Digital Analyst Webranking Extended Faculty


Anastasia is a Senior Digital Analyst at Webranking. On a daily basis she works with data and perform the analysis for the most important Italian and international brands. Before moving to Italy she worked as a regional marketer for Deborah Milano in Russia, where she had the opportunity to test and learn different business and marketing strategies. Now in her current work it helps her to get more insight from data that is of great benefit for our clients. she works with different analytics technology.

One of them is Adobe Analytics, here she is a certified business practitioner. she is an ex-student at Bologna Business School (graduated in 2016). Now, at BBS, she holds the Digital Analytics course where she tries to share the passion and the knowledges she has got for her work. Before becoming a mom of two little kids, she run a great deal and even managed to survive the Verona’s marathon. Interior Design is one of her current hobby together with being a blogger and managing an Instagram account with more than 50 thousand followers.