Italy Sustainability Product Development Manager DNV Business Assurance Italia Adjunct
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Valeria Fazio is Sustainability Product Development Manager for DNV GL Business Assurance.
Since 1995 she has worked in the area of strategic consultancy, with the role of Project Manager for the design and implementation of Accountability and Corporate Responsibility strategies with companies from the Banking/Insurance sectors, Utilities, Industrial Services and Public Agencies.
Author of more than 30 Papers and Publications dealing with Sustainability Reporting and Rating, Stakeholder Engagement, Accountability and Corporate Responsibility, she has worked with some of the leading organisations active on Sustainability worldwide: AccountAbility, the think tank and advisory services firm, focusing on mainstreaming sustainability into organisational thinking and practices and the Olsson Center for Applied Ethics (University of Virginia, USA), an international leader in the field of business ethics, serving as a critical resource for executives who are faced with the challenges of integrating ethical thinking into business decision-making.


More and more people maintain that it is society’s needs, not just economic ones, which drive markets. The goal of this course is to transfer the concept that a company managed in a sustainable manner, i.e. that integrates elements of a social and environmental nature in the management of the business, will be more effective in the long run in creating value for itself and its surrounding context.

MBA Part-Time (Weekend)