Innovation Talks. Patrizio Bianchi

The first speech for the Fall Edition of the Innovation Talks 2019 is dedicated to the Big Data and Artificial Intelligence fields. The speech will be held by Patrizio Bianchi, Councilor for University and Research of the Emilia Romagna region. The Emilia Romagna region will include in its technical valley important research infrastructures and the Big Data for Human Development Foundation thanks to a decree issued this summer. It conveys regional, national and international scientific institutions and enterprises to attract young professionals and public and private investments on new technologies.

Patrizio Bianchi stated that: “Managing personal Data strictly linked to people’s lives, creating customized solutions to protect personal health Data, managing traffic, understanding weather forecasts and their effects on our territory: All of these is science for people. We are talking about complex structures essential to improve an easier lifestyle for everyone”.

To understand how does it work and how public institutions are supporting this transformation, Patrizio Bianchi will present his speech entitled “Digital Infrastructures in the new economy: the making of the Emilia Romagna Data Valley”

Patrizio Bianchi has been a full professor of Applied Economics since 1989 and Dean of the University of Ferrara until 2010. He is an expert in Economics, he has worked for Italian and international institutions and he has published more than 30 books and 200 scientific articles.

His Innovation Talk entitled “Digital Infrastructures in the new economy: the making of the Emilia Romagna Data Valley”, will be held on Monday 4th November at 6 pm at Bologna Business School.

The event, dedicated to BBS Community, will be held in Italian and English with simultaneous translation.

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