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Bologna Business School Custom Programs are an educational proposal designed on companies’ specific needs.
In an ever-changing world, companies must change with the world, they must evolve and adapt to markets’ trends, that bring threats and opportunities.

Bologna Business School develops the professional and personal skills of future leaders who will be able to provide companies with the key to face the change.

Every Custom Program is a unique product, built on the dialogue between the company and Bologna Business School, the aim being to maximize the return on investment in training and ensure a journey of learning and transformation which offers the competitive advantage that every business needs in order to thrive.

BBS experience and its Faculty are at the service of a training tailored in detail to the client’s priorities.



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Bologna Business School’s Custom Programs are included in the Financial Times Ranking in the Executive Education 2024 category.




Bologna Business School is EQUIS – EFMD Quality Improvement System accredited, one of the most important international quality assessment and continuous improvement systems for Schools of Management and Business Administration.


The training experience is built around companies’ business objectives.
We work closely with companies to holistically design a program that leads to the achievement of intended results.

The training proposed by Bologna Business School is led by the best academic instructors and practitioners: each training course uses differentiated methodologies with the aim of maximizing the learning process. Practical and highly participatory activities alternate with face-to-face teaching, in a continuous process of carefully calibrated engagement. Instructors and tutors support participants in applicative activities and project works.


The customised process is designed to provide a highly qualified learning experience and promote organizational transformation.

The client plays a key role in the results of a customized training program, which is why Bologna Business School involves them in all phases of the training process.

The process includes:


  • An interview in which the BBS team works with the company and its stakeholders to identify the learning objectives.
  • A preliminary stage of interviews or focus groups to better understand the needs and activate motivation and engagement among participants.
  • The preparation of a diagnostic report and an ad hoc proposal.
  • The detailed co-design together with the client’s management of the Program Experience.
  • The detailed program proposal, with insight into its design and philosophy, mission, and goals. A description of the course modules, identification of learning objectives, budgeting and supporting materials is included.
  • The development of the training path, in the form most suited to the client’s needs.
  • The assessment. BBS can measure the impact of the training process on the client company. The assessment tools can be built according to the needs of the companies, in accordance with the customization of the project.

Thanks to this approach, BBS can build paths tailored to the actual client’s needs and obtain, from the preliminary stages, a high degree of participation, thus ensuring the best return on investment.

We focus on:

  • Management and participant involvement
  • Co-design
  • The active role of the client, essential for the result



We are a company that has grown rapidly through acquisitions and mergers, with the need to evenly raise the skills of frontline managers and make them ready for the upcoming market challenges. It was necessary to build a team experience, based on shared knowledge and languages, international ambition and open-mindedness, and the willingness to channel one's energies and imagination into group frameworks. There are no standard courses for this, you need a "tailor-made" approach and I immediately thought about the Bologna Business School and its Management Elective Programs. BBS designed for Estra a suited path, with increasing levels of learning and focus on teamwork, led by world-class professors and in a protected context, stimulating for all. Mission accomplished!
Managing Director, Estra S.p.A.


The Customised Program area of Bologna Business School offers the opportunity to construct customised educational experiences.
A combined team of staff from Executive Education, Faculty and Practitioners, works with our clients to identify specific challenges, opportunities, and goals.

Hera Group

The transition from employee/professional to manager is always an important and delicate moment in a person’s career because it imposes a very substantial leap in level and change of perspective. To accompany this transition, Hera chose to rely on BBS ten years ago and together they designed the Hera Elective Program, a training program for new managers in the company.
Over the years, more than 260 people have participated in the program, thus contributing to the development and consolidation of Hera’s managerial culture.

There are in fact three peculiarities of this program:

  • The constant adaptation of the content, which each year is redesigned in co-design with BBS in order to update the program in view of the managerial challenges that the company will face.
  • Continuity. The program has reached its ninth edition and is now a fixed point in the Hera Academy training offer. Over the years, this has allowed us to build an increasingly numerous community of managers who have built their competence on common contents, tools, languages, and approaches. In a large, complex, highly differentiated company that operates over a vast territory, this represents an element of integration and identity of great importance.
  • Attention to project work. A delicate point of training is traditionally the “transfer” of what has been learned to the company’s reality. In the Elective Program, participants immediately begin to work on project work on strategic themes for the company, guided by the teachers in ad hoc sessions that follow the progress of the course. Over the years, this didactic device has allowed us to constantly raise the level of work and to be able to count on numerous improvement and innovation projects every year.

The choice of a partner of excellence such as BBS has made it possible to achieve outstanding results over the years.





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