of all programs of the Bologna Business School, hence for the Master in Digital Marketing and Communication too.

The School is fully committed to creating employability, by way of a systematic career service action, constantly focused on matching at best the students’ professional projects with the needs companies have.

The internship is an exceptional springboard, suffice it to say that six months after the end of the full-time masters at Bologna Business School on average 91% of students work in a company.

The BBS Career Service assists and supports students since the very beginning, along a training and professional development path. This is accomplished by organizing a series of workshops, with the aim of providing the fundamental tools and resources to be appropriately prepared for the labor market.

To achieve this goal, students are involved in several workshops, among which we may list:

  • Writing a CV and a Cover Letter
  • How to create an effective Linkedin profile
  • How to prepare for a job interview

Thanks to the collaboration with professional career counselors, students receive a customized service, in order to understand their strengths and to build their professional development plan, which will turn out to be helpful when looking for an internship. Here follow some of the activities:

  • Initial guidance interviews
  • Specific interviews, focused on one’s own career plan
  • Continuous support to students with one – to – one sessions

The Master in Digital Marketing and Communication can prepare you to become a Social Media Manager or a Digital Marketing Manager after years of experience in companies and agencies.


Anna Lysenko – Russia

Media Planning, Zenith (Publicis Media Italy)
MDMC (A.Y. 2017/2018)

"The reason I always wanted to pursue a Master’s degree abroad was an opportunity to boost my international career. Thanks to BBS, the desired became possible: straight after the program, I joined one of the world's largest communications groups and have already had a chance to work on Ferrero, GSK and Kering media accounts. In fact, I believe this is one of the strongest points about the School: BBS can open up a lot of doors for its students."

Petra Kraus – Germany

Digital Marketing & SEO Senior Analyst, Accenture Interactive
MDMC (A.Y. 2017/2018)

"Thanks to this Master I am currently working in an international consulting company that offers me the opportunity to grow in the digital world. During the Master, what I appreciated the most was the relationship with colleagues from all over the world and the teachings of professors and entrepreneurs who always pushed me to do my best. I would absolutely repeat this experience and I recommend it to anyone who wants to grow professionally but also personally."


SEO & Web Consultant, GroupM
MDMC (A.Y. 2017/2018)

"At the end of my studies I was looking for a path that could introduce me to the world of work. What I found with this Master was much more: a stimulating and international environment, which provides a solid theoretical basis and, at the same time, tests through projects with real companies, but especially a large network of professionals, colleagues and friends from all over the world and with different backgrounds from which to learn. The Master in New Media and Marketing Communication in a word is: opportunity."

Erick razon – Philippines

Senior Regional Marketing Manager, DJI
MDMC (A.Y. 2016/2017)

"Digital Marketing is a wide area of study and regardless of one's background, the Master's program was able to deliver vast knowledge of the subject. What stimulated me was the healthy competition that brought out each of our potentials. We were also trained to leverage data and analytics, converting those insights into business drivers. Now, I am co-leading overall Europe marketing for the biggest drone company in the world. Because of the Master's program, I am more than prepared."

Giovanni De Falco – Italy

Global Performance Marketing Manager, Max Mara Fashion Group
MDMC (A.Y. 2016/2017)

"An internship in a world leading company in marketing and advertising that turned into my actual job and the ability to do it well: this is what I aspired to and what I obtained thanks to the Master. A solid network of knowledge in the world of Digital Marketing able to offer solutions and opportunities in one of the most dynamic areas of our time, this is what was created thanks to the network of BBS and its careful selection of students. The experience in the international environment and the program entirely in English have been fundamental to compete with an advantage in the world of work."

Niccolò Milazzo – Italy

Content Marketing Specialist, Diennea MagNews
MDMC (A.Y. 2016/2017)

"Combining the opportunities and the skills o fan International business school with the values and the challenges of a city like Bologna: this was BBS for me. This Master is the right choice if you want to develop your digital marketing konwledge considering the offline activities too. What do I carry with me? A network of colleagues and friends, training experience and an internship that has now become my job."

Antonella Totaro – Italy

Digital Marketing Specialist, Reply
MDMC (A.Y. 2016/2017)

"This Master is the perfect path for students whom want to pursue a career in marketing and communication. The program’ structure is complete and allows you to acquire a background that is fundamental in order to face the professional world in a more conscious way. It encourages the exchange of views and the personal growth, thanks also to the multicultural team projects."

Anastasia Leshchenko – Russia

Digital Analyst, Webranking
MDMC (A.Y. 2014/2015)

"In the beginning I considered the Master as the very strategic move. Although it was unforgettable, offering interesting lectures, challenging teamwork, enriching cultural experience etc, it wouldn't have been of that much value to me if I hadn't completed my initial goal: to find a place I would be happy to work in. Currently I am working for a leading Italian Web Marketing agency. All my investments paid off and then some."


The goal of the Career Service is also to allow students to connect with national and international companies. Over the years, Bologna Business School has managed to establish a wide-ranging network and a sound partnership with leading companies in Italy, thanks to a personalized approach, based on each company’s needs. The collaboration features the following activities:

  • Sending the CV book
  • Sharing internship and work opportunities
  • Presentations at the School premises
  • Career Day
  • Implementation of project works
  • Class-room activities with case studies presented by managers and/or HR professionals


Our partners are the foremost supporters of our students, with the provision of scholarships, internships and professional opportunities.

Bologna Business School’s partner companies for the Master in Digital Marketing & Communication are:









The tuition fees for the Master is 14,800 euro (VAT free) to be paid in three installments:

  • First installment: 1,850 euros
  • Second installment: 7,000 euros
  • Third installment: 5,950 euros

The fee includes participation in the Master, all the study material available through the online platform, and access to the services and facilities of Bologna Business School such as: personal account for the Alma wi-fi, use of the PCs in the Computer Lab, access to the study areas, access to the internal gym, special rates for the School restaurant. Furthermore, the fee gives participants the right to take advantage of the supporting activities of the School, such as the language courses and the master lectures by invitation.
Free parking is also available within BBS Campus.

Additionally, with the Student Card of the University of Bologna, students have access to all of the university facilities, including over 100 libraries, digital resources and study halls (including databases and online subscriptions); the three city center canteens and all university student related discount offers. More information is available on the site of the University of Bologna:


Participants are eligible to apply for Honor Loan with subsidised rate up to the complete coverage of the application fee.
For more information please mail to


At Bologna Business School we understand the importance of financial aid in supporting our students to achieve their educational goals. We are aware that an advanced, high quality training path can be a significant commitment, at the same time we also truly believe that investing in one’s future always pays back.

Bologna Business School is pleased to offer partial scholarships to the most meriting students. All of these scholarships are merit-based and will be awarded to the top-ranked candidates in the selection process. The students who come out on top in the selections will be students who not only come from strong academic or practical backgrounds but also those who display the strongest motivation to take part in this program.

There are scholarships of 6,000 euros and  scholarships of 4,000 euros. All applicants will be considered for a scholarship – no specific application is required. They are awarded over the course of every round of selection and if you have performed well enough to merit one of them, you will be informed at the moment of admission.

The scholarships act as tuition waivers, so that they result in a deduction of the total amount of the tuition fees due.


The Italian National Security Institute (INPS) supports students attending I and II level Master’s Degrees with a public announcement and related scholarships of a maximum of 10.000.

The scholarships are for sons and daughters of both INPS members and deceased INPS members.

You can check the requirements to apply to the scholarships on the INPS portal and apply by sending your application.


For the registration it is necessary:

  • Bachelor’s Degree (must be obtained by the enrollment deadline)
  • English language proficiency

The admission to the program is subjected to the positive assessment of your individual interview and English written test. Only native speakers will be exonerated from taking the English written test.


This Master is open to all applicants with a bachelor’s degree obtained before the enrollment deadline of each round.

Application steps:

Documents to send to

  • CV in English
  • Degree certificate with accompanying transcript
  • Photocopy of you ID or passport
  • Coverletter
  • Reference letter(s) (optional but advised)
  • Signed copies of your enrollment summary sheet and receipt for the application fee (both downloadable from ‘studenti online’ following registration)
  • GMAT or GRE certificate (optional)
  • TOEFL/IELTS/CAE certificate (optional)

The selection process will be held at  Bologna Business School. The selections for the first round will take place on May 21, 2020; for the second round on July 15, 2020 and for the third round on September 15, 2020.
In line with the number of available places, admission to the program is granted according to the position on the list of qualified candidates, drawn up on the basis of the total score awarded at the end of the admissions process.

Detailed information on the requirements and application process are available in the “Official Call for Applications” downloadable below.

Call International Student Info


Of course we will. Non-EU citizens have to apply for a student visa before being able to commence their studies. We can provide you with a letter of admission as well as a letter of support, which you can use to make your visa application. In the case of particular problems our staff will be ready to contact embassies directly to discover the source of the problem and solutions to fix it.
After you arrive in Italy, you will be required to apply for a residence permit. Our staff will be able to help you fill out the forms and give you any support you need for this process as well.

Yes. Don’t worry if you if you are unable to present a IELTS or TOEFL, your level of English will be assessed during the selection process. You can be excused from the need to present proof of your English level if you are a native English speaker.

The second level Master is accessible only to those who have a bachelor’s degree from the old system or a Laurea Magistrale/Specialistica. To access the first level Master a three-year undergraduate degree or a bachelor’s degree in the old system is sufficient.

Access to a first level University Master requires at least a three-year Bachelor’s degree (or the Bachelor’s degree in the old system); for a second level Master’s Degree, the Laurea Magistrale/Specialistica (or the Bachelor’s degree of the old system) is necessary.

Enrolling in multiple university courses is not allowed. Therefore, if you are already enrolled in a degree at this or another university prior to registration into the master you are required to apply for a suspension of studies (“career freeze”) at the secretariat of the specific School. During the suspension period you will not be able to undertake exams nor accumulate attendance related to the suspended degree.

Yes, you can enroll prior recognition of the degree at the Italian Embassy or Consulate in the country where it was obtained. More details are available in the tender announcement.

Upon registration and payment of the admission fee, you must submit or send via registered mail to Alma Bologna Business School (Via degli Scalini 18-40136 Bologna), the following documents:
• a copy of the receipt for the fee of 60.00 euro for administrative services;
• summary sheet;
• a copy of your ID;
• Undergraduate Degree (or substitute statement);
• curriculum vitae;
• any additional titles to be assessed for admission purposes.

No, once you pass the selections, you can decide whether to formalize the registration to the Master through the registration process. However, it is essential to participate in the selection process and to pass it in order to be able to register.

An auditor is someone who participates in a master and who has passed the selection stage but doesn’t have an MA/Specialist degree/degree according the old system/ or hasn’t be graduated within the call’s deadline. An auditor can participate in all lessons, academic activities and to the internship (not compulsory). An auditor doesn’t need to take exams and therefore is not awarded CFU. An auditor will however receive a certificate of attendance by the University of Bologna. Instead of paying €11.200 an auditor pays €9.200

CFU or Crediti Formativi Universitari is a tool to measure the quantity of learning required, including independent work necessary for the student to acquire the knowledge and skills in the subject matter of each specific course.
A credit (CFU) generally corresponds to 25 hours of work including lectures, tutorials, etc., but also independent study. For each academic year, a full time student in the course requires an average amount of work equal to 60 credits, ie. around 1500 hours. The credits are acquired by passing the exam or other testing.
The credits are used to compare different courses in Italian and European universities through an evaluation of the student workload required in certain subject areas in order to achieve the educational objectives defined. They facilitate student mobility between different courses of study, but also between Italian and European universities. Loans acquired during a course of study may be approved for continuing in other courses of study.

The University of Bologna uses the ECTS system accurately applying the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) in all courses of the first cycle (Laurea), second cycle (Laurea Magistrale) and unified cycle. ECTS is a recognized standard created with the goal of supporting mobility and cultural exchange among students at the European level. This standard allows for the comparison of credit systems used by Universities and higher education institutions in Europe, to plan and implement the learning path of students. This allows students who study in one country to see their studies recognized at an institution in another country that applies the same standard.

Yes, every Master is composed of multiple courses, each with an exam at the end and based on whose completion the student earns the relative CFU for the course.

Yes, as a university tax.

You can contact the Help Desk directly via e-mail:, or by telephone: +39 0512099882; or you can apply online:

The School supports students in finding housing, providing references of accommodation facilities and private residences that have been used by former students.

The School organizes several occasions for meetings, discussion, networking, training, refresher training reserved for the Alumni Community (those who have attended a course in Bologna Business School). For further information visit the Community section of our website.

Unlike the Laurea Magistrale or Specialistica, a University Master’s degree actively involves students in practical cases, providing skills that facilitate immediate entry into the labor market. Specifically, the Master in Business Management, before the internship period, requires the development of a business plan that is carried out for the duration of the master and 3 one-month-long company projects each with a company chosen by the participant.

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