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Data marketing as an engine of business growth


The Master in Data Marketing and Analytics  is designed to provide high-profile knowledge about the techniques and the tools needed to manage the marketing and sales area of a company, with a particular focus on Digital Culture. The program is an exploration into the world of data analysis, data mining technologies and techniques, and big data optimization strategies for business applications, with a parallel focus on communication skills and business knowledge essential to maximize one’s professionalism.
To get into the business as a leader, we need to cross managerial skills and advanced analytical techniques. It’s essential to study consumer decision-making mechanisms, marketing and sales management processes, analysis of advertising tools and communication strategies, in order to acquire theoretical and methodological skills to understand consumer choices, and analytical skills to identify the point of contact between customer and product.



The Master in Data Marketing and Analytics is designed for young graduates with excellent knowledge of English, who are determined and ambitious, who want to invest in their future, who are ready to start dynamic careers at the highest level in a fast-changing market.



Data Analyst, Brand Marketing Specialist, and Business Analyst are some of the most required positions in the international market. High skills in Big Data analysis and deep knowledge of the techniques to transform the information into efficient business strategies are required to get to these positions. The greatest strength of BBS is the integration with top companies. This is the core of a Master that creates the highest level of employability: the internship in leader companies, with an average placement of more than 90% in the latest years, is the best way to get into a complex and multifaceted business that requires high-level skills.
Through the Master it is possible, once having completed in the companies the years of experience required, to access the following job positions: Marketing Analyst, Marketing Manager , E-commerce Sales Analyst , Trade Marketing Manager, CRM Analyst, Web Analyst.

Choose your future, apply for one of the most exclusive Master in Marketing Management. Contact the master Program Manager to begin this pathway.



Bologna Business School provides student support services included in the tuition fee for the Master.


Program Advisory Committee:

  • Melania Guidoboni – Business Analyst, Clarins Group
  • Stefano Leonardi – Managing Director , Bahlsen Italia
  • Giovanni Lorenzoni – CEO, BitBang
  • Natascia Mongardi – Chief Communication Officer, Macron
  • Salome Mosidze – Head of Marketing, Teliani Valley
  • Patrizio Pecunia – Data Literacy and Change Lead, The Adecco Group
  • Andrea Scozzoli – Chief Retail Development Officer, Unieuro
  • Nicola Selleri – Direttore Regionale, Lidl Italia
  • Stefano Sermenghi – CEO, Unexpected Italian SRL




QS Quacquarelli Symonds is the international network focused on services, analysis and in-depth reports of post-experience and university education, geared toward international mobility and career development. The QS Online MBA Ranking is based on insights from the business world and a methodology that allows programs to be evaluated according to four parameters: Faculty and Teaching, Class Profile, Employability and Class Experience.




Bologna Business School is EQUIS – EFMD Quality Improvement System accredited, one of the most important international quality assessment and continuous improvement systems for Schools of Management and Business Administration.

Gabriele Pizzi

Gabriele Pizzi

Director of Studies

" Defining the company's marketing objectives and the tools through which these objectives can be achieved is the basis of commercial success within the current competitive scenario. Identifying customers, understanding their needs, analyzing data, developing products and services that can satisfy them are essential skills for a successful company. However, these capabilities must also be supported by a data analysis strategy and a knowledge of the main technological tools. The Master in Marketing Management with a focus on Data Marketing and Analytics allows you to develop sensitivity to market orientation and support it through practical data analysis tools. "

CLASS PROFILE A.Y. 2022/2023



  • 26


  • 30%


  • 11


  • 54%



The Master in Marketing Management – Data Marketing and Analytics is a full-time program structured in 1.500 hours of learning activities over 12 months of study, divided into: 400 hours of lectures, an estimated 600 hours of independent study, and 500 hours of internship.

The structure of the Master is divided into:

  • First term: January 2024 – April 2024
  • Second term: April 2024 – July 2024
  • Internship: July 2024 – January 2025

Classroom participation is about 30 hours per week structured in order to allow time to work in groups, while not neglecting individual students focus and management of interpersonal relationships.


The course provides students with basic knowledge of the fundamentals of business ethics, as well as the economic, environmental and social sustainability challenges that come about in the both private and public sectors. The students will gain the knowledge, skills and tools needed to effectively respond to these challenges in order to drive impactful change and develop sustainable business practices.

Miandar Toloue

The purpose of the course is to provide students with the theoretical and analytical tools needed to map the customer journey across multiple touchpoints. The focus of the course will be primarily, but not exclusively, on digital channels and their integration with offline channels in order to gain a comprehensive overview of company-customer interactions.

Camillo Furio

The course provides the theoretical and methodological tools to correctly understand the mechanisms underlying consumers’ decision making. In particular, at the end of the course, students will be able to a) master the most relevant theories of consumer choice, b) analyze how consumers make decisions, and c) plan and implement a marketing research aimed to explore and predict consumer choices.

Ancarani Fabio Guido Ulderico
Marzocchi Gian Luca

Introduction to marketing research: descriptive analysis. Utilizing probability and hypothesis in marketing research. Design and technical development finalized for collecting primary data. Data analysis: regression. Segmentation and clustering techniques. Perceptual maps and positioning.

Pizzi Gabriele

The course aims to introduce students to the most relevant issues (foundational and more advanced) of digital technologies, discussing the most important present and future consequences on the lives of individuals and on the structure and functioning of organizations and processes. The course consists of 5 seminars: Ai & Machine Learning, All-in Security, Cloud & Beyond, The Science of Data, Internet of Things.

The process of marketing and sales management: from value analysis for the client to communication and delivery in the market. Value analysis for the client: the drivers of value for the client. Construction value for the client: segmentation, targeting, positioning and defining value proposition. Measuring the value for the client and pricing choices.  From the construction of the value to the commutation of the value: communication above and below the line. Distributing value: go to market, sales and key account management. The marketing plan, sales metrics and marketing performance.

Matta Shashi

Introduction to basic accounting principles, accounting concepts, and accounting terminology. Financial statement analysis. Basic cost concepts and cost accounting. Introduction to management control principles and techniques.

Boccali Filippo
Visani Franco

Introduction to governance, project management and IT elements useful to understand how to lead a Data Lake for Marketing (and subsequently Customer Data Platform) initiative to success.

Francesco Golfieri

The course will provide students with the tools to implement an end-to-end data marketing project, from conception to implementation and the business value it brings, using structured (analytical) and unstructured (images and text) data.

Boscato Cristiano

This course focuses on the importance of using multiple sources and platforms to make data-driven marketing decisions in today’s digital business environment. It focuses on how to manage multi-platform, multi-structured and big data to provide data-driven solutions to business problems.

Konus Umut

This course will provide the theoretical and methodological framework to properly
design a marketing data strategy: Starting from the analysis of the negative effect of a “poor” data
strategy, the course will go through (using also use cases and practical application) the main steps
necessary to assess organizational business needs, define priorities and design a data strategy
execution plan.

It is a fully comprehensive journey on data visualization which provides a skillset that will allow students to manage data visualization in its various shapes. The course has a business focus dedicated to building and polishing the basic dashboard elements to optimize the typical requests presented by companies such as those from marketing department.

Fantoni Fabio
Manuzzi Marialisa

This course provides an introduction to marketing automation, covering the fundamental concepts, tools and strategies used to improve customer engagement and drive business growth.

Ciacci Roberto

Since the first mechanical automations of the 17th century, one of the great dreams of the humanity has been the construction of machines exhibiting human behaviors and intelligence. Artificial intelligence (AI) is a discipline whose goal is to realize this dream by using the most different techniques, from symbolic computation based on logic to sub-symbolic models inspired by the structure of the brain, such as neural networks.

The last few years have witnessed a sensational exploit of AI applications in many different fields – with a relevant growth of investments – inducing many experts to believe that the dream will come true in a short time.

This is inducing many companies to reconsider their business strategies and, more generally, requires a deep rethinking of several crucial aspects of our society.

The course will provide an introductory overview of the various existing AI techniques, focusing on their industrial applications, discussing future opportunities and challenges, touching also on some social, economic and ethic implications.

Gabbrielli Maurizio
Roberto Amadini

This course introduces the basic principles and methods of Business Intelligence with emphasis on Data Warehousing, OLAP analysis, and social intelligence. It also focuses on how Business Intelligence solutions can be designed according to user requirements and desires and includes a hands-on session with OLAP tools (mainly Power BI).

Francia Matteo
Gallinucci Enrico

The course is organized in order to provide students with the possibility to learn by actively applying the tools learnt in class to concrete cases. Due to its practical nature, the course will enable students to learn about the tools to be used in order to generate, nurture, and maintain over time the relationship with the customer.

Visentin Marika

The goal of the course is to give the participants a toolbox of techniques to apply in personal communications. Vital among these is providing tools for analysing, comparing and contrasting yourself with your audience. A series of techniques for lateral thinking and persuasion in the context of personal communication will be reviewed. The scope of these final meetings will be preparing for the job interviews demanded by the placement process at BBS. To this end, a series of “mock interviews” will be executed by professionals in the HR and Marketing fields.

Bekins Russell James

This course enables students to develop an effective and updated vision of the digital scenario using social network marketing, digital marketing, lead generation, e-commerce, loyalty and content marketing.

Tuan Annamaria

The course offers an overview of the most modern software systems for business data modeling and synthesis of reports, dashboards, indicators (KPIs) and quantitative business intelligence systems. The topics of data management, data cleaning and automated data refresh will be addressed.

Participants will learn how to link together tables of data from any source, located anywhere in the world, and to integrate them with their own strategic tables to set up high value analysis.

The course will also provide the knowledge and practice to perform complex calculations on data structured in tables, from corporate ERP systems, Excel database Excel files, SQL Server, web pages, feeds, relational databases in general, social sites. The company reports and dashboards will be interactive and accessible from any device connected to the network.

The software described and studied will be scalable, to best address the activity of Analytics on data of different complexity and breadth of management, providing potential sharing structured and controlled.


Learning approach

The educational sessions provide different learning methods, including lectures, simulations, discussions of case studies and presentations by companies, testimonials, and group work.
The curriculum is completed with master lectures held by professionals from the business world, academia and politics, with opportunities for discussion and interaction with the business world through case histories.


Faculty members at Bologna Business School work together offering outstanding teaching standards. An international and interdisciplinary approach is guaranteed by a joint team of distinguished national core professors, adjunct, visiting professors, guest speakers and top managers.


The integration with companies is a priority and an ever-present feature of all programs of the Bologna Business School, hence for the Master in Marketing Management – Data Marketing and Analytics too.
The School is fully committed to creating employability, by way of a systematic career service action, constantly focused on matching at best the students’ professional projects with the needs companies have.
The internship is an exceptional springboard, suffice it to say that six months after the end of the full-time masters at Bologna Business School on average 91% of students work in a company.

The BBS Career Service assists and supports students since the very beginning, along a training and professional development path. This is accomplished by organizing a series of workshops, with the aim of providing the fundamental tools and resources to be appropriately prepared for the labor market.

To achieve this goal, students are involved in several workshops, among which we may list:

  • Writing a CV and a Cover Letter
  • How to create an effective Linkedin profile
  • How to prepare for a job interview

In addition to this, thanks to the collaboration with professional career counselors, students receive a customized service, in order to understand their strengths and to build a professional development plan, which will turn out to be helpful when looking for an internship. Here follow some of the activities:

  • Initial guidance interviews
  • Specific interviews, focused on one’s own career plan
  • Continuous support to students with one – to – one sessions





Trade Marketing Manager Assistant, Carpigiani
Master in Marketing Management (A.Y 2021/2022)

"I still remember the great commitment dedicated to access the Master in Marketing Management, today enjoying its results I can say with certainty that I could not have made a better choice. Thanks to a mainly practical approach, rich in comparison between students and professors, and thanks also to its wide international scope, the Master has allowed me to achieve great growth not only on a professional level but also, and above all, on a personal level. Today, thanks to the skills acquired and the support of the Career Service, I have been able to access an important reality on a global level, where I play an extremely stimulating and interesting role. I would recommend this Master to anyone looking for an excellent preparation for the world of work."

Emma Timis – Italy / Romania

Junior Trade Marketing, Admenta Italia
Master in Marketing Management (A.Y 2020/2021)

"After a Bachelor's Degree in Medical Biotechnology, I decided to pursue a corporate career. Despite the lack of an economic background, the Master in Marketing Management at Bologna Business School provided me with a highly professional training, necessary to guarantee me success in my current career. This preparation allows me today to easily confront myself with other professionals in the sector. I recommend this Master to anyone who wants to integrate their background, even of a non-economic type, with a stimulating and complete path."

Hamza Arbib – Morocco

Sales Reporting, Automobili Lamborghini
Master in Marketing Management (A.Y 2019/2020)

"The Master in Marketing Management met all my expectations: an environment of continuous comparison and personal growth, which allowed me to acquire all the key knowledge to access a reality of global importance. Thanks to the support and the network of the BBS, I was able to enter the Automotive sector, thus realizing the dream of working in a company like Automobili Lamborghini and turning my passion into work."

Donatella Tabasso – Italy

Business Analyst, Benetton
Master in Marketing Management (A.Y. 2018/2019)

"After a degree in languages and a work experience, I felt the need to expand my knowledge with an economic / quantitative boost. Driven by an interest in marketing and sales, I decided to enroll in the BBS Master. I am very satisfied with that choice because the Master has a good mix of theory and practice and has improved my professionalism by allowing me to return to the job market as a more mature, conscious and competent person."


Marketing & PR Manager, Maserati
Master in Marketing Management (A.Y. 2018/2019)

"Bologna Business School represented the meeting point between my student and future young professional life. The Master provided me not only a constant discussion with teachers and classmates, but also the opportunity to get in touch with different companies that are excellent figures of the Italian and global economic scenario. In particular, Maserati has allowed our class to experience a distinctive and winning educational opportunity for our training through a field project."

Sara Kristina Aeberli – Switzerland

Brand Manager Café Royal, Delica
Master in Marketing Management (A.Y. 2016/2017)

"My goal was simple – find a master’s course that provided the best preparation to enter the real business world. I was not disappointed as I learnt the key skills needed for a marketer through business-oriented education with tailored individual support, real case studies in cooperation with global companies like Ducati or Lidl, and a professional internship. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone looking for an environment of personal growth and development, right from day one."

Mattia Solina – Italy

Sell Out Sales Account, Nestlé
Master in Marketing Management (A.Y. 2016/2017)

"After the Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Business Management, I felt the needed to give a much more practical and concrete push to my studies. The master was for me the perfect combination of theoretical contents and real experiences. What makes the difference are the relationships created during the master with classmates, professors and companies that makes you feel part of an excellent professional network."

Elena Saptefrati – Moldova

Trade Marketing, Gruppo Diego Dalla Palma
Master in Marketing Management (A.Y. 2015/2016)

"The master has allowed me to live a professional-level training experience, focused on job market and granted me many growth opportunities. The methodologies: project work, guest speakers, company visits, workshops and constant discussions with professors made me acquire useful and needful skills to use in my current work experience. I can say that I am absolutely satisfied I chose this Master and I highly recommend it to anyone who tries to turn passion into work."


The goal of the Career Service is also to allow students to connect with national and international companies. Over the years, Bologna Business School has managed to establish a wide-ranging network and a sound partnership with leading companies in Italy, thanks to a personalized approach, based on each company’s needs. The collaboration features the following activities:

  • Sending CV Books
  • Sharing internship opportunities
  • Company presentations
  • Career days
  • Project works
  • In-class activities with case studies presented by Managers and/or HR professionals

Moreover, companies support the Master in Data Marketing and Analytics with scholarships, professional opportunities, career fairs and company presentations. The companies that worked with us in 2022/2023 are:



The tuition fee for the Master is 14.800 euros (VAT free) to be paid in three installments:

  • First installment: 1.850 euros
  • Second installment: 7.000 euros
  • Third installment: 5.950 euros

The fee includes participation in the Master, all the study material available through the online platform, and access to the services and facilities of Alma Bologna Business School such as: personal account for the Alma wi-fi, use of the PCs in the Computer Lab, access to the study areas, access to the internal gym, special rates for the School restaurant.
Furthermore, the fee gives participants the right to take advantage of the supporting activities of the School, such as the language courses and the master lectures by invitation. Free parking is also available within the BBS campus.

Additionally, with the Student Card of the University of Bologna, students have access to all of the university facilities, including over 100 libraries, digital resources and study halls (including databases and online subscriptions); the three city center canteens and all university student related discount offers. More information is available on the site of the University of Bologna: :


For more information on honor loan, contact us by email:


At Bologna Business School we understand the importance of financial aid in supporting our students to achieve their educational goals. We are aware that an advanced, high quality training path can be a significant commitment but we also truly believe that investing in one’s future always pays back.

Bologna Business School is pleased to make partial scholarships of 6,000€ and 4,000€ available to the most deserving students. The scholarships will be awarded on the basis of merit criteria to the students occupying the highest positions after the selection process. The highest ranked students will be those with not only a solid academic and/or professional background, but also those who have proven to be the most motivated to participate in the course. The winners will be informed at the time of the admission.


In order to be admitted to the Master’s course you must have:

  • Bachelor’s degree (obtained within the closing date of enrollment of the selection round in which you participate)
  • Excellent level of English

The admission to the Master is subject to the positive evaluation of the selection test in line with the number of places available. The selection process consists of one Aptitude Test and one English Language Test, both prerequisites to be admitted to the motivational interview in English.


  1. Register on “Studenti  Online” by connecting to the site
  2.  Select “First Level Master”.
  3. Pay the participation fee for the selection (60 euro for each Master)
  4. Upload the required documents online:
  • Curriculum Vitae in English
  • Motivational letter in English
  • Letters of reference in English (optional)
  • Photograph of recognition
  • Front and back copy of a valid ID or passport
  • Concentration Form
  • If available, a GMAT/GRE certificate with a score above 550 (GMAT) or equivalent (GRE). Applicants uploading this certificate are exempted from the written aptitude test as part of the admission process
  • If available, an English language certificate (TOEFL, IELTS or CAMBRIDGE) attesting a minimum English level of B2 in the European framework. Applicants uploading this certificate are exempted from the written English test as part of the admission process
  • For degrees obtained in Italy: Self-certification of Bachelor’s degree with details of exams taken and relative grades
  • For degrees obtained abroad: Dichiarazione di Valore (to be requested at the Italian Embassy in the country where the degree was obtained) or Diploma Supplement (to be requested at the university where the degree was obtained). In the event that the candidate is unable to obtain the Dichiarazione di Valore or Diploma Supplement at the time of enrollment, he/she may temporarily replace it with a Conditional Enrollment Form, which will be sent after enrollment by

For further guidance, students who obtained a bachelor’s degree abroad are encouraged to check the page below:

For further information concerning the selection process and the related documents we invite you to consult the Master details here and download the following documents:

Call for applications Procedural instructions Concentration form





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