Barbara Lorenzini, Economics, Marketing and Statisctics | BBS


Italy Consultant and Adjunct Professor of Economics, Marketing and Statisctics University of Bologna Adjunct
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Barbara Lorenzini is a Consultant and Adjunct Professor at the University of Bologna. She is a researcher and consultant on the subject of sports and territorial marketing in the sector of large-scale distribution.
Graduated in Business Economics at the same university, she then achieved a Master in Communication and Marketing at Publitalia.



Participants in the program will actively work on business development concepts during a project that does not just entail the practical application of theoretical issues but a “learning by doing” project, during which they will discuss, analyze and work with a hands-on approach. Participants in the project will be led by a manager in order to develop a challenging real-life, long-term project of business redefinition, launch and development, where not only the analysis is important but also planning for the implementation stage.

Design, Fashion and Luxury Goods

CORE COURSE – The reference of the module is the process of value creation and the object is to provide methodological and practical knowledge on the activities to construct and manage the brand, in its different modes, related to product and company reputation. During the course, the process to transform the product into a brand and the relationship between innovation, development, product management and brand consolidation will be discussed. The generation and development of brand equity. Brand and purchase experience. Development and launch of new products. From product portfolio management to brand extension.

From the business model to the operational marketing plan. The fundamental conceptual and quantitative tools necessary for understanding, analyzing and constructing the relationship a company establishes with its market of interest: the centrality of the client, studying acquired behavior, the processes of segmentation and positioning, the development of new products and the spread of innovation, pricing decisions, distribution and communication.

Digital Marketing and Communication
Business Management / Made in Italy
Business Management – Food & Wine
Business Management – Retail Management and E-Commerce
Business Management / Asian Markets
Business Management – Green Management and Sustainable Businesses
Business Management / Tourism, Heritage and Events
Business Management – Life Science and MedTech

The course focuses on the value creation process and it aims at providing methodological and practical knowledge on brand building and management activities, in its different types of relationship with the product and the company’s reputation. During the course the process of transforming the product into a brand and the relationship between innovation, development, product management and brand consolidation will be analyzed. The brand equity generation and the development of the purchasing experience will also be addressees, as well as the development and launch of new products. In parallel, the course will deal with service topics in B2B and B2C environments.

Sales and Marketing