A series of meetings with companies, managers and personalities to provide input, inspiration and continue to grow. A series of evening meetings dedicated to the members of the Community of the Master in Business Management.

Barbara Lorenzini, Professor of Marketing and Product & Brand at BBS, explains how these meetings, which aim to stimulate students’ initiative in the entrepreneurial field, were born.

Barbara Lorenzini is a Consultant and Adjunct Professor at the University of Bologna. She is a researcher and consultant on issues of sports and area marketing as well as in the large-scale distribution sector. She teaches Marketing and Product & Brand at BBS. Barbara organizes these meetings with managers and personalities to share with the students of the Master in Business Management their successes and, as she explains in the interview, also resounding failures. Because experience always has two faces.

“After 6 p.m., at the end of the traditional master’s classes, we set up this “corner”: an opportunity to participate in conversations as informal as possible with personalities who have something interesting to tell. The mode is designed to communicate the feeling of dealing with people who are not unreachable.”

“Within the master’s program, these meetings are framed as a personal development project. They must therefore transmit experiences and skills for professional growth. The guests are managers with interesting business cases, former students of the master with their business projects developed, people with interesting stories from areas that apparently have nothing to do with the course. Like sports, where sacrifice, preparation, and results are metaphors for the commitment needed to achieve success.”

“They must be communicative, spontaneous, willing to exchange and maximize interaction. Among the most stimulating and engaging moments are certainly those with former students who present their start-ups. In fact, it happens that business ideas are already born in the BBS, often in informal situations, for example over a spritz at the bar. Sometimes they settle for some time and then develop, almost always after professional experience in other companies.”