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“We must have the courage to create new projects. We are redesigning humanity, in this new project, Europe has its greatest value. And in Europe, Italy has its greatest value.”

Brunello Cucinelli
Presidente e Amministratore Delegato, Brunello Cucinelli SpA.

“You can not have a prominent career unless you’re curious. This is my advice for a student today.”

Eugenio Sidoli
Senior Executive Indipendent Board Member

“It would be a great success for me if, today, I could convince someone to start something up. The future of the young managers is to be an entrepreneur. Think local and act global.”

Oscar Farinetti
Fondatore e Presidente, Eataly



Agnese Facchini

Partner & Marketing Manager, Gruppo Euris
MBA Part-time Evening (Ed. 2018/2019)

"I was looking to gain a full sight of the business ecosystem and I got it. This MBA has an Anglo-Saxon approach and it is focused on managerial needs, giving you the skills to analyze the business with an entrepreneurial lens. Recommended to those who want to get involved professionally on multiple levels of responsibility."

Alessandro Rosati

Project Manager, Leonardo
MBA Part-time Weekend (Ed. 2019/21)

"The variety of experiences and backgrounds of the participants together with a constant dialogue with a highly qualified faculty, make the Master extremely effective and stimulating."

Antonio Cordella

Buyer, Category Manager, Conad Società Cooperativa
MBA Part-time Weekend (Ed. 2014/16)

"The MBA is a challenging opportunity of growth, characterized by the constant exchange of views with a qualified faculty and with the classroom, focused on complexity of daily corporate life"

Chiara Campo

Business Development Manager, Clarins Italia
MBA Part-time Weekend (Ed. 2019/21)

"The Master is a burst of energy and new stimuli to overcome the next professional challenges. With the support of professors and the collaboration of colleagues, it is an experience of enrichment and professional growth that starts immediately, from day one."

Federico Fantini

Product Engineer, KEMET Electronics
EMTIM (Ed. 2018/2019)

"Given my technical background, first in a university research context, then within the company, I felt it was important to enrich my professional figure with managerial and innovation management skills, much needed to develop a more mature vision on company processes and promptly react to the challenges of modern industry. The EMTIM fully met my expectations, turning out to be a unique experience not only in terms of learning but also of sharing with the other high-quality professionals, with whom I had the chance to attend the classroom and perform the team activities."

Federico Monesi

Electronic Engineer, ICA
EMTIM (Ed. 2016/2017)

"After ten years of technical experience, I felt the need to complete my training with managerial skills that widened my vision of business and delivered me the tools to manage technological innovation, a differentiating element in the global competitive landscape. EMTIM was the answer to my needs, the added value was the teamwork and the relationship network."

Francesco Gadotti

Technical Department Manager, Arcese Trasporti
EMTIM (Ed.2015/16)

"Innovation arises from collaboration. During the Master I had the opportunity to test the potential that can be created when people from different realities work for a common goal."

Francesco Tozzi

R&D Researcher, Endura SpA
EMTIM (Ed. 2014/15)

"Participating in this Master's allowed me integrating my skills in an multi-disciplinary way, thus becoming able to fully understand the strategies and tools needed to develop innovative ideas for success. It's been a fascinating path, rich in emotions and hard work, carried out in an atmosphere of enthusiasm and collaboration, that is unique in its context."

Maurizio Beghi

Director Global Gas Technology Organization, Electrolux
EMTIM (Ed. 2013/14)

"I've always dealt with passion with development and management of innovative technologies, the EMTIM gave me an additional spur, integrating my skills through an exciting experience, in an intellectually young and dynamic environment. An achievement that I'm fully using every day at work."

Pierluigi Zampieri

Vehicle Innovation Manager, Ducati Motor Holding
EMTIM (Ed. 2013/14)

"The EMTIM provided me with the tools to understand the different needs of a modern company, an innovation-oriented one, and it offered me the chance to exchange views with other professionals in a stimulating and positive environment, where I acquired skills that are helpful to assess everyday work challenges from new and different viewpoints."

Roberto Privitera

Head of Technology and Innovation, Hera
EMTIM (Ed. 2014/15)

"For several years I dealt with technological innovation and for me the Master's was the occasion to tidy up my skills. At the end of this path, I can say I've built a network of stimulating acquaintances and remarkably increased my cultural baggage, with methods and tools that are helpful for a strategic management of innovation and the related business."

Romano De Zuani

Group Budget & Control, Permasteelisa Group
MBA Part-time Weekend (Ed. 2017/19)

"Thanks to this course I enlarged my baggage of skills and relationships, one that every professional should achieve to develop their career."

Stefania Montanari

Supply Chain Finance Manager, Jimmy Choo
International Executive MBA (Ed. 2018/2020)

"The iEMBA, characterized by its focus on Digital Transformation, makes you a new multiplier of opportunities for your company. After this experience, we will be able to have new vision of our industries and companies. Each part of this Master is crucial to have a view on the future and challenges you will always look forward, giving you the right tools to keep pace with the high speed of the external contexts. This Master is a real journey and it will not end with your graduation day: it is a life journey."

Valentina Mantellini

Specialista Controllo di Gestione, Hera
PMBA (a.y. 2011/13)

"The Professional MBA developed my skills and allowed me to live an intense personal growth experience."