Digital Leadership

22 January 2024

In the era of digital transformation, companies must adapt to thrive in new and emerging markets. Powerful strategies must be adopted. Companies must foster change and innovation, invest in cutting-edge technologies (data analytics systems, cloud platforms, business process automation solutions, AI), and permanently train their employees to acquire the skills needed to manage the changes imposed by the digital transition.

In this scenario, professionals who can lead companies and organizations in this epochal and necessary transition are increasingly in demand: key skills are needed to drive digital transformation, and companies need to train their executives in this direction.

Bologna Business School answers this market demand with several programs: from Professional Masters in Artificial Intelligence and Innovation Management and in Data Science and Business Analytics; to the Technology and Innovation, Artificial Intelligence for Business and Business Analytics and Data Science Executive Masters. But its most strongly calibrated program on these topics is the Digital Leadership: Developing a Competitive Advantage Open Program.

The adoption of new business models becomes essential in a rapidly and profoundly changing business world. Companies must be able to explore the opportunities offered by digital transformation, such as creating online services and using platforms, offering a digital-centric customer experience through chatbots, virtual assistants, self-service platforms, and creating personalized experiences based on data analytics.

Cybersecurity plays a critical role: protecting corporate and customer data from digital risks is a priority, as is adaptability and agility in understanding the ongoing changes and capturing opportunities. It is necessary to collaborate, to create strategic partnerships with other companies to take full advantage of the opportunities induced by digital transformation.

To lead this journey requires a leader who can positively influence the company toward organizational culture, appropriate technology investments, and staff training and development. The Digital Leadership: Developing a Competitive Advantage Open Program of BBS is the most concrete answer that can be given to this specific business requirement. It is a study path that provides the right tools, knowledge and mindset to make digital transformation an opportunity through clear and strategic direction. A hybrid course, based on the concept of change and transformation, created to train the leaders of digital transformation: profiles that will immediately be able to positively influence their own companies or put themselves forward in a very high-demand business world.


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Digital Leadership: Developing a Competitive Advantage


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