De Rose

De Rose
Italy Category Manager Coop Italia Adjunct
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Francesco De Rose is Category Manager in Coop Italia. He is head of the main office for Purchases in the pastry sector (main purchase office composed by Coop, Despar, Sigma and Gigante). He is director of the Trade Marketing and Sales Management program. He is also lecturer in Trade Marketing and Category Management at Bologna Business School. He was fixed term professor for Trade Marketing and Business to Business Marketing course at the University of Bologna. He looks after relationships and projects of collaboration between industries and distribution. Previously, he acquired some more marketing skills (strategic and operational). In addition, he is an expert in market research and development of distribution networks. Bachelor's degree in Economics and Business at the University of Bologna and Master in Developing Agents.


The relationship between industry and distribution. Marketing policies and distribution of category management approach. The contents of the model and the evolution towards the shopper marketing. Category analysis: tools and models for decision support. The strategic choices and portfolio management categories. Marketing mix categories: the making of assortment, the levers of convenience, the size of the service and the enhancement of the business proposal in the store. Areas of collaboration and the role of industry.

The context and climate of negotiation. Various negotiation styles and rules of conduct. Interpersonal relationships. Power. Attitudes and key behavior in negotiation. The phases of the negotiation process: preparation and definition of strategic negotiation, information exchange, negotiation tactics and concessions, closing the agreement. Ethics and negotiating.