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Italy Associate Professor of Applied Economics University of Ferrara Visiting
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Giorgio Prodi is Associate Professor of Applied Economics at the Department of Economics and Management of the University of Ferrara. His field of interest focuses on the dynamics of the growth of industrial systems in developing countries, with particular attention to China and the impact this has had on Italy’s productive system.
Graduated at the University of Bologna with a thesis in Political Economy (under Professor Flavio Delbono). His thesis focused on the relationship between privatization, regulation and market power with particular attention to the railway sector. The subjects of privatization, regulation and market power have been at the center of his later research which focused on the telecom industry. This research was developed in two phases: one as a study abroad (LSE and Harvard) and one in Italy starting with a Ph.D and then on to a research assignment at the University of Ferrara. This line of research allowed him to deepen both company dynamics and the role of institutions and the State in an open economy, both as concerns mature economies and for those still in development.


This course describes the EU and Far East industrial structures and underlines the main opportunities they are offering today as far as industrial investments are concerned. European investments in Asia and Asian Investments in Europe will be deeply analyzed emphasizing opportunities and difficulties.

This cycle of seminars constitutes a unique occasion for the MBA students to meet and interact with key leaders of the global economic, social and political scene. These series of lectures, especially designed for the MBA class, reflects the main goal of the Program, which is to link theories and practice.

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Developing international markets for Italian companies assumes a working knowledge of the practices of international trade and the main standards that apply. In this course we will discuss business strategies in light of the competitive and regulatory context, with particular reference to Asian markets.

Business Management / Asian Markets