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Welcome to the Global MBA at Bologna Business School!

The Bologna Business School Global MBA is a 12-month program that takes students on an enriching journey towards the discovery of excellence and luxury. During their year at Bologna Business School, students will have the opportunity to develop a solid understanding of how business organizations operate in a global environment, as well as expand their knowledge on five different tracks: AI and Manufacturing; Food and Wine; Design, Fashion and Luxury Goods; Green Energy and Sustainable Businesses; Supercars, Superbikes, and Motorsports.

By learning both foundational and cutting-edge concepts in management, students will develop the necessary professional competencies, leadership mindset, and network to become leading actors in the promotion of constructive changes in modern organizations and societies. The programme is divided into the following building blocks: Orientation Modules, General Management, Track-specific Classes and Clinics, which are interactive sessions where students can discourse in an informal atmosphere with business leaders, who will share their knowledge and experience on cutting-edge topics for modern organizations.

Each course is divided into two parts: theory and practice. The “theory” part is led by an academic faculty member, who will take the class through the most advanced research evidence on the topic at hand. A business manager is in charge of the “practice” part: she will introduce students to a real business case that will help them to apply the knowledge and tools acquired during the year in a real company problem.  Moreover, to complete each track, students will be involved in a Capstone Project, where they will work in teams on real-world projects.

EFMD accreditation guarantees the presence of the most qualified faculty and leading practitioners, who bring their experience and vision into the classroom to help students master the complexity of organizations and the psychology of people.

The Global MBA is supported by an expanding network of Italian and International leading companies that participate in the design, implementation, and execution of the program, as well as offering students interesting career and personal development opportunities.

Global MBA students will participate in several career workshops and meetings with headhunters – with the guidance of an Industrial Career Coach – and personal development training that will help them gain confidence in their unique talents and acquire the necessary resources to achieve their professional goals, and turn their passions into a successful career.


At Bologna Business School, students will be immersed in a global community: we are embedded in one of the oldest Universities of the world, our students come from all over the world, and we are located in the heart of Italy and Europe. Come study at Bologna Business School to live the best of the Italian experience at international standards.

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The Global MBA has received EFMD program accreditation for 5 years.



Bologna Business School is EQUIS – EFMD Quality Improvement System accredited, one of the most important international quality assessment and continuous improvement systems for Schools of Management and Business Administration.


“We must have the courage to create new projects. We are redesigning humanity, in this new project, Europe has its greatest value. And in Europe, Italy has its greatest value.”

Brunello Cucinelli
President and CEO, Brunello Cucinelli SpA

“You can not have a prominent career unless you’re curious. This is my advice for a student today.”

Eugenio Sidoli
CEO, Max Mara srl

“The first thing to do is to be challenged with questions, new perspectives that question what is considered established theories.”

Benedetto Vigna
CEO, Ferrari



Alfonso Faure Meza – Mexico

Technical Project Coordinator, SELTIN GROUP
Global MBA - Supercars, Superbikes and Motorsports (A.Y. 2021-2022)

"My journey through the Global MBA at BBS has been truly transformative. It offered me the perfect blend of the dynamic business environment and the enriching academic world. Learning from industry leaders and international professors, alongside my diverse class of fellow students, has provided me with a global perspective and fostered personal growth. The 'Supercars, Superbikes, and Motorsports' track allowed me to explore my passion despite how far I am from home. My decision to pursue an MBA at BBS has been a game-changer, both professionally and personally. I am grateful for the friendships I've built during the program, which are truly special. This MBA has broadened my career horizons, instilled confidence, and equipped me to thrive in a multicultural world."

Anisa Hung – Hong Kong

Partner Management, Alpine
Global MBA - Supercars, Superbikes and Motorsports (A.Y. 2020/2021)

"It was a “dream come true” journey thanks to the Global MBA program. I benefited from the network that BBS offered. With the support from industry leaders and professors, I had the opportunity to develop my business management skills and experience in Motor-racing industry, to build a stronger community for women in motorsport and connect the bridge to Far East Asia. I am fortunate enough to keep my passion and career entwined. "

Carlos Alberto Rojas Zanol – Chile

PPA and Regulatory Expert, GreenGo S.r.l.
Global MBA - Green Energy and Sustainable Businesses (a.y. 2022-23)

"Embarking on BBS’ Global MBA was a life-changing journey that broadened my personal and professional horizons. The diverse student body of 20+ nationalities provided me with a unique perspective on the business world. I was fortunate enough to learn from exceptional professors and industry leaders, and with the support of the Career Service of Bologna Business School, I landed to an internship that was later converted into a job, where I contribute to the green energy transition. This challenging but rewarding program is more than education: it’s a gateway to global business and personal growth."


Senior Product Marketing Manager, Revolut
Global MBA - Design, Fashion and Luxury Goods (A.Y. 2018/2019)

"What attracted me to the Global MBA was the proximity to top luxury brands and the ability to develop an international perspective that comes relocating. Being taught by successful industry leading professionals, in the luxury sector is something that was fundamental in my learning at BBS. And the diverse range of topics within the Design, Fashion and Luxury Goods program allowed me to gain a broad knowledge of luxury categories, but also specialize in luxury beauty where I achieved my goal of working for the leading brand in the sector. "

Deanna D’Alfonso – USA

Brand Manager, Terlato Wines
Global MBA - Food and Wine (A.Y. 2013/2014)

"The constant global immersion as you interact with students from all over the world, facing challenges together while acquiring new skills and approaches to business is unprecedented. This maximizes your networking potential and peer learning opportunities throughout the year and beyond."

Federico Roberto Pieri – Argentina

Global Business & Partnership Developer Manager, TasteAtlas
Global MBA - Food and Wine (a.y. 2022-23)

"The Global MBA in Food and Wine at BBS transformed my career in two significant ways. First, it provided rigorous soft skills training that enhanced my ability to excel in diverse business and multicultural environments. Second, the specialized hard skills training in Food & Wine elevated my gastronomic expertise, enabling me to speak the "food & beverage industry language." Thanks to the program, I've opened a new career path in the food and beverage industry that aligns with my initial aspirations."

James Gentile – USA

Global Partnership Development, Visa Cash App RB F1 Team
Global MBA - Supercars, Superbikes and Motorsports (A.Y. 2018/2019)

"Choosing to participate in the Global MBA in Supercars, Superbikes & Motorsports at Bologna Business School was tied to my passion for Italy, a desire for advanced learning, and an absolute obsession for automobiles & motorsports. This unique program – the first and only MBA of its kind anywhere in the world – is inextricably linked to the rich culture of Emilia-Romagna and the globally-admired brands that define Italian excellence in luxury and performance.I feel very lucky to be here in Bologna, surrounded by incredible culture and the buzz of Motor Valley; I only hope that one day I will be able to give back as much as I stand to gain."


Merchandising & VM Manager, Bulgari
Global MBA - Design, Fashion and Luxury Goods (A.Y. 2014/2015)

"Deciding to do my MBA at BBS has been a game changer both professionally and personally; you discover what you are truly capable of. Learning from industry leaders was a priceless experience, and BBS has an incredible faculty who are open to their students. I will forever value my time in Italy and the special friendships built during the program."

Loza Tamirat Bizuneh – Ethiopia

Sustainability strategy & Business Analytics, Vertiv
Global MBA - Green Energy and Sustainable Businesses (A.Y. 2022-23)

"Looking back, enrolling in the Global MBA in Green Energy and Sustainable Businesses was a wise decision I made. This program goes beyond lectures, fostering a dynamic mentality and enhancing my understanding of sustainability within a business context. It's been a journey that shaped how I think and work. I've been trained to tackle real-world challenges, be adaptable, and solve problems effectively."

Meron Serawit Kiflu – Ethiopia

ESG Project Coordinator, Videndum Media Solutions, Founder Carbon 13 Cohort 6
Global MBA - Green Energy and Sustainable Businesses (A.Y. 2020/2021)

"An incredible experience and life changing opportunity! Teaching meets the highest international standards, while business integration, and cross-cultural experience have all aided my career and personal development. The Global MBA balanced theory and practice and I learned applied skills through a specific course in green energy and sustainable business which allows me to immediately and easily integrate into an international workplace."

Temitope Akintola – Nigeria

Regional Manager - Canada, LATAM & Africa, Zonin1821
Global MBA - Food and Wine (A.Y. 2016/2017)

"My MBA journey at BBS started with a lot of fun, uncertainties and expectations. It’s a year now and the fun has been replaced with network, uncertainties with direction and expectations with a clear reality. The education obtained has been instrumental in my chosen profession as a Food and Wine consultant with Africa as my target market."

Walter Mangini – Italy

Sustainability Manager, Henkel
Global MBA – Green Energy and Sustainable Businesses (A.Y. 2021/2022)

"This course of study exposes young professionals to the leading emerging trends in sustainability, while instilling an enhanced sense of social responsibility oriented to the private, corporate and public sphere. Whether you are looking for a career transition or you want to deepen your knowledge of sustainable business models, the BBS Global MBA will provide you with new lenses to read world dynamics and unlock your potential."