ITALIA Professor of Business Administration Università Vita-Salute San Raffaele Adjunct Faculty
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Aurelio Gisco is Professor of Business Administration at the Faculty of Medicine at the Vita-Salute S.Raffaele University of Milano. He is the CEO SEMEA of Ultradent Products Inc. At BBS, he is Adjunct Professor for the Master in Marketing Management, Sales and Marketing Executive, Sales and Marketing Open Program, Company’s customized program. In addition, he is Adjunt Teacher of SDA Bocconi, Columbia Business School NY, Past member of the UNIDI board and President of many internal commission per 15 years and Member of the board of a Swiss Company. He is a researcher on Sales and MKTG innovation, Leadership and management Strategy. Moreover, he is CEO and USA Director of a multinational company in the healthcare business with 40 years of experience in the Int’l business. Aurelio is Author and co-author of books and articles on MKTG, Sales and Business Strategy. He holds Marketing and Communication Degrees, a Master degree in MKTG at the Kellogg School Nortwestern University of Chicago, EMBA BBS, CIBE Columbia Business School. Being since a long time a Rotary International Foundation member, he is involved in many charity and development projects in Italy.


CORE COURSE – The themes will explore the universe of sales also analysing the various company interests among the different functions (management, marketing, strategy, finance) in order to better clarify what is the real definition of Seller and the context they operate in. Then the new definition of the “Challenger Seller” derives from the present need to approach markets and customers in a completely different way compared to the past, no longer simply relying on the relationship but becoming “micro manager/consultant” able to act before and meet customers’ and company’s requests.

Market orientation and the sales process. The client acquisition model and sales types. Sales planning and budgeting. The customer portfolio matrices. Segmenting client portfolio and value creation. Managing the sales force: motivation, incentives and control. Performance indicators.

Marketing Management

The topics covered will address the realm of sales, analyzing the dynamics among the different functions (marketing, sales, finance), so as to provide the real definitions of “Seller” and of “Challenger seller” and the increasingly competitive contexts they operate in. The course will focus on a current need, that of approaching markets and customers differently from the past, providing the tools to evolve from the relationship model to “micro manager/consultant” able to anticipate and meet the customer’s and the company’s demands. Finally, the course will deal with the management of the sales network in contexts of poor predictability, providing the tools to measure the network performance in the framework of effectiveness and efficiency.

Sales and Marketing