Compliance with the Code of Ethics is a priority for the School, in order to safeguard all the people who, for various reasons, collaborate in the various activities of BBS: governance, participants, faculty, staff, the Alumni community and external suppliers and consultants.
Violations or suspected violations of the Code of Ethics may be reported to the School’s Supervisory Board, which acts as the “Guarantor” of the Code and is the body responsible for examining reports of possible violations of the Code. Listening to and verifying these reports is a fundamental commitment of the School.

If individuals who identify any violations of this Code of Ethics prefer to maintain the confidentiality of their identity, they may report them to the Supervisory Board through the whistleblowing platform below. The platform is managed by a specialized, third party and independent party. The system makes it possible to send reports without having to register or declare one’s personal details. If the whistleblower decides to provide his/her identification data, the system guarantees the confidentiality of the information in compliance with the regulations in force, in particular, regarding the liability of entities and the processing of personal data.

Submit or access an existing report.