Senior Assistant Professor University of Bologna

Stefania Farace is Senior Assistant Professor of Marketing at the University of Bologna. Stefania previously worked at John Cabot University (Rome), LUISS Guido Carli (Rome), and ECSU (USA), where she taught several marketing courses, such as Product and Brand Management, Consumer Behavior, Marketing Research, and Retailing, targeted to (under)graduate students. Her research interests focus on multimodal visual persuasion. Her publications have appeared in the Journal of Advertising, European Journal of Marketing, and Journal of Interactive Marketing.


Branding has evolved and businesses are facing new challenges in managing brand reputation. The course provides knowledge and skills to understand the management of brands and products, considering both theoretical and practical aspects through the classroom discussion of business cases to offer results and insights that offer significant implications for the management of brands and products. The course focuses on different aspects of branding and product management, from development to dilution. This includes large areas such as the characteristics and functions of the brand, the process by which a product becomes a brand, the construction and maintenance of brand equity, brand strategies and positioning.

Marketing Management