USA Concept Designer English4Business Adjunct
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Russel Bekins, from the United States is an expert in communication and he developed a great expertise in the  language, theatre, film and education fields. At BBS he delivers the course of Personal Branding where he develops the students’ presentation and interviewing skills enabling them to use storytelling and presentation skills to effectively communicate with potential employers. He is also an instructor of English and presentation skills courses in professional and business environments with English 4 Business. He has a Master’s degree in Fine Arts from the University of California and he started his career in theatre, films and entertainment. He worked in many fields among which scriptwriting, stage management, coaching and directing.


The goal of the course is to give the participants a toolbox of techniques to apply in personal communications. Vital among these is providing tools for analysing, comparing and contrasting yourself with your audience. A series of techniques for lateral thinking and persuasion in the context of personal communication will be reviewed. The scope of these final meetings will be preparing for the job interviews demanded by the placement process at BBS. To this end, a series of “mock interviews” will be executed by professionals in the HR and Marketing fields.

Digital Marketing and Communication
Marketing Management
Data Marketing and Analytics