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Roberto Ciacci is Digital Experience Director at Gattinoni Travel, a leading company in the travel retail, business travel, and event management sectors for corporate enterprises.
Previously, he served as Chief Marketing and Information Officer at Robintur/Viaggi Coop (Coop Alleanza 3.0 Group), Marketing and Communication Director at Eden Viaggi (now part of Alpitour Group), Global Head of Digital Marketing at Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A. (Audi-Volkswagen Group), Digital Project Manager at CINECA.
He is both a thinker and a doer in driving digital transformation and acceleration projects in sales & marketing domains, with a focus on marketing automation, CRM, data analytics. He is passionate about leveraging technology creatively to foster innovation in customer experience but also to enhance budget spending, streamline resource allocation and unlock new growth opportunities.
In addition to his corporate roles, Roberto Ciacci has independently consulted for several renown brands in Emilia, Italy, such as Granarolo, Alfasigma, Ferrari, PM Group, and Librerie Coop, showcasing his versatility and expertise across various sectors.
His academic background in Telecommunications Engineering was further enriched by specializing in Marketing, Sales Management, and Project Management at Profingest Business School, reflecting his commitment to continual learning and professional development.


The course is divided into three modules: Email Marketing, Web, SEO & Web Analytics. The course aims at preparing students to understand the digital marketing tools ecosystem; acquire email marketing automation know-how, develop the ability to independently use basic and advanced features of a professional digital marketing platform; practice with a brand site building blocks: hosting, backend, frontend and content; learn how to build, maintain and publish a website and how to integrate basic marketing functionalities on a website.

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This course provides an introduction to marketing automation, covering the fundamental concepts, tools and strategies used to improve customer engagement and drive business growth.

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