Italy Full Professor of Marketing University of Bologna Core Faculty
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Elisa Montaguti is a Full Professor of marketing at the University of Bologna (Italy). Formerly at Warwick Business School and Insead, she received her Ph.D. in Marketing from the London Business (UK). Her research focuses specifically on the subject of new product development and high-tech product marketing. Her current research focuses on channel choice models, multi-channel customer profitability, social influence and entry strategies for new products. Elisa’s research has appeared in various marketing journals including Marketing Science, Journal of Marketing , International Journal of Research in Marketing, Marketing Lettere, Advances in International Marketing, and Mastering Marketing Financial Times series.


The new priorities of marketing management: the marketing metrics and dashboard indicators of marketing.  From the value for the customer to the value of the customer: customer value, satisfaction, loyalty and customer equity. Analysis, measurement and management. Customer Relationship Management: acting on acquisition, retention and development. Big Data and Customer Insight Management. Customer insights and Big Data for improving marketing decisions and management. Marketing Modeling and Marketing Analytics.

The course focuses on the main concepts of marketing management, analyzing both strategic marketing and mixed marketing activities. Specific topics covered are consumer behavior, the buying process, segmentation, product positioning, relationship marketing, branding at national and global levels, mixed marketing activities and investments such as pricing, advertising, and channel management. Participants will be able to plan a marketing strategy for an existing or new product and take it to the mixed marketing stage.