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Cristiano Boscato is Executive Vice President of Injenia and Member of its Board of Directors since 2010. He has made Injenia one of the leading Google Cloud Premier Partners in Europe. Fascinated by all that is innovative and challenging, he is one of the leading Italian figures in the digital transformation of business.


The activity is aimed at proposing innovative business processes focused on digital technologies and new business models.

The course provides the application of the skills students improved during the classes by developing a practical project based on a real company case.

Companies involvement will be one of the pillars of this course. Companies will assign the project guidelines to the students, building them around the class profile, and will supervise the development of their projects, giving help if needed.

Artificial Intelligence and Innovation Management

FOCUS SESSION – In a simplistic way we could define artificial intelligence as the ability of a technological system to solve problems or carry out tasks and activities that are typical of the human mind and ability. Furthermore, thanks to the technological maturity they have developed, the Over The Top are fighting not just to incorporate innovative startups in the AI field, but also to start and support research projects and some of their results are already visible today (e.g. face recognition, voice applications, etc.). The aim of the course is to highlight the new trends that are affecting the market, and not simply for the applications directed to end consumers, but also for B2B businesses.

Sales and Marketing

FOCUS SESSION – Until recently, it would have taken a long time and a few million dollar mainframe would have been necessary to analyze a “mountain” of data (Small or Medium Data). Today, using a simple algorithm, that same information can be processed in a few hours. In recent years, big data and business intelligence have become increasingly important, in both the academic and economic communities. The aim of the course is to highlight the connection between big data and business intelligence, and the way in which this relationship affects the companies’ business model, with a specific focus on real business cases.

Sales and Marketing

This course will cover the fundamental of data mining for medium and large dimensional data sets. During the course you’ll explore how different methods can be used to analyse data, classify information and make predictions. This course will also provide you with some understanding on how some machine learning tools can operate.

Business Analytics and Data Science

The strategies of digital governance. Performance management analytics. Software selection. CRM systems: selection and management. IT outsourcing: strategies and implementation. Big data and business opportunities. Mobile: strategies and implementation.

MBA Evening