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Executive with over 30 years of experience and a successful career in ICT and HR. He joined Gruppo Formula, a major Italian ERP supplier, in 1993, and managed the start-up of the HR business, participating in the growth of the division to become in a few years one of the leading HR providers in Italy. He was a member of the Formula Group executive team when the company was listed on the Nasdaq Europe Stock Exchange in 1997. In 2000 he co-founded Cezanne Software and, as COO and then CEO responsible for growing the company to become a recognized international leader in the HR Software industry. He has a deep knowledge of the European, US and South American IT and HR markets, having worked in several European countries (including Italy, Spain, France, Portugal and the UK) and having been responsible for managing the activities and network of distributors in North and South America. He has written numerous articles and taught as an external lecturer at the University of Bologna. In 2013, following the sale of the Cezanne Software business focused on traditional on-premise software, he participated in the start-up of Cezanne HR to launch a new HR Cloud and Mobile software solution on the market. Since January 2015 he has brought his experience and expertise as Business Advisor on strategy and management in the ICT and HR fields of some important companies, including KPMG and Gruppo Industriale Maccaferri. In January 2020 he co-founded Wospee, a fast-growing innovative start-up in the Digital HR field of which he is currently Managing Partner. Graduated in Economics and Commerce from the University of Bologna, in BBS he teaches HR Information System in the HR & Organization master and Digital HR in the Open Program HR Management & Development. Specialties: Executive Management, Strategy, Technology, Digital Transformation, HR Tech.


This course intends to read the changes taking place in our production system, with particular attention to how the increasingly widespread use of new technologies is leading to a profound transformation in corporate information systems. In the knowledge economy, the growing popularity of mobile devices and social media, and the digital maturity of an ever-expanding corporate population, represent a huge opportunity for the HR function to offer a more efficient service and successful human capital management.
The course will be characterized by a strong practical connotation, will be considered the main technological platforms on the market and the different areas of application. Basic knowledge will be provided to conduct the analysis and definition of the requirements for HR function for the implementation of an HRMS. Costs and benefits will be evaluated, the return on investment analyzed and the impact that the introduction of ICT solutions for human resources management involve in terms of organizational innovation and corporate culture.

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