Turkey Professor and Researcher of Marketing Analytics & Digital Business, and Program Director of Bachelor Programs in Business Analytics University of Amsterdam Visiting Faculty
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Umut Konus is a tenured Associate Professor of Marketing Analytics &  Digital Business, and Programme Director of Bachelor Program in Business Analytics at the University of Amsterdam/Amsterdam Business School. Dr. Konus is Visiting Professor for Professional Masters and Global MBA at Bologna Business School. He lives and works in the Netherlands. Umut completed his Ph.D. at the University of Groningen (Netherlands) in 2010 and his dissertation titled “Essays on Multichannel Customer Behavior” received the award of best Ph.D. thesis in e-Marketing, e-commerce and cross channel awarded with the Golden Cube by the French Direct Marketing Association in October 2010. His research has been published in numerous journals such as the Harvard Business Review, Journal of Retailing, International Journal of Research in Marketing, Journal of Interactive Marketing, Int. Journal of Electronic Commerce and Journal of Public Policy and Marketing. His current research focuses on marketing models, omnichannel marketing, customer-journey & experience modeling, customer choice, retention, churn and life-time value models, with particular focus on online and mobile platforms by using structured-unstructured large data sets including transactional, clickstream and unstructured (textual and audio visual) data. Before his academic career, Dr. Konus worked as a Practitioner/Consultant for marketing research agencies MORI and GfK.


The goal of the course is providing the knowledge needed to implement a marketing strategy that includes information technology as a tool to analyze customer needs, to communicate and sell. A quantitative approach to measure the efficacy of Digital Marketing will be followed for the online context (e.g. Social Media, E-commerce, Direct Marketing), including also digital technologies  for the offline context (e.g. Apps and Mobile Marketing in retailing). Among the goals of the course, are defining and implement a consistent digital marketing strategy, generating leads by selecting the most appropriate tools and monitoring the analytic performance.

Digital Marketing and Communication

Today it is crucial to be able to use data for making better marketing decisions. This is possible by better understanding, predicting and managing customers’ behavior in a landscape where customers and brands (firms) are decision makers. This course focuses on the applied use of various techniques/methods, theories and approaches from marketing literature in practical business cases. In more particular words this means exploring, investigating and predicting behavioral and attitudinal (customer) data to provide data-driven answers to relevant marketing questions

Data Science and Business Analytics
Artificial Intelligence and Innovation Management
Finance and Fintech

This course focuses on the importance of using multiple sources and platforms to make data-driven marketing decisions in today’s digital business environment. It focuses on how to manage multi-platform, multi-structured and big data to provide data-driven solutions to business problems.

Data Marketing and Analytics