Philip Kotler

The marketing management guru meets BBS

October 5th, 2017 – Bologna Business School – Villa Guastavillani, Via degli Scalini 18 – Bologna

On the occasion of his visit to Italy, Philip Kotler, the creator of modern marketing, reveals how to address emerging issues in marketing management in a new era driven by digital transformation and a new vision of business sustainability.

Hypercompetition and digital transformation have revolutionized the way companies have to think about their business.The competition is no longer with companies in the same industry but with all those competitors who can attract the customer through new digital offers.

Philip Kotler is the scholar who has contributed the most to the development and diffusion of marketing as an integral part of economic dynamics. His profound analysis of the changes in society, the new macroeconomic system, and new business strategies and techniques has reached its climax in a new marketing concept.




2.15pm-5.30pm Master Lecture: Philip Kotler on Marketing

An opportunity for a direct confrontation with one of the world’s largest marketing experts, to discuss the past, present and future of marketing management in new evolutionary scenarios.

6.00pm-7.15pm Innovation Talks: Emerging Issues in Marketing Management

The event, dedicated to the members of BBS Community, will address the issue of market evolution in a context driven by digitialization and a growing need for sustainability, giving the opportunity to meet one of the world’s leading experts of marketing management. The event will be held at Salone di Palazzo De’ Toschi, Banca di Bologna, Piazza Minghetti 4/D, Bologna.


Both events will be held in English language

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