Italy Marketing and Communication Director Ducati Motori Holding Adjunct Faculty
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Graduated in Computer Engineering from the University of Bologna, she spent a year in Paris at IBM EMEA, at the Training Center of the multinational IT company, with the task of training IBM salespeople from Europe and Africa on the commercialization of the first browsers and online applications.
Upon returning to Italy, she became a consultant for Ernst & Young in the eBusiness division.
In 2000, she joined, a satellite company of Ducati dedicated to motorcycle accessories and clothing, as eCommerce Director, In 2006, she joined Ducati Motor Holding, where she currently holds the position of Marketing and Communication Director.
At Bologna Business School, she teaches Digital Marketing in several programs, with a focus on marketing applied to the Supercars and Superbikes sectors.


Through the development of concrete business cases, this course aims at developing the fundamental skills of content creation and content marketing strategy. Leveraging all the theories and tools related to the digital world, students will learn to apply them to the business goals that are more common in international companies.

Digital Marketing and Communication

The course has the objective, through the development of concrete business cases, to gain familiarity with the development a customer experience with specific regards to the supercars, superbikes and motorsport brand.

Leveraging theories from CRM, marketing and digital world, to develop the skills to apply them to the business goals that are common to organizations.

Design, Fashion and Luxury Goods
Supercars, Superbikes and Motorsports