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Partner at BDO Advisory Services, Valeria has been working on sustainability for almost thirty years. Her professional background includes a Master in ‘Rational Choice and Business Ethics’ achieved at the Olsson Center for Applied Ethics of Virginia University (USA) under the tutorship of Professor Edward R. Freeman – and a Bachelor degree in ‘International Economic Sciences’ at Milan University. Author of more than 30 papers and publications dealing with Sustainability Reporting and Rating, Stakeholder Engagement and Supply Chain Management, since 2011 Valeria has coordinated the ‘Business Sustainability’ module within the Executive and Global MBAs at BBS (Bologna Business School). Starting from November 2019 Valeria has been appointed member of the Steering Committee of the Forum for the Sustainable Development established by the Ministry of Ecological Transition as an expert of Circular Economy and ESG strategist at country level.


More and more people maintain that it is society’s needs, not just economic ones, which drive markets. The goal of this course is to transfer the concept that a company managed in a sustainable manner, i.e. that integrates elements of a social and environmental nature in the management of the business, will be more effective in the long run in creating value for itself and its surrounding context.

MBA Weekend

Every year, our society uses the amount of resources that it takes planet Earth a year and a half to regenerate. This and other global, empirical evidence items bring the topic of sustainability at the center of the economic, political and social debate. Recent studies have shown the way in which a sustainability-oriented management approach adopted by certain companies leads to a medium-long term competitive advantage versus competitors, a success achieved also thanks to the ability to innovate the business model and introduce measuring tools to monitor and manage at best the value creation process. The aim of the course is to start a debate on the possible ways to introduce sustainability policies and practices for companies. In particular, by way of case-studies and traditional lectures, the course will deal with three main topics: Business sustainability and triple bottomline; Sustainability-oriented innovation; Green business models.

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