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Italy Full Professor of Innovation Management University of Bologna Core Faculty
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Andrea Lipparini, Ph.D, is Full Professor of Innovation Management at the University of Bologna and Scientific Director of the Executive MBA of Bologna Business School. His field of research is on strategic alliances and on networks between companies with the aim of promoting innovation development.
He collaborates with a select group of large organizations in the field of senior executive training, on the themes of change and competence development.
He perfected his studies at Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and has was a Visiting Professor at Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth (US).


CORE COURSE – The main focus of the course is the design and implementation of an IT strategy that is coherent with the comprehensive strategy of the company. The course tackles the theme of how technology should follow, and in some cases anticipate, changes at the level of the market and competitive arenas. The course provides the conceptual models necessary to understand how technological strategy can enhance company resources and solidify organizational capacities, contributing to the complete enhancement of the company’s competitive potential.

Technology and Innovation

CORE COURSE – The tools for strategic analysis. Strategy and value creation. Industry analysis and competitive advantage. Analysis of competitors and an enlarged competition model. Resources and skills as essential ingredients of the strategy. The nature and sources of competitive advantage. The strategy of cost leadership and differentiation. Competitive advantage in different market conditions. Value chain and cost analysis. The production system and the value system. Technology and innovation management. Competitive advantage in mature industries.

Executive MBA

The course covers the strategic framework within which managers take decisions and turn their knowledge and capabilities into actions. We explore the essential concepts and tools of strategy and explain the positioning of companies in a variety of settings. You develop the skills needed to perform competitor analysis and understand how strategy formulation, deployment and effective execution relate to competitive advantage.

International Executive MBA

Innovation management in multi-local companies

MBA Part-time (Evening)