Asian Markets – job positions

Export & Sales Manager: International Sales Management and Development

The Export & Sales Manager is responsible for managing and developing sales on a global scale. His responsibilities include implementing expansion strategies in the global market, negotiating trade agreements and coordinating sales activities to maximise the company’s presence in international markets.


Buyer: Product Procurement Management

The role of the Buyer focuses on the strategic purchase of products for the company. Working closely with suppliers, he assesses purchasing opportunities, negotiates contracts and selects products that align with the market strategy. His work is critical to ensuring that the product mix offered meets customer expectations and optimises sales performance.


Brand and International Marketing Manager: Managing brand reputation on a global scale

The Brand and International Marketing Manager manages the processes and activities related to expanding the company and strengthening brand reputation on a global scale. He/she develops strategies to promote the brand in international markets, adapting marketing campaigns to the specificities of each market and coordinating international branding initiatives.


International Trade Marketing Manager: Managing sales and distribution strategies on a global scale

The International Trade Marketing Manager focuses his or her activities on international trade marketing. This role involves the development of marketing strategies to support trade activities abroad, ensuring brand consistency and the success of promotional initiatives in global markets.