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The Master in Business Management – Global and Emerging Markets track aims to provide the skills required to join companies working in international markets.

Laws, know-how and traditions from emerging markets – the Far East, Latin America and Africa – and from Western markets meet in a program that puts internationality as its main focus: with a class of mixed geographic and academic backgrounds ranging from economics to sciences, linguistics to humanities, this program is the best starting point for learning about the cultures, habits and legislations of countries and markets to explore.

Bologna Business School and Bologna, a city by nature cosmopolitan and friendly, a crossroads of history, tradition, cultures and innovation, have in their DNA a strong push toward the global market not only aimed at the Western world. With a Program Advisory Committee (PAC) composed of internationally oriented companies such as Alce Nero, BMW, Carpigiani and Bologna Welcome, the English-language, full-time 12-month Master in Business Management – Global and Emerging Markets track gives its students a privileged way to enter the world of foreign markets.



Young graduates with excellent English language skills eager to get in touch with habits and legislation of non-Western markets. Ambitious future managers, motivated by curiosity and the desire to be able to make a difference in exporting to emerging countries or in foreign companies with offices in Europe.



Companies today need resources to spend on new business growth in international markets. Positions such as Export & Sales Manager, Buyer, Brand and International Marketing Manager and International Trade Marketing Manager for non-European and North American markets, are among the most in demand.

The best Italian companies are increasingly linked to emerging markets. The Master’s placement index, over 95% six months after the end of the course, shows how Bologna Business School’s international network, its Career Service and the final internship are effective tools to design each student’s career.

Businesses need resources to succeed in new markets: get in touch with the master Program Manager if you wish these businesses to find you.



Bologna Business School provides student support services included in the tuition fee for the Master.


Programme Advisory Committee:

  • Massimo Monti – Amministratore Delegato, Alce Nero
  • Alberto Miraglia – Direttore Generale, Retail Institute
  • Franco Gabbrielli – Presidente, Assopellettieri e Mipel
  • Lorenzo Scrimizzi – Country Manager, Carpigiani
  • Patrick Romano – Direttore Generale, Bologna Welcome
  • Massimiliano Di Silvestre – Amministratore Delegato, BMW Italia
  • Baldo Scassellati Sforzolini – Global Head of R&D, Galderma
  • Giovanna Cenacchi – Full Professor, Department of Biomedical and Neuromotor Sciences, University of Bologna



QS Quacquarelli Symonds is the international network focused on services, analysis and in-depth reports of post-experience and university education, geared toward international mobility and career development. The QS Online MBA Ranking is based on insights from the business world and a methodology that allows programs to be evaluated according to four parameters: Faculty and Teaching, Class Profile, Employability and Class Experience.



Bologna Business School is EQUIS – EFMD Quality Improvement System accredited, one of the most important international quality assessment and continuous improvement systems for Schools of Management and Business Administration.

Angelo Manaresi

Angelo Manaresi

Director of Studies

" The local Food and Wine sector is in continuous growth. International development is a great opportunity but imposes new politics for promoting and increasing the value of enograstronomical Italian assets, one of the principal vectors in tourism development, including in foreign markets. This master allows you to enter this sector as a protagonist. "

CLASS PROFILE A.Y. 2023/2024



  • 25 y.o.


  • 26%


  • 11


  • 65%



The Master in Business Management – Asian Markets is a full-time program structured in 1.500 hours of learning activities over 12 months of study, divided into: 360 hours of lecturing, an estimated 540 hours of independent study, and 600 hours of internship.
The structure of the Master is divided into:

  • First term: January 2025 – April 2025
  • Second term: May 2025 – July 2025
  • Internship: September 2025 – December 2025

Classroom participation is about 30 hours per week structured in order to allow time to work in groups, while not neglecting individual students focus and management of interpersonal relationships.

The Master offers Business Administration courses intended to consolidate the conceptual knowledge and the operational techniques that are applied to companies. There are also courses and projects with a focus on sectorial issues of Asian Markets. Business Administration courses are concentrated mainly in the first term and are common to all the Master specializations; while track specific courses and company projects take place in the second term.

In addition to the general Business Administration courses and the subjects related to the specific track, there are also

  1. a one-year Master Project, on the subject of business planning, carried out in groups;
  2. three Company Project Work, with companies lasting one month each, in May, June and July;
  3. testimonials from the business world such as BMmeetings;
  4. numerous activities related to the Personal Development Project. The A.Y. 2023/24 includes the following sessions:
  • Start up and Business Planning with Claudio Venezia, CEO & Founder Officina Startup
  • Export Management with Gerardo Famiglietti, International Sales Manager Endura S.p.A.
  • Doing business in Japan with Lorenzo Scrimizzi, Representative Director Carpigiani Japan
  • Company Turnaround with Federico Minoli, CEO Deus Ex Machina
  • Brand experience with Federica Sovrani, Account Project Manager Yu Retail
  • International Marketing with Giampiero Giunta, Senior Brand Manager Procter & Gamble
  • Team Builiding and Leadership with Alessandro Finelli, Professional Basketball Coach
  • Public speaking with Massimo Franceschetti and Lisa Marie Gelhaus, BBS Faculty
  • Negotiation techniques with Francesco De Rose and Marco Repezza, BBS Faculty

For international students, the School offers the opportunity to attend a Italian Language Course course.



This course focuses on the main components of accounting, budgeting and cost analysis. In addition the course will train students on how to analyze economic-financial forecasts and budgets as well as understand the measurement and interpretation of the economic-financial performance of the company. Calculation and analysis in decision-making, management supervision, strategic control and strategic cost management will also be explored.

Ferri Paolo

Corporate sustainability and the circular economy are currently among the most discussed topics internationally, also due to climate change. The aim of the course is to understand why these issues are of such importance, underlining their urgency. We will learn more about the innovation activities of operational and system processes that companies adopt to implement strategies aimed at the Circulary Economy and the transition to a low carbon business model.

Foschi Eleonora

This course enables executives to use financial tools to make better decisions. The teaching method combines class lectures and discussions to case studies and spreadsheet modelling to get a deeply and insightful understanding of topics in corporate finance. These topics include, but are not limited to, capital budgeting, project and company valuation and the optimal financing and hedging decisions.

Baschieri Giulia

The course aims to introduce students to the most relevant issues (foundational and more advanced) of digital technologies, discussing the most important present and future consequences on the lives of individuals and on the structure and functioning of organizations and processes. The course consists of 5 seminars: Ai & Machine Learning, All-in Security, Cloud & Beyond, The Science of Data, Internet of Things.

The objective of the course in Digital Marketing is to provide the necessary knowledge for successfully implementing a marketing strategy utilizing new information technology, analyzing the needs of the client, the company communication and sales. A principally quantitative approach for measuring the effectiveness of Digital Marketing activities, which finds their natural application in an online context (e.g. Social Media, E-Commerce, Direct Marketing), without overlooking the application of new technologies in an offline context (e.g. Apps and Mobile Marketing in a modern Retailing environment). At the end of the course, it is expected that the students will have acquired a high level of knowledge on the main tools used in the field of Digital Marketing, allowing them to: define and implement a coherent Digital Marketing strategy; select the best suited tools based on strategic objectives; monitor the effectiveness by means of rigorous analytical procedures.

Abdel Malek Claudio Nader
Matta Shashi
Tuan Annamaria

From the business model to the operational marketing plan. The fundamental conceptual and quantitative tools necessary for understanding, analyzing and constructing the relationship a company establishes with its market of interest: the centrality of the client, studying acquired behavior, the processes of segmentation and positioning, the development of new products and the spread of innovation, pricing decisions, distribution and communication.

Manaresi Angelo

Introduction to marketing research: descriptive analysis. Utilizing probability and hypothesis in marketing research. Design and technical development finalized for collecting primary data. Data analysis: regression. Segmentation and clustering techniques. Perceptual maps and positioning.


Zammit Alessandra

The course focuses on issues related to the management of materials along the supply chain, from suppliers to distribution channels. In this regard, they have a vital role. Managerial and organizational decisions made about the relationships with external companies with which we relate to, are the focal point of the course. In analyzing the vertical relationships between firms, the course seeks to develop: sensitivity to the Strategic Importance of the reports, the technical and managerial knowledge needed to deal with the decisions in the matter and organizational skills needed to manage them.

Bortolini Marco
Luciano Fratocchi
Paulraj Antony Chellappa
Regattieri Alberto

Every time and every where, close to my lifestyle. These are the key points of the omnichannel strategy.
It doesn’t mean only the act of purchasing but is covering many different aspects like:

  • a way to increase brand awareness,
  • a way to disclose consumer habits,
  • a way to create groups based on similar interests
  • finally, can also generate a huge number of sales.

Young people (Millennials, Gen Z and Gen Y) are expecting more sophisticated ways to be close to their new lifestyle and to their culture so an omnichannel strategy is not an option, it is the new business model for the brand that want to approach these markets.

Gabriele Sportoletti

This course structure consists of select lectures and and three company projects.

LECTURES: In managing emerging markets, companies can have a systematic approach or one tied to specific opportunities. In this course, discussions will revolve around companies’ strategies in choosing new markets and commercial strategies.

COMPANY PROJECTS: The course also includes three one-month business projects. The project work is carried out in groups of 4-5 participants, starting with a company presentation by a manager from a partner company within the School’s network. The manager then presents the project theme to the groups. Throughout each project work, participants work with the guidance of tutors. At the end of the month, there is a meeting with the management and a presentation of the participants’ work. Evaluation is conducted by both the instructors and the management, aiming to assess both the originality of proposed managerial solutions and their practical feasibility and implementation in a real business context.

Gabriele Sportoletti

Developing international markets for Italian companies assumes a working knowledge of the practices of international trade and the main standards that apply. In this course we will discuss business strategies in light of the competitive and regulatory context, with particular reference to Global and Emerging Markets.

Prodi Giorgio

Learning approach

The educational sessions provide different learning methods, including lectures, simulations, discussions of case studies and presentations by companies, testimonies, group work. The curriculum is completed with master lectures held by professionals from the worlds of business, academia and politics, with opportunities for discussion and interaction with the business world through case histories.

The program is developed in close collaboration with business partners both during the courses, split into two phases, and during the three sectorial company projects; the didactic approach is totally different from traditional university courses, as the lessons of the Master provide practical tools which allow practitioners to carry out concrete projects.


The integration with companies is a priority and an ever-present feature of all programs of the Bologna Business School, hence for the Master in Business Management – Global and Emerging Markets too.

The School is fully committed to creating employability, by way of a systematic career service action, constantly focused on matching at best the students’ professional projects with the needs companies have.

The internship is an exceptional springboard, suffice it to say that six months after the end of the Full-time masters at Bologna Business School on average 90% of students work in a company.

The BBS Career Service assists and supports students since the very beginning, along a training and professional development path. This is accomplished by organizing a series of workshops, with the aim of providing the fundamental tools and resources to be appropriately prepared for the labor market.


To achieve this goal, students are involved in several workshops, among which we may list:

  • Writing a CV and a Cover Letter
  • How to create an effective Linkedin profile
  • How to prepare for a job interview


In addition to this, thanks to the collaboration with professional career counselors, students receive a customized service, in order to understand their strengths and to build a professional development plan, which will turn out to be helpful when looking for an internship. Here follow some of the activities:

  • Initial guidance interviews
  • Specific interviews, focused on one’s own career plan
  • Continuous support to students with one – to – one sessions




Greta Gardinali – Italy

Product Marketing & Business Development EMEA, Piaggio
Business Management - Global and Emerging Markets (A.Y. 2022/2023)

"Despite my academic background in international relations and educational experiences in Tokyo and Beijing, I encountered difficulties in finding a suitable job opportunity. In this regard, I decided to pursue a path at BBS, aware of its potential not only in expanding my knowledge but also in putting me in touch with relevant international companies. Today, I am proud to be part of the team at Piaggio & C.. This position gives me the opportunity to apply the skills I acquired during my education path and to actively collaborate with colleagues from different cultural backgrounds. I believe that the value of an educational institution like BBS lies not only in providing theoretical knowledge, but more importantly in offering practical experience and direct connections with the corporate world. "

Alessandro Casolari – Italy

Area Manager, Max Mara Fashion Group
Business Management - Global and Emerging Markets (A.Y. 2021/2022)

"Following my degree in Japanese Language and Economics, and various study experiences abroad, I decided to complete my curriculum with something that could provide me with practical skills in order to be competitive in the modern job market and allow me to pursue my passions. This Master Course provided me with the skills I was looking for and allowed me to enter the job market with greater self-awareness, thanks also to the project works carried out in collaboration with important Italian companies. Now, I work as Area Manager at Max Mara Fashion Group, where I am in charge of developing and expanding the Group's licenses around the World, with frequent business trips abroad"

Michelangelo Morelli – Italy

Africa & Middle East Network Development, Iveco Group
Business Management - Global and Emerging Markets (A.Y. 2021/2022)

"The master program in Global and Emerging Markets helped me to fill important gaps in economics, while also using geopolitics to discover this complex but interesting field. I feared that my humanities background might be more of a constraint than a strength. On the contrary, the setting of the courses and numerous meetings with experts in the field facilitated the matching of my prior knowledge with the skills promoted by the master’s program. Thanks to BBS, I found a job in Turin for IVECO, where I am currently in charge of network management in Africa and the Middle East. A different world from the East, but still understandable thanks to the transversal skills learned"

Giulio Marino – Italy

Export Area Manager, Carpigiani Group
Business Management - Global and Emerging Markets (A.Y. 2020/2021)

"After the Master's degree in Translation and two years of work in Asia, the Master in Business Management was essential to strengthen my knowledge in the economic field, thanks to the combination of theoretical and practical part and thanks to the constant comparison with companies, professionals and classmates. Moreover, the project works gave me the opportunity to deal with companies belonging to different sectors and to improve problem solving and team working skills. In conclusion, I recommend this training course for all those who wish to enter the job market with greater awareness of their skills in the sector of specialization."

Giulia Colatini – Italy

Experiential Marketing, Automobili Lamborghini
Business Management - Global and Emerging Markets (A.Y. 2019/2020)

"This master has allowed me to continue the path started with the Bachelor’s of Asian Languages, Markets and Cultures and has refined my tools to start building a career based on my passions. The experience in BBS exceeded my expectations: I had the opportunity to study within an extremely stimulating environment and practice what I learned during the courses. However, what I appreciated the most was the continuous relationship with professors, professionals and colleagues who helped me to grow and find my way in the job market. "

Gianluca La Venuta – Italy

Sales Manager, Ethica Wines North America & Asia Pacific
Business Management - Global and Emerging Markets (A.Y. 2016/2017)

"The master's program was the turning point in my life. I improved fundamental theoretical skills on topics such as finance, economics, management, marketing and IT. I had the chance to get in touch with local business realities and confronted with everyday problems and needs of the working world. But even more crucial was sharing classes, exams and homework with fellow master's students, who later became friends and key acquaintances in both the business and personal worlds. After an internship for a wine cellar in Trentino, Italy, I started working for Ethica Wines, a wine importer in the United States. I currently live in New York and work in the sales department"


The goal of the Career Service is also to allow students to connect with national and international companies. Over the years, Bologna Business School has managed to establish a wide-ranging network and a sound partnership with leading companies in Italy, thanks to a personalized approach, based on each company’s needs. The collaboration features the following activities:

  • Sending the CV book
  • Sharing internship and work opportunities
  • Presentations at the School premises
  • Career Day
  • Implementation of project works
  • Class-room activities with case studies presented by managers and/or HR professionals

Moreover, companies support the Master in Business Management – Global and Emerging Markets with scholarships, professional opportunities, career fairs and company presentations.

The companies that worked with us in 2022/2023 are:



The tuition fee for the Master is 13.800 euros (VAT free) to be paid in three installments:

  • First installment: 1.850 euros
  • Second installment: 7.000 euros
  • Third installment: 4.950 euros

The fee includes participation in the Master, all the study material available through the online platform, and access to the services and facilities of Alma Bologna Business School. Furthermore, the fee gives participants the right to take advantage of the supporting activities of the School, such as the language courses and the master lectures by invitation. Free parking is also available within the BBS campus.

Additionally, with the Student Card of the University of Bologna, students have access to all of the university facilities, including over 100 libraries, digital resources and study halls (including databases and online subscriptions); the three city center canteens and all university student related discount offers. More information is available on the site of the University of Bologna: :


For more information on honor loan, contact us by email:


At Bologna Business School we understand the importance of financial aid in supporting our students to achieve their educational goals. We are aware that an advanced, high quality training path can be a significant commitment, at the same time we also truly believe that investing in one’s future always pays back.

Bologna Business School is pleased to make partial scholarships available to the most deserving students. The scholarships will be awarded based on merit to students who occupy the highest positions in the selection process. The top ranked students will be those who have not only a solid academic and/or professional background, but also those who have demonstrated the most motivation to participate in the course. Winners will be notified at the time of admission.




In order to be admitted to the Master’s course you must have:

  • Bachelor’s degree (obtained within the closing date of enrollment of the selection round in which you participate)
  • Excellent level of English

The admission to the Master is subject to the positive evaluation of the selection test in line with the number of places available. The selection process consists of one Aptitude Test and one English Language Test, both prerequisites to be admitted to the motivational interview in English.

For auditors, bachelor’s degree is not mandatory.


This Master’s is open to all applicants with a bachelor’s degree obtained before the enrolment deadline of each round. Application steps:

1. Register on “Students Online” by connecting to the site
2. Select “First Level Master”.
3. Pay the participation fee for the selection (60 euro for each Master)
4. Upload the required documents online:

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Motivational letter
  • Letters of reference  (optional)
  • Photograph of recognition
  • Concentration Form
  • Front and back copy of a valid ID or passport
  • If available, a GMAT/GRE certificate with a score above 550 (GMAT) or equivalent (GRE). Applicants uploading this certificate are exempted from the written aptitude test as part of the admission process.
  • If available, an English language certificate (TOEFL, IELTS or CAMBRIDGE) attesting a minimum English level of B2 in the European framework. Applicants uploading this certificate are exempted from the written English test as part of the admission process.
  • For degrees obtained in Italy: Self-certification of Bachelor’s degree with details of exams taken and relative grades
  • For degrees obtained abroad: Dichiarazione di Valore (to be requested at the Italian Embassy in the country where the degree was obtained) or Diploma Supplement (to be requested at the university where the degree was obtained). In the event that the candidate is unable to obtain the Dichiarazione di Valore or Diploma Supplement at the time of enrollment, he/she may temporarily replace it with a Conditional Enrollment Form, which will be sent after enrollment by

For further guidance, students who obtained a bachelor’s degree abroad are encouraged to check the page below:

For further information concerning the selection process and the related documents, we invite you to consult the Master details and download the documents that will be available shortly in this section.






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