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The Executive Master in Sales & Marketing aims at providing managers and professionals in the sales, marketing and customer management areas with highly specialized training in the sales field, necessary to support the growth of companies.

The program develops an integrated view of the activities to be managed by the Sales & Marketing function, recognizing in the interaction of these disciplines the possibility of creating value for the market and generating better performances. The topics dealt with focus on the internationalization journey of businesses and the strengthening of local sales channels and networks.

Thanks to the exchanges with industry leaders and the fact that participants have different university and professional backgrounds, it is possible to acquire sales cross-cutting skills, methods and tools and to learn to cooperate, starting in the classroom, with a wide range of individuals and teams.

Attending the Executive Master in Sales & Marketing means boosting one’s career towards a leadership role. This position requires being aware of the importance of setting up fruitful relationships, with customers and coworkers alike, promoting the passage of information among all parties involved.

The program features three modules (Value analysis for the customer; Value creation for the customer and Value delivery and communication for the customer), developed over 32 days of classroom activities with the weekend formula (Friday and Saturday). The multi-discipline approach features multiple teaching activities and methods, provided by a Faculty made up of professors, managers and professionals.

The educational offer is completed by 7 focus session to explore specific topics dealing with today’s global labor market challenges. The Master’s ends with the presentation of a personal project work, assigned to all participants to allow them contextualizing the tools and skills that have been acquired.

This course focuses on awareness and value: book an interview with the course’s Director and we’ll start doing it together.



PerTe Prestito Con Lode”, a long-term and low-interest honor loan, with no collateral required to cover the full amount of the tuition fee.

Fabio Ancarani

Fabio Ancarani

Scientific Director

" The possibility to combine the rigorous foundation of scientific research in sales and marketing management with continuous interaction with companies in their day by day activities. A rich and articulated learning mix which allows combining work with study and in-depth analysis. "

Target Audience



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Alberto Berton

Jr Marketing Manager, Abbott Diagnostics
EMSM (ed. 2016/2017)

"An “effective” experience, one that for sure leaves its mark on one's professional development. A suitably informal environment, the accurate choice of marketing & sales contents and a stimulating work-group are the winning ingredients of this Master's, that granted me the chance to move on to new opportunities within the company I work for."

Matteo Della Valle

Business Development Manager, GNV Grandi Navi Veloci
EMSM (ed. 2016/2017)

"This Master's is an extraordinary educational experience for one's own professional growth and consolidation. Each participant, thanks to their quality and determination, will play a remarkable role in the managerial fabric of our country over the next few decades. I would do it again, a hundred times."

Mario Orlando

Export Area Manager, VIMAR
EMSM (ed. 2016/2017)

"After an MBA in 2003 and years of experience in Export, I felt the need to attend a specific course on Sales & Marketing. I found what I was looking for, thanks to the continuous exchange in the classroom, thus further strengthening the specific skills of my job and, most of all, I benefited from the endless practical inputs that I was able to implement right away in my daily activity, with clear advantages for my customers and the company I work for."

Francesca Archilei

Food Animal Brand Manager Ruminants, Eli Lilly and Company, Elanco Italia
EMSM (ed. 2016/2017)

"A challenging educational route, one that allows us to open new windows for reflection on our daily work and stimulates professional and personal growth perspectives. The baggage of experience of each participant makes every edition of the course unique."


FTL Pricing Manager, Arcese Trasporti SpA
EMSM (ed. 2015/2016)

"Attending the Master's was a unique experience that allowed me to acquire fundamental skills, through the exchange and enhancement of differences. A year of personal and professional growth."


Business Development Manager, Irinox
EMSM (ed. 2015/2016)

"Developing ideas and projects through the international exchange, thanks to a challenging and stimulating journey, that brings out and strengthens the identity of each one of us."


Product Marketing, Automobili Lamborghini Spa
EMSM (ed. 2015/2016)

"A high added value experience that enriches the knowledge baggage in sales and marketing also creating an opportunity to exchange ideas, experiences and method."

Alessandra Merico

Corporate Key Account Manager, Vodafone Italia Spa
EMSM (ed. 2015/2016)

"The Master's was a worthwhile experience to look at my job from a different perspective and a useful tool to enrich my background and increase my professionalism and my market strategic vision."

Costanza Malservisi

Brand Marketing, Automobili Lamborghini
EMSM (ed. 2014/2015)

"An experience rich in helpful inputs that gave me knowledge, methods and ideas to grow in my profession."

Diego Perego, Paola Narcisi e Marco Visinoni

Area Sales Manager - Field Manager - ‎Key Account Manager, Seat Pagine Gialle
EMSM (ed. 2014/2015)

"The Master Executive in Sales & Marketing is a unique occasion for those working in sales to enrich their Marketing baggage. And vice-versa."

Francesco Carullo

Area and Marketing Manager, Borghi
EMSM (ed. 2014/2015)

"Sound theoretical bases and many practical references, a rigorous method and innumerable suggestions on how to implement them. This is what I found and appreciated attending the Executive Master in Sales & Marketing."

Michele Pontecorvo

Communication and CSR Manager, Ferrarelle
EMSM (ed. 2014/2015)

"A training path to look at one's own company with new eyes, new ideas, and creating tangible value as an incentive for oneself and one's own team."


The Executive Master in Sales & Marketing is a master made of people, in which you create formal and informal opportunities for discussion, in order to facilitate the exchange of ideas and experiences among the participants. Networking is further developed between students of the same class, between participants and lecturers, as well as with students from other courses and with the School community.


Direct contact with managers and key players of important companies in their working environment represents a great opportunity for learning and networking. The company visits (one for each module) allow participants to interact with managers or entrepreneurs for an excellent experience of sales & marketing.


The Executive Master in Sales & Marketing is characterized by constant interaction between the participants and prominent figures of the commercial environment, through dialogue and narration of the particularly relevant  business experiences. These meetings have a double purpose: to create a direct contact on the basis of excellent experiences and stimulate reflection with respect to their managerial experience.

Key Speakers:

  • Alberto Fraticelli, Lotto Sport Italia
  • Mauro Gaia, Seat Pagine Gialle
  • Mario Gasbarrino, Unes
  • Federico Gavioli, Leica Biosystems
  • Massimo Ghedini, Manzoni – Gruppo Editoriale L’Espresso
  • Giulia Giacometti, GrandVision
  • Riccardo Losappio, Soilmec – Gruppo Trevi
  • Isabella Malagoli, Hera Comm
  • Stefano Malagoli, Fruitcom
  • Aurelio Maruggi, HP
  • Antonella Massari, Unicredit
  • Francesco Montanari, Datalogic
  • Massimo Monti, Alce Nero
  • Marco Sallustio, Camst
  • Giacomo Sintini, Pallavolista
  • Corrado Storchi, Landi Renzo
  • Riccardo Tura, Dorelan
  • Valeriano Ziglio, La Perla


The Executive Master in Sales & Marketing is an ideal path for developing general management skills and the capacity for leadershop, chosen by many companies as a enhancement tool for their key resources or directly by managers and entrepreneurs whom have decided to invest personally in their own future.

Amadori Chiesi Group A. Menarini BPER Brevini Power Transmission CESAB Toyota Crif Datalogic Dental Trey Diennea Giesse Group Gruppo Pagine Gialle Gruppo Hera Landi Renzo Loccioni Group Mahle A.Manzoni & C Pucci SACMI Technogym Ultradent UniCredit Vodafone Webranking

Management Committee

The Advisory Board aims to define the strategic guidelines to build the current and future teaching of the Executive Master in Sales & Marketing and maintain a coherent alignment between market, business and School.

The Advisory Board boasts professionals in management, marketing and sales at national and international level.

The Team consists of:

  • Aurelio Gisco, Ultradent
  • Patrizia Cianetti, Ducati Motor Holding
  • Michele Pontecorvo, Ferrarelle
  • Filippo Manucci, Alès Groupe (Lierac, Phyto)
  • Silvia Bassignani, Conad
  • Francesco Montanari, Datalogic
  • Alessio Arcando, 3M
  • Federico Gavioli, Medtronic

International Week


The Master has a duration of 12 months for a total of 32 classroom days divided into 16 on-campus sessions (Friday and Saturday, every two/three weeks). To be added to the 15 on-campus sessions there is 1 Warm up and 1 concluding presentation day for the project works, to which the participating company representatives and the Master community are invited.

The Master is divided into 3 modules:

  • 1 Value Analsysis 
  • 2 Value Creation
  • 3 Value Delivery and Communication



11  core courses. The program is structured to guarantee courses are performed in succession and to enable participants to immerse themselves in each and every area. The didactic program provides two additional courses, Digital Transformation and Business Sustainability, to understand market transformations.


30 weeks of distance learning. Distance  learning activities entail a weekly work-plan on the School’s e-learning platform that provides an individual learning activity overseen by a specific tutor. The platform is equipped with a Forum aimed at the real-time sharing of comments and follow-up between professors and participants;


7 Meetings with representatives from companies and government, on subjects particularly relevant for people working on sales & marketing (International Sales & Marketing; Digital Transformation; Business Sustainability;Leadership for Sales Growth; Luxury & Experience Marketing; Big Data & Business Intelligence).


Direct contact with managers and key players of important companies in their working environment represents a great opportunity for learning and networking. The company visits (one for each module) allow participants to interact with managers or entrepreneurs for an excellent experience of sales & marketing;


The Executive Master in Sales & Marketing is characterized by constant interaction between the participants and prominent figures of the commercial environment, through dialogue and narration of the particularly relevant  business experiences. These 5 meetings have a double purpose: to create a direct contact on the basis of excellent experiences and stimulate reflection with respect to their managerial experience;


The project work concludes the each module and allows contextualization of the knowledge and tools acquired. It can be developed individually or in small teams. The project is a key benefit both for the participants and the companies. The project work is the activity that characterizes the program and allows to operatively deepen the knowledge, techniques and tools acquired.


FOCUS SESSION - Big Data and Business Intelligence have become increasingly important in both academic and the business comunities over the past two decades. The course has the goal to highlight the connection between big data and business intelligence and the impact of this relation to the business model of companies, with a specific focus on digital business.



CORE COURSE - Scenarios and Industry-Distribution relationship.

Trade marketing role and objectives.

The analyses on channels-customers.

Trade marketing strategies.

The actions on the leverages.

Business Marketing: the distinctive features of the 'business-to-business' markets.

Understanding customers.

The construction and transfer of value.

FOCUS SESSION- Every year, our society uses the amount of resources that it takes planet Earth a year and a half to regenerate. This and other global, empirical evidence items bring the topic of sustainability at the center of the economic, political and social debate. Recent studies have shown the way in which a sustainability-oriented management approach adopted by certain companies leads to a medium-long term competitive advantage versus competitors, a success achieved also thanks to the ability to innovate the business model and introduce measuring tools to monitor and manage at best the value creation process. The aim of the course is to start a debate on the possible ways to introduce sustainability policies and practices for companies. In particular, by way of case-studies and traditional lectures, the course will deal with three main topics: Business sustainability and triple bottomline; Sustainability-oriented innovation; Green business models.

CORE COURSE – From the development of the brand to the management of crises, communication is part of every stage of the business strategy. Using the most recent research and features from the best current practices, the course is structured so to understand and manage internal and external communication processes. Topics that will be dealt with include the definition of messages, media planning, the relationships with the market players. Strategies and above-the-line means are compared and integrated with below-the-line initiatives.

CORE COURSE - In mature markets, characterized by a high competitive intensity, customer satisfaction, as a forerunner of loyalty and profitability, plays a central role in the construction of a successful business model. The aim of the course is to make participants aware of the main approaches and measurement tools for customer satisfaction currently utilized in advanced business contexts, as well as the related implementation procedures, highlighting the strong operational relationship existing between these methods and the marketing decision-making processes.


CORE COURSE – The course provides participants with concepts and techniques to analyse the reference market. In particular, the course delves into the customer's decision-making process, highlighting the reasons underlying the purchase decision, the development of decision-making attitudes and rules. Furthermore, the course aims at familiarizing participants with logics, methods and techniques at the basis of the development of a market research process. Marketing research provides for the development of questions that are relevant from a managerial viewpoint, for the collection and analysis of data and their interpretation. Statistical tools will be used in order to study and better understand the phenomena that are analysed and to provide a support to managers' decisions. The curse aims at fostering the acquisition of the logics and mechanisms underlying the carrying out of a rigorous marketing research with the final objective of allowing participants to become “smart” buyers and users of market research activities and marketing studies.

CORE COURSE – The module aims at providing the methodological knowledge base on the digital activities that companies adopt during the planning and selling stages. In particular: how a digital campaign is created, how the target audience is reached, how results are measured. The accent will be on search engines, social media and online reputation.

FOCUS SESSION - Nowadays change is a constant element and companies must be more aware of their non-traditional competitors and get to know their customers better and better. The course features in all three modules of the Master's and it comprises 4 tracks dealing with crucial topics for contemporary businesses: from the analysis of customer insights and big data, to omnichannel communication strategies, without forgetting about the revolution of the Internet of Things.

FOCUS SESSION – International Sales & Marketing between adaptation and standardization. How to select the international markets. Focus on BRICIS. Strategies to access international markets. Establishing a local network. Product, price, communication and branding for international markets. The research techniques to identify value for customers in BRICIS. The profile of the enterprise that takes into account customers' needs in emerging markets.

CORE COURSE – The course provides methods and tools for the on-going support to the management of strategic Customers for the company. Customer strategic analysis: customer classification based on profitability, potential and target identification indicators; the commercial action Plan: construction of short- and medium-term profitability objectives, activity planning and sales team management; the action “on the field”: the 'win win' management of negotiations with big customers; how to make the relationship last over time: tools to control and monitor service levels and customer satisfaction; the different organizational solutions to support different customers.

FOCUS SESSION - The course provides the essential tools for managing working groups and personal development. Businesses increasingly need developing a collective, widespread leadership, able to combine the need of taking decisions with the need to listen; the need of letting individuals' potential emerge with the need of mediating among different requirements. 

FOCUS SESSION - The principles and models of customer experience, the latest and current frontier for competitive advantage, allow to make customers happier and therefore loyal. The seminar introduces a structured approach for the analysis, the planning and the setting up of a successful customer experience. From the research techniques for the consumption experience, a model is discussed in order to plan a memorable experience, consistently with the choices of brand management. Afterwards, also thanks to the use of real-life cases, the processes for the creation of a success experience are introduced. Lastly, the indicators to measure the performances of the investment in customer experience are analysed.

CORE COURSE - Il processo di Marketing Management: dall’analisi del valore per il cliente alla comunicazione e delivery del valore al mercato. Analisi del valore per il cliente: i driver del valore per il cliente. La costruzione del valore per il cliente: segmentazione, targeting, positioning e definizione della value proposition. La misura del valore per il cliente e le scelte di pricing. Dalla costruzione del valore alla commutazione del valore: comunicazione above and below the line. La distribuzione del valore: go to market, sales and key account management. Il piano di marketing e le metriche di sales e marketing performance.

CORE COURSE - The Marketing Management process: from the analysis of value for the customer to communication and delivery of value to the market. Analysis of the value for the customer: the customer value drivers. The construction of value for the customer: segmentation, targeting, positioning and definition of the value proposition. The measure of value for the customer and pricing choices. From the construction of value to value commutation: above and below the line communication. The distribution of value: go to market, sales and key account management. The marketing plan and the sales and marketing performance metrics.

FOCUS SESSION - This seminar aims to provide the tools to understand how to combine in the marketing plan every single element of marketing and Sales addressed during the master.

CORE COURSE – The determination and management of the sales price between competition costs and value for customers. The customer-based price; how to measure the value perceived by the customer and define the price. From the definition to the management of price: differentiation of prices, versioning, price bundling and unbundling. How to avoid price wars: from price competition to value competition.

CORE COURSE – The reference of the module is the process of value creation and the object is to provide methodological and practical knowledge on the activities to construct and manage the brand, in its different modes, related to product and company reputation. During the course, the process to transform the product into a brand and the relationship between innovation, development, product management and brand consolidation will be discussed. The generation and development of brand equity. Brand and purchase experience. Development and launch of new products. From product portfolio management to brand extension.

CORE COURSE - Le tematiche trattate esploreranno l’universo della vendita analizzando anche le varie interessenze aziendali tra le diverse funzioni (management, marketing, strategia, finanza) in modo da chiarire al meglio qual è la reale definizione del Venditore e del contesto in cui opera. La nuova definizione poi del “Venditore challenger” scaturisce dalla necessità attuale di approcciare mercati e clienti in modo completamente diverso rispetto al passato non basandosi più solo sulla relazione ma diventando “micro manager/consulente” in grado di anticipare e soddisfare le richieste del cliente e dell’azienda. Il corso affronterà infine la gestione della rete commerciale in contesti di scarsa prevedibilità è particolarmente complessa con l'obiettivo di fornire alcuni spunti per rendere efficace ed efficiente la gestione della rete.


CORE COURSE – The themes will explore the universe of sales also analysing the various company interests among the different functions (management, marketing, strategy, finance) in order to better clarify what is the real definition of Seller and the context they operate in. Then the new definition of the “Challenger Seller” derives from the present need to approach markets and customers in a completely different way compared to the past, no longer simply relying on the relationship but becoming “micro manager/consultant” able to act before and meet customers' and company's requests.

Learning method

The study methodology of the Master alternates classroom learning with distance learning activities on the School’s e-learning platform, which is constantly monitored by a specific tutor.

The distance learning activities entail a weekly work-plan on the School’s e-learning platform that provides an individual learning activity overseen by the specific tutor. The platform is equipped with a Forum aimed at the real time sharing of comments and follow-up between professors and participants.

Courses allow participants to study a single subject area, ensuring an effective path to progress.
The Master is held in two different locations: a physical one at Villa Guastavillani, home to the Bologna Business School in Bologna, and a virtual one, i.e. the e-learning platform. The professor holds an introductory class, evaluates the competency level of participants on a specific topic, and informs them about how to use the material they will find on the platform and the objectives of the course. During the following weeks the participants continue the course on the platform. Therefore, the learning path is linear, constantly monitored by the course tutor, who is always available for clarifications and follow-up. 8 hours of study per week are expected. Each Module concludes with a final test to evaluate the level of learning each candidate has achieved.








The enrolment fee for the Master’s course is: 16.200 euros (+VAT) for enrolments from companies and institutions 

13.200 euros (+VAT) for individual enrolments 

Early bird reduced fees are available until May 31, 2018. For further information:

Reduced rates are available for applicants enrolling as private individuals as well as for companies that are members of the School’s Business Network.

  • The tuition fee includes:
  • Free access to the gym
  • BBS Community events
  • Computer lab
  • Wi-fi access
  • Access to corporate budget databases


Thanks to the agreement between Bologna Business School and Intesa Sanpaolo, participants are eligible to apply for “PerTe Prestito Con Lode”,  a long-term and low-interest honor loan. Main characteristics:

  • Loan amount equal to the enrollment fee
  • Reduced interest rate
  • No collateral required
  • Repayable in 10 years
  • Without early closing fees


Special terms are available thanks to Interprofessional Funds:

Fondimpresa funds training activities aiming at supporting product and/or process technological innovation for SME’s in the manufacturing industry. Click here for further information.


The Master is intended for managers with at least three years of working experience. Potential candidates have experience in companies who aspire to or operate in international markets or who wish to reinforce their commercial  and sales networks. The Master is also open to freelance professionals and those with or without a degree (in the latter case at least 5 years of professional experience is required).



The selection process is done by analyzing the Curriculum Vitae and by individual interviews, done in order to identify the professional profile of the candidate and its coherency with participation in the master. In order to access the selections of the Master it is necessary to fill out and send the Presentation Form to Candidates will be contacted for making an appointment for the selection interview with the Directors of the Master.


The majority of participants have degrees. A quota of applicants who do not hold a three year degree and with a minimum 5 years of professional experience can be admitted
The selection interview is necessary but not binding. If necessary, a second meeting can be held to provide further clarification.
The program manager can provide attendance certificates at the end of each lesson to those who require it.


Elisa Lorenzi
Elisa LorenziHead of Executive Masters

Phone: +39 051 2090112


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