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Hybrid MBA


The Hybrid MBA aims to support managers in their professional development path thanks to a flexible program that combines online and on-campus participation.

On the one hand, participation to the online teaching sessions allows you to combine your work, study and family life, avoiding significant transport time and costs. It is enough to turn on your PC to be in classroom and turn it off to get back to your private life.

On the other, on-campus events allow you to strengthen the value of personal interaction with your classmates and faculty, thanks to company visits organized at prestigious companies of the Bologna Business School network, to hackathons on innovative topics and challenging final Business Games.

Industry professionals will hold Team building sessions, to go and in hand with a continuous mentoring activity supported by a high-level Executive.

The Hybrid MBA will feature 10 core and 2 cross-cutting courses. It has a digital connotation not just regarding its structure but also its contents, thanks to the digital talks, in-depth sessions, held by faculty and professionals. Their aim is to understand the way in which the new technologies are transforming organizations in all industries: from operations to marketing, from sales to management accounting.

The master features an innovative formula. The teaching sessions take place every Wednesday evening (every week), Friday afternoon and Saturday morning. Each session lasts about 4 hours. This allows you to better arrange your agenda, participating to short and therefore more effective online sessions, making room for personal life during most of the weekend. In addition, there are going to be two on-campus smart-weeks lasting 3 days each, halfway through and at the end of the Master.

Participating to the Hybrid MBA means developing your professional career in a flexible and innovative way, combining work and private life.

Franco Visani

Franco Visani

Academic Director

" A program that features the flexibility of online sessions and the possibility of on-campus interaction. "

Target audience




    The Master is aimed at managers and professionals who are:

    – Graduates with more than 3 years of professional experience who want to enhance their career by combining it with family life

    – Non-graduates, who are required to have at least 5 years of work experience

    – Looking for a flexible formative program designed for those who have limited availability of time


The flexibility of the online sessions and the possibility of interacting on-campus characterize the study methodology of the Hybrid MBA.

Core and cross-cutting courses

10 core courses and 2 cross-cutting courses that provide the necessary skills and knowledge for managerial careers.

Digital Talks

Teaching sessions held by experts aimed analyzing in depth the impact of digital transformation on the business. Topics such as Digital Marketing, Industry 4.0, Smart-Working Management and Business Analytics will be addressed.

Distance Learning

The online platform is an integral part of the program. It contains the teaching modules and exercises to test what is being learned. It allows interaction between participants, faculty and tutors thanks to dedicated forums and chats.

Crash Course in Economics and Accounting

Before the start of the core courses, two pre-courses allow those who need to consolidate their economic background, to acquire general economic knowledge and specifically the economic business terms necessary for communicating in a company.

Team-building and Mentoring

Participants will be guided, individually and collectively, to foster interaction and understand the rationale of team-building. A manager from a large company will advise participants by way of a direct mentoring activity.

Smart Week

The Master features two on-campus smart weeks, lasting three days each.

The first smart week, that will take place halfway through the Master, is characterized by:

  • company visit (one day)
  • hackathon organized with companies (two days)

The second smart week will close the program and comprises:

  • company visit (one day)
  • Business Game (two days)


  • The business plan: structure and contents
  • Defining the value proposition of products/services
  • Developing the different types of plans
  • The economic-financial feasibility data
  • Formalizing and communicating the business plan
Di Marco Paolo

The Business Strategy course delves deeper into the company’s decision-making process, the planning approach and the search for the target competitive positioning in changing contexts. It provides logical tools for the understanding of the competitive environment and competitive dynamics, of the value generation process and the role played in this field by the internal resources and expertise and the relationships with other players.

Cinti Luciani Andrea
Lipparini Andrea

Digital Strategy

La rivoluzione digitale può costituire un driver di cambiamento non solo di singoli processi o funzioni, ma dell’intera strategia aziendale, specie in settori maturi. Il Digital Talk affronterà questo tema, con riferimento a specifici business case.

The course provides a framework for understanding and analysing investment and financial decisions of corporations. Lectures and readings provide an introduction to present value techniques, capital budgeting, capital structure decisions, corporate cost of capital, initial and seasoned equity offerings and an introduction to corporate risk management.

Bajo Emanuele


Il Fintech sta modificando efficienza ed efficacia di molti servizi finanziari, sia per gli individui che per le aziende. Il Digital Talk ne approfondisce i principali filoni di sviluppo e i principali vantaggi che può determinare in ambito aziendale.

The value of a digital transformation is to be found in the creation of connected organizations, able to provide goods and services in an increasingly efficient and effective way, ensuring the satisfaction of customers, shareholders and stakeholders. To support the company Business Model, Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management, Supply Chain Management, systems are considered, together with the necessary tools to analyze data, in order to guarantee a good decision-making process (Business Intelligence). In addition, tools are provided to understand the software development techniques and the control of the Total Cost of Ownership

Pia Andrea

The use of economic and financial information to manage competitive advantage. Models for the analysis of economic and financial performance. Parameters for the valuation of the profitability of a company. Financial sustainability for the tax performance of a company. Strategic sustainability of a company’s performance. Economic and financial benchmarking. Budget analysis for the management of vendor client relations. Strategic control systems and performance monitoring (Balanced Scorecard). Simulation techniques for economic and financial performance. Performance management.

Visani Franco

Artificial Intelligence e Machine Learning for Business

Lo sviluppo dell’Intelligenza Artificiale e del Machine Learning come supporto alle decisioni aziendali sta diventando una realtà per molte aziende. Il Digital Talk affronta le opportunità di tale approccio, per differenti tipologie di aziende e processi.

The construction of a sales network. The selection and motivation of the sellers. Evaluating of sales projections. The management of the customer portfolio. The construction of the incentive system. The economic and financial assessments for the sales manager. Key Account Management.

Cofano Annamaria

E-commerce and Digital Sales

L’e-commerce è ormai una realtà a cui le persone accedono con continuità e familiarità. Non è solo un nuovo canale di vendita, ma l’opportunità di approcciare nuovi mercati, clienti e più in generale un nuovo approccio alla vendita. Nel Digital talk se ne approfondiranno le principali caratteristiche e opportunità.

This course provides an introduction to the following topics: marketing management, basics in consumer behavior, segmentation analysis, targeting and positioning. Price strategies, Brand management, New product development, Distribution channels and Retailing, Marketing communication strategies.

Zammit Alessandra

Digital Marketing

L’avvento dei social network ha completamente rivoluzionato il modo di approcciare il proprio mercato attuale e potenziale. Il Digital Talk approfondirà l’argomento, chiarendo il potenziale di crescita che il Digital Marketing può garantire.

The cross-sectionality of the logistics function and the value chain. Design and planning of the production system layouts. Management and forecasting of market demand. General criteria of programming and audit of production. Procurement and management of inventory and consumable materials. Evolution of just in time systems: from lean production to lean thinking. Automation of the information flow: from barcode to RFID technologies. Management of physical distribution.

Barbieri Paolo
Marini Mauro

Industry 4.0

Lo sviluppo dell’Industry 4.0 porta il digital nello stabilimento, fornendo opportunità prima impensate, grazie alla disponibilità di dati e alla possibilità di elaborarli. Il Digital Talk presenterà le principali opportunità e criticità applicative dell’Industry 4.0.

Working in a global, uncertain and complex world requires a new managerial play book that allows you to bring together agile organizations and people’s engagement. In the course, starting from what neurosciences have taught us about how people “work”, we will decline an innovative way of people management that can help us, even at the cross-cultural level, to improve the drivers of the performance.

Ghini Massimiliano

Smartworking and new organizational models

Lo Smartworking è entrato nella vita di molti di noi senza che fosse programmato. E’ qui per rimanere o solo per gestire un’emergenza? Quali i vantaggi e i limiti di applicabilità di questo approccio al lavoro ancora insolito per molti di noi?

The course aims to provide participants the knowledge and instruments related to organization and management of projects, with a particular focus on agile methodology. The subjects analyzed include project planning and control (timing, costs, and technical progress); project organization, the role of project manager and the management of the team; risk management; and management of a project portfolio.

Grandi Alessandro

Every year our society uses the resources that the planet Earth takes about a year and a half to regenerate. This and other empirical evidence of global significance bring the theme of sustainability to the center of the economic, political and social debate. Recent studies show that a sustainability-oriented management approach adopted by some companies leads to a medium-long term competitive advantage over competitors, a success achieved thanks to the ability to innovate the business model and introduce measurement tools to monitor and better manage the value creation process. The course aims to launch a debate on how to introduce sustainability policies and practices within companies.

Sara Zanni


The Hybrid MBA gives participants the opportunity to engage with cutting-edge businesses through on-campus activities.


Compatible with work commitments, the program is extremely ambitious and allows companies to develop the skills of their managers. The specific focus on the latest trends of digital evolution helps you to bring back into your company important innovation inputs.


Once you have finished your Master, you can join the Community activities to further increase your network.

Meetings (Speed Dates) will be organized, on a regular basis, with headhunters, managers and entrepreneurs interested to meet the School Alumni to exchange views and provide them with useful information for their professional development path.

“The Hybrid MBA is the answer to the evolving businesses ecosystem, where managers, entrepreneurs and talents are looking for liquid connections, flexible structures, physical and digital systems”.

Lucia Chierchia, Managing Partner, Gellify and Adjunct Professor, Bologna Business School


“A Mentor helped me to understand the corporate world, made me discover my strengths and supported me to design a path in order to become CEO”.

Eugenio Sidoli, Former President and CEO, Philip Morris Italia and Core Faculty, Bologna Business School








Registration fee for the Master, on an company basis: 19,800 Euro + VAT.

Registration fee for the Master, on an individual basis: 16,200 Euro + VAT.

Reduced fees are available for:

– women

– early bird application;




Long-term and low-interest loan:

– Repayable in 10 years
– Reduced interest rate
– Possibility to postpone the payment of the 1st fee to 36 months

For more information please, mail mba-h@bbs.unibo.it


The Hybrid MBA aims to provide participants with theoretical and practical tools and the professional growth support they need to cover management roles of responsibility in a modern company.

The Master is open to graduates with more than 3 years of professional experience and non-graduates, who are required to have at least 5 years of work experience.


The selection process comprises the analysis of the Curriculum Vitae and an individual interview, in order to identify the candidate’s professional profile and consistency with their participation in the Master.

To apply, please send your Curriculum Vitae to mba-h@bbs.unibo.it. Candidates will be contacted to schedule the selection interview with the Directors of the Master.

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