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ITALY Professor Vienna University of Economics and Business Adjunct
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Mechanical engineer, Ph.D. in Management at IESE Business School. He is currently Assistant Professor at the Strategic Management and Innovation department of Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU) and visiting researcher at EPFL (Lausanne), where he works on Model Innovation.


WORKSHOP – While innovating is at the core of the development of any type of organization, the process of innovation is particularly delicate in cooperative business, as it has important social objectives at the center of its agenda. The innovation workshop provides managers with fundamentals and methodologies for innovation process management while at the same time developing a solid competitive and financial foundation and reaching important social objectives.


INSPIRATIONAL AND MOTIVATIONAL SESSIONS – Being able to innovate one’s Business Model represents for the company a new frontier of competitive advantage, the effects of which can come to redefine the dynamics of entire industrial sectors. The Business Model describes the logic that an organization uses to capture, create and distribute value of various kinds (economic, environmental, social). The analytical tools of the Business Model offer a new perspective of business analysis, structure the cognitive effort and guide the identification of new opportunities.

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