Antonio Roberto Ramos

Brazil Full Professor of Strategy Coppead Graduate School of Business Visiting Faculty
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Roberto Nogueira is Grupo Globo Full Professor of Strategy at COPPEAD Graduate School of Business, The Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, where he is also executive director of the Strategy and Innovation Research Center. He joined COPPEAD in 1984 and since that teaches at the MSc, PhD and Executive Education courses. Nogueira taught at the Global Partners MBA program, a full-time international MBA in partnership with the Georgia State University and IAE/Sorbonne. He helps develop and also taught at the Harvard Business School course Building Ventures in Latin America.
He was visiting professor at Alma Business School (Italy), University of Bologna (Italy), Keio Business School (Japan), Stellenbosch (South Africa) and also taught at the University of San Diego (USA), San Jose State University (USA) and Audencia (France). He is co-founder of the Executive MBA Consortium for Global Business Innovation, encompassing Business Schools from five continents – Alma Business School (Italy), Cranfield (UK), Coppead (Brazil), ESAN (Peru), FIU (USA), Keio Business School (Japan), Kozminski (Poland), MIR (Russia), Munich Business School (Germany), San Jose State (Silicon Valley – USA) and Stellenbosch (South Africa) promoting the exchange of Executive MBA students. Nogueira wrote two books and has published dozens of scholarly articles on such topics as Corporate Strategy, Business Ecosystems, Innovation and Emerging Technologies and Business Reconfiguration, analyzing sectors such as Health, Energy, Education, Media and Entertainment and Space.
He holds a D.Sc. in Business Administration from the University of São Paulo, a M.Sc. from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and B.Sc. in Economics and Information Systems from the Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro, as well as a CPCL and BVLA from Harvard Business School and EP from Singularity University.
Aside teaching, researching and consulting, he holds commercial licenses for helicopters, airplanes and gliders and is also a Master Scuba diver.


The objective of this course is to provide BBS students a comprehensive introduction to strategy in today’s networked economy.

The course will cover three major topics:

  1. Classic Industry Based Strategy and Business Ecosystems Based Strategy – the former industry focused strategy and its evolution into the broader view of business ecosystems consisting of several industries;
  2. Emerging technologies – coming from fields as different as biotech, nanotech, robotics, artificial intelligence, they have the potential to change current industry boundaries and disrupt business models and leading firms;
  3. Scenario planning – preparing companies to deal with major uncertainties and different futures.
Design, Fashion and Luxury Goods
Food and Wine
Supercars, Superbikes and Motorsports
AI and Manufacturing
Green Energy and Sustainable Businesses

The course covers the strategic framework within which managers take decisions and turn their knowledge and capabilities into actions. We explore the essential concepts and tools of strategy and explain the positioning of companies in a variety of settings. You develop the skills needed to perform competitor analysis and understand how strategy formulation, deployment and effective execution relate to competitive advantage.

Hybrid MBA English edition

Digital technologies are reshaping companies and industries. This dramatic change is forcing firms to adapt to and embrace this change. This course will help you staying ahead of this radical transformation by providing you with a more clear understanding of this new landscape and the strategic choices and tradeoffs it presents.

Business Analytics and Data Science

Discover the pivotal course, Innovation Management & Technology Outlook, where the participant will delve into the intricate interplay between innovation strategies and emerging technologies. Gain invaluable insights to navigate the ever-evolving tech landscape and lead transformative initiatives within a manager own organization.

International Executive MBA