Founder Spazi Belli Extended Faculty

She has been working in the digital world for more than 8 years, specializing in Social Media, Content Creation and Web Analytics. SHe has provided strategic consultancy to well-known companies around the world.

In 2020, she launched Spazi Belli Community on Instagram and thanks to an accurate content creation strategy and the continuous search for market information, today Spazi Belli is one of the main information channels for sector professionals such as architects, interior designers and companies.

She firmly believes in the potential of social networks and their extraordinary ability to influence both the business world and individuals. At BBS she helds the Digital Strategy and Social Media Marketing course for the full-time master in Digital Marketing and Communication. This comprehensive path offers a deep understanding of social strategies for businesses, preparing professionals to successfully navigate the digital age and exploit the full potential of social networks.


The course focuses on a comprehensive overview of social networks, emphasizing the significance of social media strategy, community management and the identification of target audiences. Through the analysis of success stories, viral content, reels, TikTok trends and sophisticated strategies for content curation, it addresses the market analysis, the identification of influencers and the tools for an effective lead generation. Studying the critical importance of metrics and key performance indicators in the digital landscape students are equipped with the knowledge and skills to interpret data effectively and to set digital strategies for optimum success.

Digital Marketing and Communication