Scarpi de Claricini

Scarpi de Claricini
Italy Associate Professor of Marketing University of Bologna Core Faculty
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Daniele Scarpi de Claricini has been Associate Professor of Marketing at the University of Bologna since 2014. He is Scientific Director of the Open Program in Sales & Marketing at Bologna Business School; previously he was Coordinator of the Master’s Degree in Economics and Management, and visiting scholar at Toulouse Business School (FR) and Kingston University, London (UK). His research activities concern consumer behavior, analyzing how consumers relate to and interact with technologies, physical and digital store environments, brands, places and time. His articles have appeared in leading journals including Journal of Service Research, Journal of Retailing, Journal of Interactive Marketing, Industrial Marketing Management, Tourism Management, Travel Research, Annals of Tourism Research, Marketing Letters, and various others. Some of this research has been disseminated by the European Commission – DG Environment News Alert Service, some has been taken up by The Conversation (in UK), and some has been included by the World Health Organization (WHO) in the database of the most impactful literature on COVID-19. He is an expert in structural equation modeling, experimental design and qualitative comparative analysis (QCA). He has received several best reviewer and best paper awards, is on the board of several international journals in the field, and principal investigator of a Project of Significant National Interest (PRIN 2022) on new technologies, funded by the Ministry of University and Research.


The strategic importance of all the customers; customer satisfaction; the value concept; to understand the value; the market sensing; to understand companies in their role as customer; market strategy. Introduction to general trade marketing principles; strategies and terminology. Overview of FMCG market; mass market sales channels; new media for retail marketing applications. Introduction to the main retailing mix tools. Practical introduction to trade marketing strategies; customer planning; cluster analysis; major clients action plans.

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