Italy Full Professor of Communication and Chairman Bologna Istituzione Musei Core Faculty
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Roberto Grandi was Vice Rector for International Relations at the University of Bologna (2000-2009), Former Associate Professor and full-time Professor of Sociology of Culture. Since 2019, he is co-director of the master’s in digital marketing and Communication at Bologna Business School. He was Director of the master’s degree for fashion operators at the University of Bologna (1991-1996), Lecturer in Mass Communication at the Department of Communication of Tongji University in Shanghai, Lecturer in Broadcasting in Western Europe at the Annenberg School of Communication of Philadelphia University (1998). In addition, he was Member of the Council of the Interdepartmental Centre for Islamic Studies at the University of Bologna (2003-2009), President of the Scientific Committee of Adrion-Virtual University of the Adriatic and Jonian Sea (2001-2009), member of the Council of the Observatory of the Magna Charta Universitatum (2002-2010) and representative of the University of Bologna in the European network of historical universities, Coimbra Group (2001-2009).


INSPIRATIONAL AND MOTIVATIONAL SESSIONS  – Companies needs to build their own identities which establish distinction and recognition from the outside world and a shared personality internally. Elements of visual identity, business climate, identity traits both rational and emotive/passionate must be communicated in the most effective way, ensuring consistency with overall corporate strategies and with perceptions of the different audiences to whom they are addressed. The workshop is divided into four monographic sessions designed to address—from several points of view—the theme of indentifying the most effective methods of integrated communications for a business, also analyzing case studies of success and failure.

Corporate communication encompasses all the communication that takes place between an organization and its various stakeholders in order to project the company’s brand within and beyond the organization. Corporate communication is responsible for creating and maintaining the brand and looking after the organization’s reputation.

Digital Marketing and Communication
The objective is, on the one hand, to present some of the conceptual coordinates related to place and city marketing and urban regeneration policies; on the other hand, to provide a framework on the issues of destination management and the use of digital and other media.
Business Management – Tourism, Heritage and Events