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The goal of the Master in HR & Organization is to shape human resources specialists capable of increasing corporate competitiveness and employee well-being.
New managers able to deal with the international scenario and new technologies, ready to join the business world through the final internship and Career Service support, with a real career booster aimed at developing their potential and professional growth.

With a placement index above 95% six months after the end of the course, the Master in HR & Organization is the first Italian inter-university Master in HRO, in collaboration with the Universities of Bologna, Ferrara, Modena and Reggio Emilia. English-language, it is one of the few awarded with EFMD Programme accreditation, guarantee of the quality of the training course and the resulting salary proposals aligned with global standards.

In 2020, the program was recognized by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) as a program “fully aligned” with the SHRM Curriculum Guidelines. SHRM is the world’s largest professional human resource membership association, in business for more than 70 years and with over 300,000 members. BBS students can, thanks to this recognition, and after taking an appropriate exam, apply to become HR Certified Professionals.



Young graduates from all academic disciplines, with excellent English knowledge and a strong desire to make an HR mark on their careers and step into the world of human resources as a key player.

Master’s students will have, besides lectures, coaching sessions, meetings with executives and alumni, company visits to connect directly with companies and develop a professional project immediately spendable in the business world.

This program is the first Italian Inter-University Master in HRO, thanks to the collaboration of the Universities of Bologna, Ferrara, Modena, and Reggio Emilia.




The Master in HR & Organization provides all the theoretical and practical knowledge required to build a strong career in companies, consulting firms and organizations. The BBS Alumni Community and the network that connects the School with the most prestigious local and global companies are the best springboard to the business world.

Through the Master, it is possible, after having completed the years of experience required, to access the following job positions HR Manager, HR Talent Acquisition/Recruiting, HR Business Partner, HR Learning & Development, HR Strategy & Organization, HRIS Manager, HR Generalist.

If you would like to learn how to manage human resources as a key to company growth, contact the master Program Manager.



Bologna Business School provides student support services included in the tuition fee for the Master.


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Bologna Business School is EQUIS – EFMD Quality Improvement System accredited, one of the most important international quality assessment and continuous improvement systems for Schools of Management and Business Administration.


The program benefits from additional partnerships with:

Global Players

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HRO Leaders

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Italian Champions




Program Advisory Committee:

  • Alessandro Camilleri – Group Human Resources and Organization Director, Hera Group
  • Alessandro Zollo – CEO Italy, Great Place to Work Institute
  • Alfredo Montanari – Associate Dean for Corporate Relations, Bologna Business School
  • Alice Corradi – Head of People & Organization, University of Bologna
  • Annalisa Boncompagni – Human Resources Director – Versuni
  • Arturo Pagán –Deputy Director and Chief Strategic Partner, United Nations Population Fund 
  • Claudio Colombi – Founder and Chairman, Perspective Developing People
  • Claudio Galli – Board Member, Ghepi Srl
  • Danilo Pietro Continisio – HR Welfare, Comp&Ben and Organizational Communication, Gruppo Hera
  • Cristina Danelatos – Chief People & Digital Officer, Montenegro Group
  • Cristian Esposito – People Analytics & Process, Aeroporto Marconi Bologna
  • Deike Rickers – Human Resources Specialist, Teal Technology Consulting GmbH 
  • David Conradie – Global Leadership Practice Leader, Deloitte Italy
  • Francesco Bianco – Global Talent, Cababilities and Organizational Development, Vodafone Group
  • Gianni Baccan – Payroll and Labor Cost Manager, Unipol Group
  • Giovanni Papa – Entreprise Account Director, LinkedIn
  • Isabella Covili Faggioli – President, AIDP and Partner, IC Consulting
  • Joana Marques – Chief People Officer, Musixmatch
  • Laura Innocente – Practice Leader Talent Assessment and Development, Mercer
  • Livio Zingarelli – Head of HR – People Business Partner Italy, Israel, Greece & Europe Services and Solutions Delivery, Philips
  • Marianna Lorenzi – HR Director – Inspection, Industrial Energy Technology, Baker Hughes 
  • Massimo Milletti – Founder and President, Eric Salmon & Partners
  • Michele Conchetto –  Group Head of HR, Salvagnini
  • Niccolò Montanari – HR Business Partner Corporate – ItalySpain and Greece, Champion
  • Nicola Parrini – Vice President HR Group Learning and Leadership and Vice President HR GBIS Group Unit, Essity
  • Rita Melcarne – Head of People and Culture, Ducati Motor Holding
  • Rossella Seragnoli – National Vice-President, AIDP and President of HR Italy, Ammega
  • Umberto Tossini – Human Resources and Organization Director, Lamborghini Automobili

Gabriele Morandin

Gabriele Morandin

Co-Director of Studies

" This is a challenging program, providing a 360°-education. A unique and exciting setting to join, whereby you learn fundamentals in HRO and are involved in different projects collaborating with a community of students, professors and managers. "

Ludovico Bullini Orlandi

Ludovico Bullini Orlandi

Co-Director of Studies

" The BBS Master in HRO is an intense and exciting journey of learning, professional, and life experiences. The BBS and the city of Bologna are places where diverse knowledge and perspectives converge to create a unique learning atmosphere. The Master provides a blend of robust theoretical foundations, hands-on experiences, and dynamic interactions with industry leaders to enhance the understanding of the ever-evolving world of HR professions and unleash the potential of your professional careers. "

Claudia Manca

Claudia Manca

Co-Director of Studies

" A thrilling learning experience in an international environment that gives you the opportunity to acquire professional knowledge and put it into practice by interacting and working side-by-side with colleagues, professors, and managers. All of this is in the beautiful frame of Bologna, a lively university city providing its students with an excellent quality of life and deep connections with the flourishing industries of the territory. "

CLASS PROFILE A.Y. 2023/2024



  • 27 y.o.


  • 40%


  • 11


  • 83%



The MHRO is a full-time program built around the following learning experiences:


The program starts with kick-off and ice-breaking sessions, which lead into the first term. During the first term, the fundamentals of business are addressed in order to understand companies mode of operation, HR managers role and to provide students with a managerial mind-set. Moreover, during the first term, students focus on ethic and corporate social responsibility topics.
The concepts are organized in the following courses, related to the “Fundamentals in Business Organization” area:

Students are then introduced to key topics in organization and human resources management, by an HR Core Practices review with reference to changes introduced by the Digital Transformation in the HR world. The main goal is to understand the leading challenges and opportunities in the Industry 4.0 era.
Both academic professors and qualified managers lead students through the HR main responsibilities patch. The framework is organized into different courses, as pictured below:


In the meantime, students are involved in different activities, which help them developing soft skills, increasing their individual and team work capabilities and growing their self-esteem.
Students discover how different topics are related during managerial and company workshops. Thanks to a team project in collaboration with AIDP, they are involved in finding a solution to real companies issues.

Career development is a key part of this program. A qualified career counselor, in collaboration with a leader company in HR&O, will assist you with a variety of services and resources. In addition to the above, there will be a personal development project, simulations and interviews with head-hunters and managers, all of which are part of the career development program.

The program includes a 3- to 4-month internship at various companies and consulting firms in Italy or abroad. It is your chance to put into practice the theory and techniques learned during the academic terms. The career development department will assist you to find the internship that is best for you and your development.
At the end of the internship you are required to submit a thesis showcasing your core educational activities during both the academic terms and the internship. The thesis will be presented to the Scientific Committee and to the class.

The Master program is updated and suited to the market needs thanks to a continuous dialogue between the Faculty and a specific Executive Committee of HR Managers from both Italian and international leading companies.


This course aims to help students to understand and deal effectively with cultural differences in organization and HR management. After structured reflection on personal cultural experiences and an introduction to intercultural theory, the course enables students to understand better the role of culture in communication, collaboration and management in business.

Manca Claudia

The course aims to introduce students to the most relevant issues (foundational and more advanced) of digital technologies, discussing the most important present and future consequences on the lives of individuals and on the structure and functioning of organizations and processes. The course consists of 5 seminars: Ai & Machine Learning, All-in Security, Cloud & Beyond, The Science of Data, Internet of Things.

The aim of the course is to enhance students’ awareness of the digital transformation and the changes that this bring in the HR profession. Students will be challenged with the following questions: How is changing the job of a HR professional due to the rise of digital technologies and analytics? What are the competences the HR managers need to develop in order to have a more strategic role in the companies and help their companies to anticipate and manage the transition. Students will also be presented with a framework that will help them to understand the mindset and the necessary steps to implement an analysis project of people in their organization. Moreover, they will be shown how the analytics can help HR managers to improve their decision-making process. The examples will cover the following topics: how could it be measured the impact of the managerial role in the workplace? How can the analysis help to improve the effectiveness and the efficiency of the recruitment process? Basic and advanced metrics will also be discussed in class.

Bianco Francesco
Bullini Orlandi Ludovico

The objective of the course is to provide students with a reasoned overview and with many concrete cases on the dynamics of the management of industrial and labor relations seen as a competitive lever and as a conditioning factor of the company strategy and consensus management within companies and the territory . What are industrial relations and what are they for the actors of the process (Trade Unions, Business Associations, etc.) and their interactions; trade union negotiation and its rules; an overview at the different international realities of trade union negotiations. In addition, the main HR rules in Italy will be presented to students, with reference to both company and employment regulations, in the framework of EU law.

Pizzoferrato Alberto

This course intends to read the changes taking place in our production system, with particular attention to how the increasingly widespread use of new technologies is leading to a profound transformation in corporate information systems. In the knowledge economy, the growing popularity of mobile devices and social media, and the digital maturity of an ever-expanding corporate population, represent a huge opportunity for the HR function to offer a more efficient service and successful human capital management.
The course will be characterized by a strong practical connotation, will be considered the main technological platforms on the market and the different areas of application. Basic knowledge will be provided to conduct the analysis and definition of the requirements for HR function for the implementation of an HRMS. Costs and benefits will be evaluated, the return on investment analyzed and the impact that the introduction of ICT solutions for human resources management involve in terms of organizational innovation and corporate culture.

Ugdulena Carlo

The course aims to analyze the relationship that can exist between strategy, organization, human resource management and performance, deepening the following topics: high commitment work practices; high performance work practices; coherence and complementarity in the practice of human resource management; processes of human resource management to create value; actors, instruments and indicators for measuring human resource management.

Fabbri Tommaso
Scapolan Annachiara

The main theories of the relationship between technological and organizational change. New technologies and decision making. The new technologies, forms of interdependencies and coordination. The change of skills. Technological dynamics and transformation of work processes. The computerized management of knowledge. Organizational communication through technology.

Masino Giovanni

The course introduces the logic, criteria and design variables of business organization (organizational design). The theme is addressed and discussed on a theoretical level, through the analysis of the contributions of the authors referenced, and empirically, through the discussion of business cases. In addition, in an interdisciplinary manner, the relationship between organizational design and some relevant organizational dimensions, such as learning and well-being are taught.

Golzio Luigi Enrico

Compensation and performance management practices are at the heart of motivating employees. In this course, we will study the motivational theories (such as expectancy and equity theories) and then examine how these relate to the practices used to appraise and to compensate employees. The practices we will study will include determining pay scales, pay mix (i. e., cash and equity), assuring internal and external equity in pay, and different appraisal methods (such as attribute approach, forced ranking, and management by objectives) used by organizations for performance management. We examine these critically to understand their relationship with expected employee behavior. We also examine ways to manage high and low performers. The methodology used for the class includes lectures, exercises, group discussions and case studies.

Noel Florent

The acquisition of human resources for the existence and development of enterprises; the recruitment process as organized; the means (market and its actors) and the means of selection; the two sides of the mirror: the view of selection by recruiters and by candidates.

Rossi Francesco

Elements of accounting, budgeting and cost analysis. The measurement and interpretation of economic and financial performance of the company. The economic and financial analysis forecasting and budgeting. The calculation and analysis of costs in decision-making and management control. Management control as an operational mechanism. The systems of strategic control and strategic cost management.

Raffoni Anna
Visani Franco

The course aims to present the main business guidelines in the management of talents with particular reference to the paths of growth and development of resources and learning tools. The main topics discussed in the classroom will be the following:
• Management of talents in the company
• Training policies for people in business contexts (approaches, experiences, challenges and problems)
• New technologies and training strategies Development and individual growth and organizational development.
• HR Business Partner Model
• Lifelong learning and employability
• Groups and teamwork as a learning context
• Listening (People Satisfaction, Internal Customer Satisfaction)

This course exposes students to the fundamental concepts in global strategy. This course aims to give students a comprehensive understanding of the theoretical and empirical themes characterizing managerial decisions in the global context. On the theoretical ground, students will understand various strategic considerations for market expansion and the dynamic strategy in international markets. On an empirical and practice-oriented basis, students will learn the necessary knowledge and tools to analyze and find solutions to real-life challenges faced by global firms.

Giuri Paola

This course explores the ethical, social responsibility, and governance challenges facing businesses and individuals today and how individuals and firms can address those challenges. The course aims to enhance the skills and expertise of participants through combining an examination of ethical, social responsibility, corporate governance and managerial theory with a discussion of common ethical, sustainability, and governance problems in
different contexts. The course material includes individual moral theory, stakeholder theory, theories of corporate governance, and the development of ethical organizational culture. The course also covers the development and evaluation of ethical, governance, and sustainability management systems designed to respond to ethical, governance, and sustainability challenges. The course also includes many discussions regarding current major trends, challenges, and opportunities in the field of ethical business, corporate governance, and social responsibility. Finally, the course covers how business ethics, social responsibility, and corporate governance affect society at large by impeding or fostering the achievement of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

Wernicke Georg


The School is fully committed to creating employability, by way of a systematic career service action, constantly focused on matching at best the students’ professional projects with the needs companies have. The internship is an exceptional springboard, suffice it to say that six months after the end of the Master at Bologna Business School on average 91% of students work in a company. The BBS Career Service assists and supports students since the very beginning, along a training and professional development path. This is accomplished by organizing a series of workshops, with the aim of providing the fundamental tools and resources to be appropriately prepared for the labor market. To achieve this goal, students are involved in several workshops, among which we may list:

  • Writing a CV and a Cover Letter
  • How to create an effective Linkedin profile
  • How to prepare for a job interview

In addition to this, thanks to the collaboration with professional career counselors, students receive a customized service, in order to understand their strengths and to build a professional development plan, which will turn out to be helpful when looking for an internship. Here follow some of the activities:

  • Initial guidance interviews
  • Specific interviews, focused on one’s own career plan
  • Continuous support to students with one – to – one sessions



Benedetta Pulga – Italy

HR Consultant, Great Place To Work Italia
Master in HR and Organization (A.Y. 2022/2023)

"The master in HR & Organization allowed to me expand my professional network as well as my personal and organizational skills. I had the privilege to be part of a community of students from all over the world, each one with a different story and background. This diversity allowed me to grow from a personal and human perspective. The master program, thanks to an effective mix of theory and practice, equipped me with the right tools for a career in the world of Human Resources. I’m also thankful to BBS for all the people that I have met during the academic year, their friendship is a gift I’ll carry with me forever. "

Jennifer Schult – Germany

HR Business Partner, Airbus
Master in HR and Organization (A.Y 2021/2022)

"Even though I already had experience in HR, the Master in HR & Organization was a great investment into my personal and professional skills as well as my HR career. Throughout this challenging, fast-paced program, I could refresh the HR basics, acquire managerial skills, and update my knowledge on current HR trends and how to put them into practice. Thanks to the impressive company network, we had the chance to receive exclusive company insights, exciting career opportunities and meet HR professionals, managers and CHROs from all over the world. I leave enriched with knowledge, inspiration, and a valuable network of passionate HR colleagues and friends. "

Marco Nozzi – Italy

HR Operations Specialist, Haier Europe
Master in HR and Organization (A.Y. 2020/2021)

"The Master in HR & Organization is a highly educational experience that I recommend to all those who really have the will and the spirit to get involved to change their career. The Master allowed me to implement an important network, honed my skills, individual and organizational, and definitively paved the way for a career in Human Resources. The theoretical and practical activities in the classroom are very useful for discovering the Key HR Functional Areas, especially for those who, like me, had a different work or school background. Added value also lies in the internationality and innovative approach of the Master, elements highly appreciated by companies. Finally, the presence of the Career Service is also important, which follows and supports students well beyond the end of the Master and the first internship experience."

Caterina Assunta Passini – Italy

HR Business Partner, Vodafone
Master in HR and Organization (Y.Y 2020/2021)

"The Master in HR & Organization was an excellent springboard for me. It allowed me to acquire a wealth of knowledge that is essential for those who are preparing to pursue this profession, as well as being extremely updated. In addition, during the Master I actually had a first experience in a company. Each year, Master's students compete for the AIDP for Bar-raisers award. In this context, they wear the role of consultants and work closely with the partner companies of the School. For me this 3-month experience proved to be fundamental: it allowed me to observe closely and get in touch with great professionals, who would soon become my colleagues."

Chiara Taviani – Italy

Corporate HRM Specialist, Max Mara
Master in HR and Organization (A.Y. 2020/2021)

"I granted myself this Master as an opportunity to make a turning point in my career. Before, I knew some sides of the HR world: thanks to this path I understood how many facets it has and the thousands of opportunities, for personal and professional growth, it offers. In addition to the in-depth study of fundamental subjects for approaching the work environment, the greatest enrichment was the construction of an important network, even in a contingent smart way of teaching. My career path has undergone a positive change and now I fill the role I aspired to!"

Bahareh Bahraini – Iran

Group HR Shared Services Project Manager, Kering
Master in HR and Organization (A.Y. 2019/2020)

"BBS is an outstanding & spectacular experience in my academic background. It broadened my horizon in different HR fields, helped me to have a better understanding of what I am passionate about in HR & paved my way to find my career in Philips. The International environment, well-structured HR courses, motivated & supportive team created an excellent journey that I was looking for."

Paolo Lodi – Italy

HR Business Partner, Barilla
Master in HR and Organization (A.Y. 2019/2020)

"The Master was a great journey into the HR field, with a significant focus on Digital HR & People Analytics. It was a deep analysis of the main HR topics and trends with the purpose of developing a consistent approach to successfully lead and drive businesses in the current Digital Transformation. Furthermore. the experience was truly enriched by the opportunity of playing an active role into the School Community, a great network which values a continuous exchange of opinions and perspectives as the best way to keep growing together."

Marco Tampieri – Italy

Global HR & Organization Manager, Brembo
Master in HR and Organization (A.Y. 2017/2018)

"BBS journey has been a crucial turning point in my professional career: while the course allowed me to comprehend areas of HR I would have liked to deep dive within a firm, the outstanding company networks supported me both in the educational phase and in the bridge between master and work environment. After 2 years since the end of the Master I begin to feel the importance of BBS Alumni international community which I trust it will give benefit to our career development."


The goal of the Career Service is also to allow students to connect with national and international companies. Over the years, Bologna Business School has managed to establish a wide-ranging network and a sound partnership with leading companies in Italy, thanks to a personalized approach, based on each company’s needs. The collaboration features the following activities:

  • Sending CV Books
  • Sharing internship opportunities
  • Company presentations
  • Career days
  • Project works
  • In-class activities with case studies presented by Managers and/or HR professionals

Moreover, companies support the Master in HR and Organization with scholarships, professional opportunities, career fairs and company presentations. The companies that worked with us in 2022/2023 are:



The tuition fees for the Master is 14,800 euros (VAT free) to be paid in three installments:

  • First installment: 1,850 euros
  • Second installment: 7,000 euros
  • Third installment: 5,950 euros

The fee includes participation in the Master, all the study material available through the online platform, and access to the services and facilities of Bologna Business School such as: personal account for the Alma wi-fi, use of the PCs in the Computer Lab, access to the study areas, access to the internal gym, special rates for the School restaurant. Furthermore, the fee gives participants the right to take advantage of the supporting activities of the School, such as the language courses and the master lectures by invitation.
Free parking is also available within the BBS campus.

Additionally, with the Student Card of the University of Bologna, students have access to all of the university facilities, including over 100 libraries, digital resources and study halls (including databases and online subscriptions); the three city center canteens and all university student related discount offers. More information is available on the site of the University of Bologna:


At Bologna Business School we understand the importance of financial aid in supporting our students to achieve their educational goals. We are aware that an advanced, high quality training path can be a significant commitment, at the same time we also truly believe that investing in one’s future always pays back.

Bologna Business School is pleased to make partial scholarships of €6,000 and €4,000 available to the most deserving students. The scholarships will be awarded based on merit to the top-ranked candidates in the selection process. The students who come out on top in the selections will be students who not only come from strong academic or practical backgrounds but also those who display the strongest motivation to take part in this program. Winners you will be informed at the moment of admission.


In order to be admitted to the Master’s course you must have:

  • Bachelor’s degree (obtained within the closing date of enrollment of the selection round in which you participate)
  • Excellent level of English

The admission to the Master is subject to the positive evaluation of the selection test in line with the number of places available. The selection test consists of a motivational interview in English.


1. Register on “Students Online” by connecting to the site

2. Select “First Level Master”.
3. Pay the participation fee for the selection (60 euro for each Master)
4. Upload the required documents online:

  • Curriculum Vitae in English
  • Motivational letter in English
  • Letters of reference in English (optional)
  • Photograph of recognition
  • If available, a GMAT/GRE certificate with a score above 550 (GMAT) or equivalent (GRE). Applicants uploading this certificate are exempted from the written aptitude test as part of the admission process
  • If available, an English language certificate (TOEFL, IELTS or CAMBRIDGE) attesting a minimum English level of B2 in the European framework. Applicants uploading this certificate are exempted from the written English test as part of the admission process
  • For degrees obtained in Italy: Self-certification of Bachelor’s degree with details of exams taken and relative grades
  • For degrees obtained abroad: Dichiarazione di Valore (to be requested at the Italian Embassy in the country where the degree was obtained) or Diploma Supplement (to be requested at the university where the degree was obtained). In the event that the candidate is unable to obtain the Dichiarazione di Valore or Diploma Supplement at the time of enrollment, he/she may temporarily replace it with a Conditional Enrollment Form, which will be sent after enrollment by

For further guidance, candidates who obtained a bachelor’s degree abroad are encouraged to check the page below:

For further information concerning the selection process and the related documents, we invite you to consult the Master details and download the documents available in this section:






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