De Rose

De Rose
Italy Category Manager Coop Italia Adjunct Faculty
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Director Open Program Trade Marketing and Sales Management, teaching Category Management as well as Trade and Business Marketing at Bologna Business School. Previously Adjunct Professor of Trade Marketing and Business to Business Marketing at the faculty of Economics, University of Bologna. Private Label Brand Manager at Coop Italia. Experienced Category Manager and Purchasing Manager (Coop Italia). Negotiating Team Leader at Centrale Italiana. Previous experience in managing collaborating projects between manufacturers and retailers and marketing research. Fields of interest: Private Label, Category Management and Negotiation. Economics and Commerce Degree, University of Bologna.


Scenarios and Industry-Distribution relationship.

Trade marketing role and objectives.

The analyses on channels-customers.

Trade marketing strategies.

The actions on the leverages.

Business Marketing: the distinctive features of the ‘business-to-business’ markets.

Understanding customers.

The construction and transfer of value.

Sales and Marketing

The relationship between industry and distribution. Marketing policies and distribution of category management approach. The contents of the model and the evolution towards the shopper marketing. Category analysis: tools and models for decision support. The strategic choices and portfolio management categories. Marketing mix categories: the making of assortment, the levers of convenience, the size of the service and the enhancement of the business proposal in the store. Areas of collaboration and the role of industry.

Gestione d’Impresa – Retail Management and E-Commerce

The art of negotiation is now a prerequisite in any business setting. The course prepares to become highly effective negotiators, and is designed for those who want to get better results from their negotiations with clients, suppliers, and colleagues, and provides participants with new tools to enhance their negotiation skills.

Sales and Marketing