Italy Full Professor of Labor Law University of Bologna
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Alberto Pizzoferrato is Professor of Labour Law at the Department of Law of the University of Bologna, Advocate at Supreme Court, Director of the Master’s Degree in Labour Law, Coordinator of continuing education in Labour Law in the context of many public authorities and Professional Consultant to prominent companies and private institutions. He is the author of 135 scientific publications, including 4 monographs.


The objective of the course is to provide students with a reasoned overview and with many concrete cases on the dynamics of the management of industrial and labor relations seen as a competitive lever and as a conditioning factor of the company strategy and consensus management within companies and the territory . What are industrial relations and what are they for the actors of the process (Trade Unions, Business Associations, etc.) and their interactions; trade union negotiation and its rules; an overview at the different international realities of trade union negotiations. In addition, the main HR rules in Italy will be presented to students, with reference to both company and employment regulations, in the framework of EU law.

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