Assitant Professor of Business Economics University of Bologna Core Faculty
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Franco Visani is Assitant Professor of Business Economics at the Faculty of Economics in Forlì, University of Bologna, Department of Management. He is registered with the Italian Academy of Business Administration - Youth (AIDEA-Youth) and the European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management (EIASM). He conducts research and consultancy on issues related to Management Control, Cost Management and Lean Accounting. He holds a degree in Economics and Commerce from the University of Bologna, he received his PhD in Business Economics from the University of Pisa. He has been a visiting researcher at the Lean Enterprise Centre at Cardiff Business School.


CORE COURSE - The use of economic and financial information to manage competitive advantage. Models for the analysis of economic and financial performance. Parameters for the valuation of the profitability of a company. Financial sustainability for the tax performance of a company. Strategic sustainability of a company’s performance. Economic and financial benchmarking. Budget analysis for the management of vendor client relations. Strategic control systems and performance monitoring (Balanced Scorecard). Simulation techniques for economic and financial performance. Performance management.