Student Council

Since its origins, Bologna Business School has been following the tradition of involving students in the school’s decisions. The Student Council is the body that comprises the representatives of every current class. It carries out the important function of contributing to the School’s development, enhancing it with participants’ perspectives. It includes two representatives for every class, and it is led by two co-presidents; all its members are chosen to represent in the most possible inclusive way the reality within the Master’s courses at BBS. It plays a fundamental role in putting in contact not only the students with the School’s Governance, but also students among themselves, fostering interactions and exchanges outside each individual path.


The Student Council is chaired by 2 Co-Presidents elected within the Council through free elections, in order to ensure the presence of:

  • a student from the full-time master’s courses and a participant in the executive programs;
  • an Italian and one international representative;
  • a man and a woman.

The body currently comprises 28 members, with representatives of all running programs.


The Student Council’s activities are the junction between BBS’ Governance and the students, and specifically they are as follows:

  • Identifying relevant needs for the students’ community and suggesting solutions to deal with them.
  • Submitting to the school proposals to improve the learning and networking experience.
  • Promoting activities in which students can support each other.
  • Through the Co-Presidents, illustrating their point of view to the Board of Directors and the Supervisory Board, once a year.

Currently, the Student Council is led by the co-presidents Daria Glebova, participant in the Professional Master in Digital Marketing and Communication, and Matteo Recanatesi, participant in the Executive MBA.


  1. Gioia Grandi, Matteo Recanatesi – Executive MBA
  2. Giulia Corrado, Daniele Toller – Executive MBA English edition
  3. Edoardo Idà, Alessandra Toselli – Hybrid MBA – II intake
  4. Mattia Guidi, Maria Stoeva – Hybrid MBA English edition
  5. Claudio Montanari, Camilla Vincenzi – MBA Serale – II intake
  6. Timur Nasr, Vittoria Paterno – MBA Weekend – I intake
  7. Nicola Jacquemod, Alessia Paliaga – MBA Weekend – II intake
  8. Irene Buso, Francesco Simone – Executive Master in Sales and Marketing
  9. Ernesto Mattia, Greta Collovati – Executive Master in Supply Chain and Operations
  10. Alice Confalone, Massimiliano Tugnolo – Executive Master in Sustainability & Business Innovation
  11. Giulia Manzini, Igor Cyrino De Oliveira – Executive Master in Sustainability Transition Management
  12. Alberto Berselli, Ellen Ciprian De Almeida – Executive Master in Technology and Innovation Management
  13. Manuel Orlando Choconta Villamizar, Abhipsa Sarangi – Global MBA
  14. Luciana Maselli, Gino Andres Valentini – Artificial Intelligence and Innovation Management
  15. Alberto Carraretto, Professional Master in Business Management – Made in Italy
  16. Alessandra Spadaro – Professional Master in Business Management – Tourism, Heritage and Events
  17. Sophie Sas, Nicola Simone– Professional Master in Data Science and Business Analytics
  18. Silvio Casella, Daria Glebova – Professional Master in Digital Marketing and Communication
  19. Malte Muller, Alessandro Taverniti – Professional Master in Finance and Fintech
  20. Davide Tabellini – Professional Master in Finanza, Controllo e Auditing
  21. Carlotta Santini – Professional Master in Master in Gestione d’Impresa – Made in Italy
  22. Luca Di Tavi – Professional Master in Master in Gestione d’Impresa – Retail Management & E-Commerce
  23. Dafna Lehmann, Bernardo Paneral – Professional Master in Human Resources & Organization
  24. Jacopo Carretta, Andrea Osorio Figueroa – Professional Master in Marketing Management
  25. Cristina Cervino, Antonio Turi – Master in Public Management and Innovation
  26. Pedro Timoteo Oliveri, Harika Yagmur Szelest – Master in Sustainability Transition Management