International Executive MBA

The International Executive MBA is aimed at managers, professionals and consultants who want to guide companies in the process of digital transformation and international growth, aware that these challenges will determine their competitive advantage in the near future. The Master brings digital innovation to the center of business decisions and the creation of value for brands, services and consumers, developing a holistic approach to knowledge, setting digital skills free from exclusively technical and specialist discussion tables and instead relating them to the entire organization.
This systemic vision, supported by the wide knowledge base of the University of Bologna and by the direct contact with the companies of Italian excellence, translates into the ability to plan and govern digital transformation in all its processes: from strategy to  big data analysis and performance, from service design to organization management.

Attending the International Executive MBA means carving out a leading role towards changing  within companies. Those who live this experience are ready to tackle a challenge with themselves, and become  interlocutors able to influence decisions at the top of international realities. The program, in English, is divided into 39 residential of 3 days each (Thursday, Friday and Saturday, once a month) to meet the working needs of the participants. The lessons on the core themes of the Master are alternated with Hackathons, days designed to work in groups on specific topics dealt with during classes, Focus Session, to tackle cross-cutting themes of the digital business world and the International Week @ Silicon Valley, CA.

The future business route will be tracked by professionals able to accelerate the process of changing: book an interview with the Director of the Master to become part of it.

THE MASTER IS AN INVESTMENT. THE HONOR LOAN IS THE WAY TO FINANCE IT. “PerTe Prestito Con Lode” with no collateral required, at a reduced interest rate allows to cover up to the entire registration fee.

Riccardo Silvi

Riccardo Silvi

Academic Director

Riccardo Silvi

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Executive Director

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    The Master is aimed at:

    - managers, professionals and graduate consultants with more than 3 years of professional experience who want to boost their careers in the field of digital transformation, focusing on all aspects, from strategy to big data and performance analysis, from service design to management of the organization.

    - managers, professionals and non-graduate consultants, required to have at least 5 years of professional experience, who have a strong interest in enhancing their careers in the field of digital transformation, focusing on all its aspects, from the strategy to big data and performance analysis, from service design to organization management.

    The average expected professional experience is of 7-8 years, the average age is of 35 years.


The international Executive MBA is a master’s degree made up of people, in which formal and informal exchange opportunities are created to facilitate the circulation of ideas and experiences among all the participants. Networking is developed between students of the same class, between the participants and the professors, as well as with students of other programmes and with the School community. The program is characterized by an interdisciplinary approach that combines different teaching methods and application activities, useful for creating a network between participants and companies: HACKATHON AND FOCUS SESSION. At the end of each module there are two different application activities lasting one day:

  • Hackathon – A stimulating and exciting one-day competition in which the participants, divided into teams, will compete on specific business cases. The Hackathons  will take place at  partner companies’  headquarters or at Bologna Business School.
  • Focus Session – Specific Sessions with managers and professionals on cross-cutting themes related to the digital business world.


The International EMBA brings digital innovation to the center of business decisions and value creation for brands, services and consumers by developing a holistic approach to knowledge, which frees up digital skills from exclusively technical and specialist discussion tables and instead connects them with the whole organization.

International Week


The International Executive MBA is a part-time program compatible with the working  activity divided into 12 residentials of 3 days each (Thursday, Friday and Saturday, once a month) to which is added an initial Hackaton Residential and a final one, for the preparation of the Project Work, in addition to a day dedicated to the presentation and discussion of the final Project Work. The educational program is organized in 3 modules: • MODULE 1: BUSINESS FUNDAMENTAL • MODULE 2: DIGITAL ENABLER • MODULE 3: DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION Each module includes courses, focus sessions, meetings with managers and professionals of the digital business world and preparation meetings aimed at developing the project work. The contents are structured to guarantee the succession of activities and to allow participants to deepen each individual area from time to time. CORE COURSES 12 core courses on specific topics and characterizing the module that develop over the three days that make up each residential; FOCUS SESSION 11 one-afternoon focus sessions at the end of each module on cross-cutting themes related to the digital business world; DISTANCE LEARNING 45 weeks of distance learning during which the participants will have to re-elaborate the contents dealt with during each residential and, with the support and indications of the tutors, create a paper on each of the main topics dealt with during classes of core courses; HACKATHONS 3 hackathons of a day during which the participants, divided into groups, work on specific business issues and critical issues. Each group receives an evaluation based on the work done and this result contributes to the final evaluation of the participant. COMPANY DIGITAL BUSINESS ANALYSIS At the end of module 1, the participants, divided into groups, will start the digital business analysis assigned to the company developing it during the training course (digital business innovation and digital business generation) and present it at the end of module 2. This analysis will be  object of evaluation and discussion, as well as being preparatory to the third phase  represented by the final Project Work; PROJECT WORK The project work concludes the training program and consists in the realization of a final project which starts from the analyzes carried out and developed during the previous modules.


The course covers the strategic framework within which managers take decisions and turn their knowledge and capabilities into actions. We explore the essential concepts and tools of strategy and explain the positioning of companies in a variety of settings. You develop the skills needed to perform competitor analysis and understand how strategy formulation, deployment and effective execution relate to competitive advantage.

In this module, students will be exposed to the principles and tools of design thinking applied to business models, using these tools in a guided path, with the following target:

Understand the meaning of "Customer Centricity" and the approach to designing digital services and business models

Analyze the needs of consumers and define new services that best satisfy them

Know and apply tools for the design of all the elements of the business model

Evaluate the business potential of an innovative idea

Create a "pitch deck" of the new business idea

Understanding the difficulties related to the implementation of innovative business models ("The Innovator's dilemma") within a 'traditional' company, and strategies that have proved useful in overcoming them.

The digital age has brought with it the proliferation of channels and technologies which in turn have radically changed the context in which marketers find themselves operating. It is therefore necessary to update the way in which marketing is understood and thought up to the digital age.

The course illustrates the new skills and marketing skills to be introduced: data and analytics, customer experience, content, omni-channels and personalization.

The Finance course enable executives to use financial tools to make better decisions. The teaching method combines class lectures and discussions to case studies and spreadsheet modelling to get a deeply and insightful understanding of topics in corporate finance. These topics include, but are not limited to, capital budgeting, project and company valuation and the optimal financing decisions. 

Enterprises are designing new paths to deploy digital trasformation.

The course - guided by GELLIFY - will offer a journey to discover the key mechanisms of emerging technologies: artificial intelligence, IoT, advanced robotics, blockchain, cybersecurity…

Distinctive elements of the program are the dialogue with sector experts – from startups and big techs - and the interactive workshops – through GELLIFY proprietary method and tools.

The course will take place at GELLIFY HUB, where advanced technologies are applied on innovative use cases, to make participants touch their potential.

The challenge of innovation passes f through people. To create business innovation we need conscious leaders, able to facilitate the work of heterogeneous teams and get the most out of people both in terms of problem finding and change making. In the course, starting from what the neurosciences have taught us about how people "work", we are going to decline an innovative way of people management that can help us, even at cross-cultural level, to improve the drivers of performance. 

The construction of the market position requires, first of all, the knowledge and the accurate management of the perception of the value for the customer. This implies understanding the logic that governs the purchasing and development processes of the reference markets. Starting from the examination of these aspects, the course explores the processes related to the articulation of strategic marketing plans and their implementation in different sectorial and environmental contexts.

Operations & Supply Chain module, starting from a general introduction to the topic (basic terminology, concepts, methodologies and quantitative tools), will give to students the necessary skillset to understand which will be the principal evolutions of the field in the next years, so to be able to anticipate, face and benefit from those transformational changes.

The course will also include a strong contamination from real world, in terms of advanced technologies (provided both from corporates and startups), new business models and real cases of innovation in the field.

Learning method

The Master’s study methodology alternates between classroom learning and remote practical activities on the School’s e-learning platform, constantly monitored by dedicated tutors. DISTANCE LEARNING The distance study activity, a weekly work plan on the e-learning platform of the School, represents a moment of individual study supervised by the reference tutor. The platform is equipped with a forum for sharing real-time reflections and insights between professors, tutors and participants.








The registration fee for the Master’s course on a company basis is 32,000 Euro + VAT. Reduced fees are available: – for individual registration; – for Business Network companies; – for the BBS and Profingest alumni. The registration fee includes: • Free entry to the indoor gym • Events of the BBS Community • Computer lab • Wireless network • Access of company balance sheets’ database


Thanks to an agreement between Bologna Business School and Intesa Sanpaolo, the participants will be able to access the “PerTe Prestito Con Lode” loan at a reduced rate to cover the registration fee. Main characteristics: • Amount equal to the participation fee • Discounted rate • No collateral required • Repayable in 10 years • No early closing fees


The International Executive MBA aims to develop talented managers and professionals able to manage businesses by helping them in the process of digital transformation taking place nowadays. The Master is open to graduates people with more than 3 years of professional experience and to non-graduates people, who are however required to have at least 5 years of professional experience.


The selection process takes place through the analysis of the Curriculum Vitae and an individual interview, aimed at identifying the candidate’s professional profile and consistency with his / her participation in the master’s program. To apply, you must send your Curriculum Vitae to Candidates are then contacted to arrange the selection interview with the Directors of the Master.


The selection process is rolling and it ends with the expiring of enrollment.
The majority of participants have degrees. A quota of applicants who do not hold a three year degree and with a minimum 5 years of professional experience can be admitted
If you do not live in Italy then you can participate via Skype. You will be contacted several days before the selection date to inform you of your time slot for the test and individual interview. At this point you can send us your Skype ID so that we can add you to the account that will be used for the interviews.
The selection interview is necessary but not binding. If necessary, a second meeting can be held to provide further clarification.
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