Head of Modern BI & Analytics BitBang

Fabio Fantoni holds the position of Head of Modern BI & Analytics at BitBang, a company that offers 360° data consulting services with both national and international clients. In the field of Business Intelligence he has many years of experience in project management in all kinds of industries, using the main platforms available on the market. He is a lecturer for Bologna Business School in the master’s program in Data Marketing and Analytics with a focus on Data Visualization, a subject he has always been passionate about as a creative aspect to be combined with the more business-oriented needs he faces in his daily life. In 2017, this passion became concrete thanks to the collaboration that still lasts with Il Sole 24 Ore for which he produces articles as a data journalist on the Info Data blog, combining visual and interactive content with the traditional textual component. In addition to attending and organizing thematic events focused on Data Visualization in the work environment, Fabio Fantoni participates in various initiatives in enthusiast communities such as the Tableau User Group in Bologna, of which he has been a co-leader since 2020. With an engineering background, he has always been fascinated by everything revolving around data, and over the years he has had the opportunity to participate in several international competitions ranging from Big Data to Data Science, keeping a constant focus on the data visualization aspect.


It is a fully comprehensive journey on data visualization which provides a skillset that will allow students to manage data visualization in its various shapes. The course has a business focus dedicated to building and polishing the basic dashboard elements to optimize the typical requests presented by companies such as those from marketing department.

Data Marketing and Analytics