WSET, the official formation of Wine & Spirit at BBS

17 January 2020

For the first time, Bologna Business School offers to the students of the Global MBA in Food and Wine the opportunity to access the course to obtain the WSET – Wine & Spirit Education Trust certification, the world leader in training on wines and spirits for the professionals in the wine and beverage industry.

The current cohort of students was entered the wine world led by Franco Conti and Rebecca Lawrence, respectively the Director and the Educator of Italian Wine Academy (IWA), partner of the Global MBA in Food and Wine and authorized center that delivers WSET courses in Italy.

“A very interesting experience since the students in the classroom already have a highly professional approach” – comments Rebecca Lawrence, who analyzed, with the students of the BBS Global MBA Food and Wine, the factors, both human and natural, that are hidden behind the wine production process. The students dealt with various insights: “from the classification of the various vineyards, to the analysis of components such as aromas and flavors – the teacher continues – going through the environmental conditions, up to the production processes and the marketing of the final product”.

For over fifty years, WSET has offered courses targeted and acknowledged by the major wine and beverage players, with the aim of providing a more global vision and an international commercial approach: “it is a unique opportunity to integrate the academic training offered by the BBS program with an extremely professionalizing and globally recognized intensive course, attested by the official title released at the end of the course” commented the students in the classroom, who took a formal exam at the end of the course in the classroom.

Understanding what is behind a label, take ownership of the industry language, studying the impact on the product of weather conditions and human agents are the key themes of the second level of the WSET course, which offers our students the tools they need to understand the richness behind the diversity of wine, guaranteeing them at the same time the most required international certification for those who want to pursue a career in this industry.


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