Adjunct Professor of Business Intelligence and Big Data University of Bologna Extended Faculty


Enrico Gallinucci is Adjunct Professor and Post-doc Research Fellow at the University of Bologna, in Cesena. He is teacher of Big Data and conducts research activities in the fields of Business Intelligence, Data Analytics, and Big Data. His studies and research interests are direct towards the innovation of architectures, techniques, and methodologies to extract value from the data in the most diverse business contexts. Gallinucci published several research papers covering data modeling and applications in Social Business Intelligence, as well as advanced techniques to analyze data in polyglot database systems. Currently, he is also exploring smart approaches to support data scientists in big data management and studying scalable techniques to analyze huge trajectory datasets. In 2021, he received a best demo award for his contribution on a conversational approach to OLAP analysis. Gallinucci also works with companies and public institutions to employ his research findings in business applications, particularly in the fields of Precision Agriculture and Social Business Intelligence. Gallinucci received his Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Bologna in 2017 and graduated cum laude in 2013 with a thesis on digitally fighting tax evasion. In his spare time, Gallinucci leads an amateur five-a-side football team and recently began learning the piano.


Business intelligence (BI), motivations, objectives, definitions and solutions. Data warehousing as an enabling technology for BI: architectures, techniques and methodologies of On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP) for data analysis. Multidimensional modeling with the Dimensional Fact Model (DFM). Self-service BI platforms. Relational OLAP. What-if analysis. Laboratory exercises on OLAP, DFM and self-service BI.

Data Science and Business Analytics