Digital Marketing and Communication – job positions

Digital Marketing Manager: Managing Digital Marketing Strategies

The Digital Marketing Manager is responsible for planning, implementing and managing digital marketing strategies. His main responsibilities include developing strategies in line with corporate objectives, supervising online campaigns, optimising the website, managing social media strategies and implementing email marketing campaigns.


Social Media Manager: Managing social media strategies

The Social Media Manager is responsible for the creation of social media strategies aligned with corporate objectives. Responsibilities include managing and optimising company profiles on various social platforms, creating and scheduling original content, managing user interactions and planning and managing social media advertising campaigns.


SEO Manager: Managing search engine optimisation strategies

The SEO Manager specialises in managing search engine optimisation (SEO) strategies to improve a website’s online visibility. Responsibilities include keyword research, monitoring SEO trends, developing content strategies and collaborating with other teams for synergetic integration of SEO activities.


PR & Communication Manager: Public relations and corporate communications management

The PR & Communication Manager focuses on managing public relations and corporate communications to build and preserve a positive reputation. His or her responsibilities include developing and implementing communication strategies, managing communications with media and influencers, and creating quality promotional content.


Web Analyst: Online data analysis and performance optimisation

The Web Analyst is responsible for collecting, analysing and interpreting online data to improve website performance and digital marketing strategies. He or she uses tools such as Google Analytics, prepares reports on site performance and evaluates the effectiveness of digital marketing campaigns.


Media Planner: Designing and implementing media strategies

The Media Planner designs and implements media strategies to ensure that advertising messages reach the target audience effectively. He works with the marketing team to define objectives, target audiences and budgets, determines the most appropriate media, and continuously monitors the performance of advertising campaigns.