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Marco Dall’Olio is an adjunct professor of Industry Structure of Digital Communication in the full-time master’s programme “Digital Marketing & Communication” at BBS. Since 2014 he has been at Mediaset (MFE, Media For Europe) where he holds the position of Senior Digital Marketing Manager with responsibility for the digital strategy and planning of all the publisher’s brands. He teaches at several Italian and international business schools, such as ALMED – Alta Scuola in Media Comunicazione e Spettacolo of the Catholic University of Milan, Master Publitalia 80, Aforisma Business School and Accademia di Comunicazione. Teaching and research areas are related to: digital industry, media planning, evolution of video advertising models. In 2018 he won an Effie Award with Mediaset, one of the most important awards in the advertising industry.


This course aims to build a clear industry overview of digital communication, including typology of companies, agencies and professions. The course will cover the following topics: market dimensions and forecasting; indexing and ranking; associations (IAB, Assocomunicazione, Fedoweb); media agencies; creative agencies; web agencies; PR agencies; technology and provider company publisher; media owner; sales house; ad-networks; job titles and descriptions; local and global Industry.

Digital Marketing and Communication