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Italy Assistant Professor of Marketing University of Bologna Core Faculty
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Alessandra Zammit is a confirmed Researcher of Marketing at the University of Bologna. She received her PhD in Marketing from the University of Bologna and was Visiting at Fuqua School of Business (Duke University, Noth Carolina). Deals with consumer choice issues and context effects. Currently his research focuses on the evolution of preferences, on the social influence on purchasing choices, and on the customization choices for new products. His research has appeared in marketing magazines including: Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Service Research and European Journal of Marketing.


CORE COURSE – The course provides participants with concepts and techniques to analyse the reference market. In particular, the course delves into the customer’s decision-making process, highlighting the reasons underlying the purchase decision, the development of decision-making attitudes and rules. Furthermore, the course aims at familiarizing participants with logics, methods and techniques at the basis of the development of a market research process. Marketing research provides for the development of questions that are relevant from a managerial viewpoint, for the collection and analysis of data and their interpretation. Statistical tools will be used in order to study and better understand the phenomena that are analysed and to provide a support to managers’ decisions. The curse aims at fostering the acquisition of the logics and mechanisms underlying the carrying out of a rigorous marketing research with the final objective of allowing participants to become “smart” buyers and users of market research activities and marketing studies.

Introduction to marketing research: descriptive analysis. Utilizing probability and hypothesis in marketing research. Design and technical development finalized for collecting primary data. Data analysis: regression. Segmentation and clustering techniques. Perceptual maps and positioning.


Business Management / Made in Italy
Business Management – Food & Wine
Business Management – Retail Management and E-Commerce
Business Management / Asian Markets
Business Management – Green Management and Sustainable Businesses
Business Management / Tourism, Heritage and Events
Business Management – Life Science and MedTech

FOCUS SESSION – The aim of the focus session is to familiarize participants with the principles, the methods and, in particular, the techniques underpinning the development of a market research process. Marketing research features the identification of questions that are managerially relevant, the collection and analysis of data and their interpretation. The workshop aims at fostering the acquisition of the principles and mechanisms, including technical ones, that are at the basis of the carrying out of a rigorous, also from a scientific viewpoint, marketing research, with the final objective of enabling participants to become “smart” clients and users of market research and marketing studies.

Sales and Marketing

This course provides an introduction to the following topics: marketing management, basics in consumer behavior, segmentation analysis, targeting and positioning. Price strategies, Brand management, New product development, Distribution channels and Retailing, Marketing communication strategies.