HR & Organization – Job Positions

HR Manager: Strategic Human Resources Management

The HR Manager focuses on the overall management of human resources, aiming to attract, develop, motivate and retain company staff. His or her main responsibilities include developing and implementing HR strategies in line with corporate objectives, controlling the recruitment process and defining position requirements, and identifying training needs for staff.


HR Business Partner: Strategic collaboration with business leaders

The HR Business Partner focuses on strategic collaboration with business leaders to align HR practices with corporate objectives. Its activities include working with leaders, participating in strategic human resources planning and managing performance appraisal and staff development processes.


HR Learning & Development: Design and implementation of training programmes

HR Learning & Development focuses on the design, management and implementation of training programmes for corporate personnel. Its activities include the analysis of training needs, the development of tailor-made programmes and the creation of continuous training initiatives to improve employees’ skills and knowledge.


HR Organisation Manager: Optimisation of HR organisational structures

The HR Organisation Manager is responsible for the design, management and optimisation of HR organisational structures and processes within the organisation. Responsibilities include developing a strategic vision for the organisation, analysing human resources and managing crucial HR processes such as recruitment, training and performance appraisal.


HRIS Manager: Efficient Management of HR Information Systems

The HRIS Manager is responsible for the management and optimisation of HR information systems. This involves implementing and updating data, collaborating with IT and HR teams for integration with other business systems and analysing HR data to support business decisions.


HR Generalist: Global human resources management

The HR Generalist handles a wide range of tasks within the HR department, including recruitment, onboarding, performance appraisal and employee data management via HRIS systems.


HR Talent Acquisition/Recruiting: Attracting top talent

HR Talent Acquisition/Recruiting focuses on the search and selection of top talent, working with department managers, defining job descriptions, conducting interviews and participating in events to promote the company in the labour market.