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In BBS, he serves as Program Director, Achieving Results (BBS open program), Negotiation skills workshop Teacher at EMBA, Former Scientific Director, EMBA from 2nd to 6th edition. His current responsibilities include Managing Partner, Netplan Management Consulting, LLC, implementing radical corporate changes, restructuring and repositioning large organizations, Professor of Negotiating skills and Generating Consensus, Giurista d’Impresa, Universita’ degli Studi di Salerno and Chairman, Edera Impresa Sociale (not-for-profit civil engineering R&D).

I am currently Member of the Board of Directors of: Falck Renewables (stock listed independent power producer), Neodecortech (stock listed decor paper manufacturer), MAPs Group (stock listed big-data management). Chemical engineer by training, his past positions include CEO of Enel Green Power (World largest renewable energy producer), of energy, contracting and automotive companies in Italy, Spain, California, Oregon and Bavaria. He held senior executive positions at General Electric, Bain&Co and KTI, where Paolo initiated his professional career in the R&D division in California, in 1981. Served in the Boards of Directors of Pirelli, Ryanair, Camco, Iren, SMRE, Ducati Motor (all stock listed), Trinergy and ENI Acqua. Dual citizen of the USA and Italy, he lived and paid income taxes in 6 Countries. In his function as CEO of Enel Green Power, he received the Platts/Business Week 2002 Global Energy Award for the Renewables Company of the Year.


INSPIRATIONAL AND MOTIVATIONAL SESSIONS – In a company the number of people who take on responsibilities and make decisions is far greater than its organigram depicts. An accurate understanding of decision-making mechanisms and the development of the ability to enforce the principles of the company are a key part of pursuing business objectives. Through individual and group exercises, the course makes participants more aware of their skills for negotiating with counterparts so that they can more effectively pursue their objectives. The latter are consistent with the mission of the company, based on shared values.

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