Student Council

Since its origins, Bologna Business School has been following the tradition of involving students in the school’s decisions. The Student Council is the body that comprises the representatives of every current class. It carries out the important function of contributing to the School’s development, enhancing it with participants’ perspectives. It includes two representatives for every class, and it is led by two co-presidents; all its members are chosen to represent in the most possible inclusive way the reality within the Master’s courses at BBS. It plays a fundamental role in putting in contact not only the students with the School’s Governance, but also students among themselves, fostering interactions and exchanges outside each individual path.


The Student Council is chaired by 2 Co-Presidents elected within the Council through free elections, in order to ensure the presence of:

  • a student from the full-time master’s courses and a participant in the executive programs;
  • an Italian and one international representative;
  • a man and a woman.

The body currently comprises 28 members, with representatives of all running programs.


The Student Council’s activities are the junction between BBS’ Governance and the students, and specifically they are as follows:

  • Identifying relevant needs for the students’ community and suggesting solutions to deal with them.
  • Submitting to the school proposals to improve the learning and networking experience.
  • Promoting activities in which students can support each other.
  • Through the Co-Presidents, illustrating their point of view to the Board of Directors and the Supervisory Board, once a year.

Currently, the Student Council is led by the co-presidents Ana Marinovic, participant in the Global MBA in Design, Fashion and Luxury Goods, and Massimo Accoroni, participant in the Hybrid MBA English edition.


  1. Marina Ballestrazzi, Pietro Conte – Executive MBA
  2. Filippo Belcecchi, Abd Kaoutar – Executive MBA English edition
  3. Daniele Giordano, Lara Stefanelli – Hybrid MBA – I intake
  4. Angela Camprini, Carlo Caviglione – Hybrid MBA – II intake
  5. Massimo Accoroni, Silvia Serrani – Hybrid MBA English edition
  6. Elisa Miglianti, Simone Stevani – MBA Serale – I intake
  7. Sara Gnudi, Corrado Rapezzi – MBA Serale – II intake
  8. Simone Fontanili, Luisa Parisotto – MBA Weekend – I intake
  9. Ivan Brancaccio, Carlotta Gruppioni – MBA Weekend – II intake
  10. Francesca Azzolini, Antonio Buzzelli – Executive Master in Business Analytics and Data Science
  11. Davide Di Claudio – Executive Master in Business Innovation Design
  12. Andrea Vaccari – Executive Master in Entrepreneurship
  13. Giulia Ferraresi, Lorenzo Pugnaghi – Executive Master in Public Management & Innovation
  14. Nicola Gallazzi, Beatrice Parisini – Executive Master in Sales and Marketing
  15. Claudia Cosenza, Marco De Luca – Executive Master in Supply Chain and Operations
  16. Martin De Bonis – Executive Master in Sustainability & Business Innovation
  17. Federica Fantetti, Alessandro Quartieri – Executive Master in Technology and Innovation Management
  18. Ana Marinovic, Riccardo Saretta – Global MBA
  19. Pasquale De Gaetano – Professional Master in Master in Business Management – Group 1
  20. Alessandra Di Pasquale – Professional Master in Master in Business Management – Group 2
  21. Nefeli Vourou Master in – Professional Master in Business Management (EN)
  22. Enrique Alfonso Marenco Vega, Alexandra Elsa Sarmiento Cabrejos – Professional Master in Data Science and Business Analytics
  23. Kariem Bassiem, Martina Saccone – Professional Master in Digital Marketing and Communication
  24. Stephen Kalman, Gerardo Martinez Cruz – Professional Master in Digital Technology and Innovation Management
  25. Oliver McCallan, Letizia Pirisino – Professional Master in Finance and Fintech
  26. Giulia Di Francesco – Professional Master in Finace, Control and Auditing
  27. Maria Jose Costa Noguera, Federico Naidi – Professional Master in Human Resources & Organization
  28. Sopiko Khachirashvili, Brenno Martinelli – Professional Master in Marketing Management – Data Marketing and Analytics