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Cristiano Boscato is one of the leading experts in machine learning and digital transformation in Italy. Fascinated by all that is innovative and challenging, he was one of the first promoters of a cultural change, even more than technological, in the way of doing business and working. Partner and Member of the Board of Directors since 2010, he has made Injenia one of the leading Google Cloud Premier Partners in Italy. From her interest in Machine Learning and Human Behaviour, was born Antica Innoveria 1.6, a company, of which she is now President, which aims to bring a data & AI oriented approach in marketing. His vision and experience have given rise to important projects of digital innovation for the most important Italian companies.


The activity is aimed at proposing innovative business processes focused on digital technologies and new business models.

The course provides the application of the skills students improved during the classes by developing a practical project based on a real company case.

Companies involvement will be one of the pillars of this course. Companies will assign the project guidelines to the students, building them around the class profile, and will supervise the development of their projects, giving help if needed.

Digital Technology and Innovation Management