Marketing Management

Understanding the customer, maintaining the relationship and creating value offline and online

Pandemics, successive complexities, new technologies and increasing digitisation have redefined the way we live, work and consume. The marketing landscape, consumer needs and perceptions have been profoundly affected by these changes, which require rapid and intelligent adaptation.

The Open Programme in Marketing Management is designed to meet this need, providing managers and professionals with the tools and skills to successfully meet these challenges.

The course aims to provide Managers and Professionals with the operational tools and strategic knowledge to manage the consumer, value levers and business plan.

The programme will focus on these three pillars (consumer, customer relationship, digitisation), thus providing a systematic view of how the marketing management process can be translated into operational results.

Course participants will also improve their skills by exchanging perspectives and opinions with university lecturers, managers and business consultants working in this field. Together with them, participants will discuss meaningful experiences for different types of business.

The training course consists of 6 classroom days on Fridays and Saturdays.

Daniele Scarpi

Daniele Scarpi

Didactic Director

" Various authoritative sources, from McKinsey to Nielsen to leading industry magazines agree that marketing will be even more important in the future than it was before, and it will be strategic to put consumers at the centre of the marketing process. "


The course consists of 3 modules for a total of 6 teaching sessions in a weekend format (Friday and Saturday from 9.15 a.m. to 5.45 p.m.).


The modules are:

  • Marketing

15-16 December 2023

  • Customer Relationship Management

12-13 January 2024

  • Digital Marketing

26-27 January 2024


  • Consumatori, Soddisfazione, Reclamo
  • Il valore per il cliente
  • Pianificazione e Gestione del Budget di Marketing


  • Dal marketing relazionale al digital marketing
  • Social media e reputazione
  • Digital Marketing e sostenibilità: opportunità e rischi



  • Implementazione di sistemi CRM per migliorare la gestione dei consumatori e la retention
  • Monitoraggio delle interazioni e risoluzione dei problemi attraverso il CRM
  • Utilizzo di dati e analisi per personalizzare le interazioni e migliorare l’esperienza del cliente finale




Faculty members at Bologna Business School work together offering outstanding teaching standards. An international and interdisciplinary approach is guaranteed by a joint team of distinguished national core professors, adjunct, visiting professors, guest speakers and top managers.


Networking takes place between participants from the same class and teachers, as well as with participants from other courses or previous editions of the same programme.


Over the years, our partners have been constantly involved in the various activities that make up the structure of our programmes. Companies belonging to our network participate in project work and master classes; they actively contribute to introducing guest speakers and organising company visits. Our partners are our primary supporters: they sponsor various scholarships, host student internships and provide professional opportunities for graduates.


Bologna Business School partner companies are:


The course registration fee is

  • 4,000 euros (+ VAT) for enrolments from companies and institutions
  • 3,200 euros (+ VAT) for individual enrolments.

There are reduced fees for early enrolment.


The fee includes attendance of the programme, all study materials available through the online platform and access to Bologna Business School services, which include: Alma’s personal wi-fi account, use of the Computer Lab PCs, use of the study areas and access to the indoor gym.


Alumni and companies can check the availability of vouchers at the relevant Interprofessional Fund, including:

Fondimpresa – for middle managers
Fondo Dirigenti PMI – for managers of industrial SMEs
Fondirigenti – for managers
Fon.Coop – for cooperative companies


The course is limited to a maximum of 10-15 participants.


To register, simply download the registration form and send it by email.

Individual registration form Registration form for companies


At the end of the Master, a certificate of attendance (which includes the achieved results) and a Diploma of Participation (upon verification of successful completion of each course and of at least a 70% of class attendance) are issued.

The documents used in the classroom and any further reading or exercises will be uploaded to our platform, whose credentials will be delivered in the classroom.

Should a group of colleagues wish to participate in the program, it is possible to contact the Program Manager to evaluate an ad hoc participation price.

Access to a first level University Master requires at least a three-year Bachelor’s degree (or the Bachelor’s degree in the old system); for a second level Master’s Degree, the Laurea Magistrale/Specialistica (or the Bachelor’s degree of the old system) is necessary.





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