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Top manager and later entrepreneur, after long time working in Europe and USA, in 2005 landed in China where he built a successful business in outsourcing and later in supporting Italian brands in Fashion and F&B, to expand their business in Far East.
He lived to transformation of the market participating to the wild growth of the ecommerce in a part of the world where has been written the new rules of the international trade.

In the track record he can count the support to the Bocelli Family Winery to introduce wine in China and the development of Moschino business related to the categories of U & S that have realized a huge turnover for the brand.
He is business partner of some important Chinese, Korean, Singaporean and Vietnamese companies and advisor for the APAC area to some Italianinternational  brands.

Since 2020 he has appointed lecturer at BBS Bologna for the Far East markets.


Every time and every where, close to my lifestyle. These are the key points of the omnichannel strategy.
It doesn’t mean only the act of purchasing but is covering many different aspects like:

  • a way to increase brand awareness,
  • a way to disclose consumer habits,
  • a way to create groups based on similar interests
  • finally, can also generate a huge number of sales.

Young people (Millennials, Gen Z and Gen Y) are expecting more sophisticated ways to be close to their new lifestyle and to their culture so an omnichannel strategy is not an option, it is the new business model for the brand that want to approach these markets.

Business Management – Global and Emerging Markets

This course structure consists of select lectures and and three company projects.

LECTURES: In managing emerging markets, companies can have a systematic approach or one tied to specific opportunities. In this course, discussions will revolve around companies’ strategies in choosing new markets and commercial strategies.

COMPANY PROJECTS: The course also includes three one-month business projects. The project work is carried out in groups of 4-5 participants, starting with a company presentation by a manager from a partner company within the School’s network. The manager then presents the project theme to the groups. Throughout each project work, participants work with the guidance of tutors. At the end of the month, there is a meeting with the management and a presentation of the participants’ work. Evaluation is conducted by both the instructors and the management, aiming to assess both the originality of proposed managerial solutions and their practical feasibility and implementation in a real business context.

Business Management – Global and Emerging Markets