Services for students

Bologna Business School enhances the full experience of its students with the aim of making their educational and professional journey more meaningful and engaging, through a series of extracurricular, incoming and ongoing activities:

  • Checklist for international students: support in submitting visa applications and dealing with the paperwork necessary for moving to Italy
  • Accommodation search: support in finding accommodation in Bologna at residences and facilities with special rates
  • Tour of Bologna: guided tour of the city to discover its history and main cultural attractions
  • Italian language course: focuses on grammatical structures, vocabulary and the use of the Italian language in everyday and work contexts.
  • Business English course: an English course focusing on the Job market to increase the career expectations in the international sphere of Master in Business Administration and Master in Finance, Control, and Auditing students.
  • Innovative Leadership lectures: thematic meetings with leading figures from different backgrounds to explore key aspects of contemporary business
  • Career Service: training and professional development through work orientation seminars and personalized service to find the most suitable internship for one’s course of study
  • Company visits: meetings with managers from leading organizations to share the most innovative strategies, best practices and techniques and apply them to concrete cases.